Saturday, September 12, 2009

Breakfast, Car and the Hospital

Hey there. What a day. I decided last night that I would treat the family to breakfast this morning. Yesterday, while I was at work, my wife was enjoying breakfast at IHOP. I wanted IHOP! lol I think it was more me not wanting to be at work. lol Anyways, we got up this morning having most of our planned out.

We left this morning for breakfast at around 9 to 9:30. We went to Norms for breakfast. We had ourselves a lot of food. We all had pancakes and steak and what not. We didn't finish it but while we sat there we decided that we needed to go to the hospital to register. It helps to register early so that when it's baby time, the hospital will have all your info and you're streamlined into a room. I told my wife that I wanted to get everything done today so that I could watch football tomorrow uninterrupted. We agreed and the next stop was the bank.

We need a bigger vehicle. Our Mazda Protege does not accommodate more than 5 people and once the baby is here, we'll be a family of 6. There is a friend of the family that fixes cars for a living. The guy is straight up with us and tell you exactly how it is. You pretty much tell him the model of car you want, he'll go out and bid on one for you, he'll fix it up, and then you pick it up. My wife's family has bought 3 cars from him, including the one we drive now so we have the utmost confidence that he will be able to get us a reliable vehicle.

So after getting the money we were off to drop off our deposit. Then we realize... Our registration papers are at my mother in laws house so we have to go and pick them up. So off we go to go and get them. Naturally, it was out of our way. lol Once we pick them up, we get some directions from my brother in law and off we go to drop off our deposit. The ride over there sucked. Living in LA, I'm used to being able to reach my destination via freeway. Well, we couldn't reach him via freeway so we driving through the streets for most of the way. Stop and go traffic is frustrating. So we finally get there and I tell the guy what we're interested. We'll looking for a Mazda MPV. Mazda's are reliable. I have not had one person say that they are not happy with their Mazda. So once we give him the scoop, I get my receipt and off we go to the hospital.

Just my luck, my boy decided to tell me about some cool thing he read in his Game Informer magazine and I ended up taking the wrong exit and drove a few miles in the wrong direction. After getting off the freeway and going back towards downtown Los Angeles, we finally make it to the hospital. We grab our forms and into the hospital we go. We tell the security that we're here to register and guess what he says. Guess....

"Sorry. Admissions is closed today."

UGH!!!! All that driving and we can't even register?! My wife showed the security that the admission form that she filled out clearly state that admissions is closed at 8:30 PM. The guy says that admissions is closed at 12:30 PM on Saturdays and it being close to 3:00 PM, then points to the admission desk and shows that there's no one there. My wife and I were upset. We walked out in disgust and head towards to the car.

We jump back on the freeway and head towards Babies R Us. I promised my wife that we would purchase the crib bedding. Once at the store, we browse around and end up with more than the bedding. We got a sheet and a mobile as well at this really cool emergency kit with medicine. Afterwards, we finally headed for home. We must have gotten there at around 4:30 ish. That is approx. 7 hours away from home and a good chunk of that was spent driving. Needless to say, we are tired.

My mother sent me a text saying that she MAY stop by tomorrow with a crib so that we can have it set up. Baby may coming soon and that's the last piece of furniture that we need. Hopefully, she'll show up tomorrow and get that set up. Until then, later.


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  2. You know me Mazda 3 is what I roll. Good stuff! Not sure bout the MPV though, let me know how that works out.