Tuesday, September 29, 2009

On A Bad Wheel

Hey there. Earlier today, while on the freeway, we blew out a tire. It absolutely sucks, having to pull over on the freeway to change a tire. As we were driving, that unmistakable sound of a flat tire started getting louder. At first, I thought it was the road, since some stretches of freeway are pretty bumpy and it's very similar to that of a flat. After about 2 seconds or so of hearing the noise, my wife brought it to my attention. That's when I pulled over on the shoulder and put on the emergency lights to check it out. I go out there and see that one of the rear tires is flat. Oh man...

My wife can get pretty nervous when we're off to the side of the freeway. And who can blame her? Cars are zooming past you and if one is not paying attention, one can easily rear end your car. I have family and friends that have been injured or lost their lives because they were on the shoulder off the freeway. It's just not a place to be. My wife suggested that I get back in the car and drive off the freeway. I didn't want to risk us driving on pure rims. The tire was pretty flat and since we have performance tires, there really isn't much rubber between the rim and the road. I decided that it would be best to put in the back up tire and then get it replaced.

I hate driving on the back up tire. It's noticeably smaller than the others, but what really gets me is that I do not feel comfortable driving long distances with it. Tomorrow, we'll be getting on the freeway going to my mother in law's place and I don't want to drive with that tire longer than I need to. I stopped at Pep Boys after dropping my wife off at home. I wanted to make sure that the car was OK and that we're good to drive with that tire. Everything checked out OK but the guy tried to get me to buy 3 tires and get the 4th free. lol I was thinking of getting the tire that I needed and getting it replaced, but after hearing that the tire alone was $140, I second guessed it. Now, I'm looking for the tire online to see where I can get it for the best price. I don't want to wait long since I need to make sure that the car is in top shape since I do not want to have any set backs when I need to rush my wife to the hospital. Until then. Later.

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  1. That thing looks dangerous by itself. Hopefully you could have it replaced ASAP.