Monday, September 28, 2009

Get That Job Looking Gillette Ready

Hey there friends. It's a tough job market our there for those of us looking for a job. The economy is moving up, but jobs are still not as abundant as they were before. Maybe you've been one of the lucky few to have an interview lined up. Don't blow the only chance you have to make a great first impression. Our good friends at Gillette commissioned a survey of over 500 HR professionals and 90% of those professionals indicated that they were more impressed with well groomed interviewees than those that were not. Also, 84% of those same professionals indicated that those that were well groomed moved up in the corporate later.

Imagine that, you go in for an interview and because you took the time to look your best, you are already ahead in the game. But for those of us that need a little help, Gillette has launched the Gillette Resource Center for job seekers who need a little help on looking their best. Here is the place to get information on Gillette products and advice for looking you best.

For those of us that are ready to tackle the job market, Gillette has launched Gillette Career Advantage for those of us that are looking to move one step ahead. Here, job seekers can get expert tips from GQ stylists or review the Hire Guide to get an idea of what HR professionals are looking for in potential employees.

You can't go wrong with looking your best and being knowledgeable about what HR professionals are looking for. If you are still looking for more information, check out the Gillette press release here. Good luck friends. Later.


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