Monday, September 7, 2009

Laid Back Labor Day

Hey there. Labor Day really hit home today. We didn't do much of anything. lol Which is pretty good. My wife, being on bed rest, can't do much to begin with so a day where we could just relax at home was very well needed. My wife is sill bored out of her mind, but we managed to have a few laughs today and I lifted her spirits with a surprise bouquet of roses. I need to get to her some magazines and a book or two. I just asked her about which book she would like to read and she mentioned some Tori Spelling book about her pregnancy. I'm going to look for that book so that I can get it for her.

We also talked about some baby names that we have considered. It's not set in stone yet but the front runner is Alexander James. My wife says that we would be able to call him AJ. She would like that the baby have a "cute" nickname for when they are young but then shed that nickname when they are older.

It's Labor Day and my wife is not in labor yet. lol Baby could be here any day, but I'm pretty sure that he's not going to come for another few weeks. Once baby starts to show signs that he's coming, I'll let you guys know. Later.

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