Thursday, December 29, 2011

Metallman is Looking Forward to 2012 and Giving Thanks

Hey there.  With the year almost over, I wanted to touch base on where I am headed and where this site is headed.  I've had my share of personal posts, which I wanted to do more of, and I've lagged it in the poetry department (sorry poetry enthusiasts!).  I've added my brother as a writer, which I hope he continues to produce content and I've passed through the gates of giveaway land.  That's really where I have made some decent traffic this year.  My giveaway posts have landed me thousands of pageviews and I'm grateful for it.  That's why I've decided to keep that going for as long as the site is up.  I've also added a game each month so instead of just one game being given away, I'm giving away 2 games.  I'm hoping that the increased pageviews will bring attention to other posts.  I lack comments on this site and I blame myself for it.  Maybe I need to change from using Disqus and try a different comment system.  I don't know just yet, but considering the size of Metallman's Reverie, I need to have a decent layout and a great comment system working.  All of that is looking to be changed in the coming year.

The Office

Thanks to Danny Mays

The Office has been running for many years now. At first I was not a fan of the show because I didn’t really understand the dry humor and the way that the actors look directly at the camera to make a point was a little unnerving to watch at first. Now I am hooked on the show. I set a series recording on my new DVR so I can get and watch every episode without commercials! Yay! No commercials ever again! So anyway back to The Office. My favorite people on the show are Jim and Pam. They had a little office romance going for quite a while before they actually decided to start dating. Back in those days Pam was dating some guy from the warehouse but Jim would still flirt with her all day long to try to win her over. Finally they decided to get married so they went up to Niagra falls to have a small family wedding but of course the whole crew from their office had to show up to crash the party.

Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Thoughts on... The Los Angeles Lakers Starting the 2011-2012 Season 0-2

Lakers star Kobe Bryant
Hey there.  The NBA is back!  After much anticipation, the season finally took off on Christmas Day.  Many of the top teams of the NBA were showcased to a national audience and while much rust was expected due to the lack of a preseason workout, there were still quite a few surprises during the first few games for many teams.  Even though I love to watch the NBA, I'm more concerned about the Lakers more than any other team.  Christmas Day saw the Lakers lose a close game to the Chicago Bulls and last night, they couldn't stop the Sacramento Kings from shooting 3 pointers.  Here are my thoughts on the Los Angeles Lakers starting the season 0-2.

Friday, December 23, 2011

Cyanide and happiness: Dodged a Bullet

Whew...  That was close!

Thoughts on... High School of the Dead

Hey there.  Recently, it's been tough getting my horror film fix on.  Young eyes are everywhere recently and I don't want to expose the kids to anything that they shouldn't see.  I mentioned to kids the other day how I used to watch "scary movies" with my dad when I was a young boy.  Great films such as The Fly and cult classics such as Phantasm.  lol  I remember being 6 or 7 and lying in bed late at night watching those kind of films with him.  I understand the sentiment behind his actions.  He very well just wanted to share a hobby of his with his young son.  However, being a father myself, I'm not so sure that was the best idea you had, Dad!  lol  Nevertheless, my love for horror started right then and there and though I would love for my kids to catch that bug, I wouldn't make them sit through some of the stuff I see.  Especially something like High School of the Dead.  Here are my thoughts on...  High School of the Dead.

Thursday, December 22, 2011

The State of the NBA

Chris Paul to the Lakers?!  I need to consult with my
Magic 8 ball first!
The NBA is back and it’s in full EFFECT!! Hours after the lockout was lifted, we had our first big move, New Orleans point guard to the Los Angeles Lakers in a 3 team trade, which included the Houston Rockets. Right off the bat, the NBA was top news because something major was about to happen merely an hour after the lockout was lifted. No more than 24 hours later??? A bigger bombshell struck! The trade was vetoed. Wait! WHAT!? VETOED!! What do you mean vetoed? What does that mean?

Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Qualcomm Stadium to be Temporarily Renamed to Snapdragon Stadium

This is a Sponsored post written by me on behalf of Snapdragon by Qualcomm. All opinions are 100% mine.
Hey there.  If you are a football fan, then you are familiar with the names of some of the stadiums across the United States.  There's Lucas Oil Stadium, The Meadowlands, Arrowhead Stadium and for you San Diego natives, there's Qualcomm Stadium.  The naming rights for a stadium usually lies with the highest bidder and in this case, the local San Diego based company, Qualcomm, has been awarded that right.  But what do you do after the novelty wears off?   Qualcomm is already on the map but you need to bring more exposure to the products that you produce.  Qualcomm is taking the naming rights a step further and are proud to announce that as of last Sunday, Dec. 18th, they will temporarily change the name of the stadium from Qualcomm to Snapdragon Stadium!

My Christmas Story - Banjo Kazooie, N64, and a Snitch

With Christmas being literally around corner, we all have our christmas stories. Whether it'd be getting that special gift, giving that special gift or just remembering the times you've had with your family and friends. I got my own Christmas stories to tell, maybe too many, to be honest. There's one I remember the most, its the one that makes me laugh and it reminds me of how much the memories of family means to me.

Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Getting Ready for a Young Lady

Hey there. Last weekend, I was drawing with the kids. Well, actually with the girls. They drew something for me and I would do my interpretation of that drawing. I figured that it was a little something that they may remember many years from now. What I didn't realize at the time is that those years are flying by a little too quickly for my liking. My oldest daughter is 10.  That is only a few years away from her quinceƱera.  For those of you not in the know, it's a party thrown on the 15th birthday of a young lady to usher her in to womanhood.  Now... 15 does not make you a woman... but I guess the significance is that she is no longer a "child".  It's the moment that fathers everywhere dread.  It's the moment that you come to face the fact that daddy's little girl is growing up.

So why the revelation?  It's this drawing.  She drew herself and I did my version of her.  My drawing gave me a glimpse of what she could become in a few short years.  Well, I knew that it was coming.  I've even joked with her and said that I will embarrass her as much as possible before she won't find me "funny" anymore.  I've already declared that I will do the robot during our quinceƱera dance.  lmao!  And I already see some of that luster come off.  My jokes aren't as funny, my mannerisms aren't as witty, and, to her, they're coming off as embarrassing or stupid.  It's ok, though.  That's not going to stop me from trying.  *sigh*  

Where's that parent instruction manual?  lol  Later!

Top 5 Christmas Songs

1. All I Want for Christmas - Mariah Carey
Mariah has one the best and most recognizable Christmas songs in the last 20 years.

2. Last Christmas- Wham!
George Michael and Andrew Ridgeley make a classsic song that is remade by literally everyone.

3. Baby, Its Cold Outside-EVERYONE
This classic tune is fun, has been sang by pretty much anyone with a little eggnog and a passion for parody.

4. Let It Snow Although I live in Los Angeles, I cant help but to know the lyrics to this song considering its played at every department store while I'm shopping for mom's Xmas gift.

5. Feliz Navidad
Who did not sing this song during their Christmas holiday play???

I'm sure we've all heard these songs while we're driving to our destinations at some point in the past four weeks. You will fail trying to avoid these songs within the week that brings upon us Christmas day. So, enjoy them, listen, sing a long, buy a Christmas album and and sing a long with your friends and family while sippin on some eggnog, for this is the one time of the year that it is ok to this and its accepted. No one is going around singing the "Monster Mash" right? right?

Monday, December 19, 2011

Motivational Monday - Growing Up Poor

My brother and I did the same thing!  But without boxes and paint!  lol

Introducing My Brother, Wide E Wake

Hey there.  Recently my brother came to me and asked about the blogging business.  I told him how long it took me to start up a fan base and all the long hours that it took to manage the site.  He told me that he may start one himself one day.  Pretty awesome, if you ask me.  I offered him a spot on this site as a way to get his feet wet.  You know, to get a feel for the blogging game and he was all for it.  Since that discussion (which was probably 2 or 3 days ago) he has already written up 3 posts.  I'll have his first post published shortly.  So let's give a warm welcome to my bro, Wide E Wake!  Make sure to follow his new Twitter feed!

The goal is for him to not only feel welcomed, but also start up his own fan base so that one day he can branch out and do his thing, if he so chooses to.  But in the mean time, we'll see what kind of changes we'll make to the site to help him along the way.  I'm already in the process of getting the site a much needed makeover and a new logo.  Hopefully, those changes will take place soon.  Later!

Friday, December 16, 2011

Disney Universe Game Giveaway

Are you ready for another game giveaway?  Of course you are!  Next up is Disney Universe!  Here's the scoop.

Disney Universe is an off-the-wall non-stop action adventure where Disney worlds and characters mix up for the first time. Suit up in iconic costumes and face challenges in legendary Disney worlds. Defeat enemies, collect coins and powerups, unlock new costumes and explore with friends as you battle in a mix-up of worlds inspired by numerous Disney and Pixar films. Suit-up for action as more than 40 classic and contemporary Disney characters including Alice, Mike, TRON and Stitch. Mischief, magic and mayhem reign as players explore 6 different worlds inspired by Disney and Pixar films. Team up with up to four friends to solve puzzles or defeat enemies or toss your friend into trouble!

The winner will get to chose the game for either Wii, Xbox 360, or PS3.  Enter using the rafflecopter widget!  Best of luck, friends!  Winner will be announced on Jan, 1st! a Rafflecopter giveaway

Kirby's Epic Yarn Game Winner

Thank you all for entering the giveaway!  I appreciate all tweets and shares!  So let's get down to business!  And the winner is...
NICOLE!!!  You are my winner! CONGRATS! I will be contacting you shortly for your shipping address so that I can ship you your new game! You will have until Dec. 20th to respond or I will be forced to pick a new winner! Thank you all for entering and I hope you stick around for the next giveaway that starts later today! That's right. There will be 2 giveaways this month! Later!

Thursday, December 15, 2011

Deep Discounts at

Hey there.  The holidays are upon us and we're all looking to save some cash during our holiday spending.  You want to be able to get gifts for the whole family but you don't want the quality of the gift to suffer because you're on a budget.  Fear not, my good friends!  You must check out the deals found at  If you're an online shopper like myself, you'll know that there are many too good to be true deals floating around. You either need to pay to place a bid or enter some sort of auction for a CHANCE to grab an item at an great deal.  Scams are everywhere, but trust me, you will not see, "nomorerack scam" anywhere on the internet.  This is a great site with awesome deals.  Let me explain.

Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Metallman's Reverie: Blog Income and Traffic Report November 2011

Hey there.  November is in the the books and it's time to report on how well on (or off) pace we are in reaching my $2500 goal for the year. Let's take a look at the numbers:

SocialSpark - $52.00
Dad Central - $30.00
Blogsvertise - $15.00
Mylikes - $1.06
Total for November - $98.06
YTD Total - $2,415.45 (+$123.78 ahead of pace)

Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Making Hickory Farms a Family Tradition

Hey there.  No matter what goes down in your daily life, at the end of the day, you come home to your family.  Always inviting, always waiting there for.  It's the best time of day, actually.  Well, at least for me it is.  After working hard all day, it's great to be able to spend some time with the wife and kids and dinner time is a great way to open up with each other and share the day's experiences.  It's a welcome change from the stresses of being a working parent.  And nothing makes the conversation better than an awesome meal from the wife.  But not just any meal, but a meal prepared using some Hickory Farms products.

Monday, December 12, 2011

The True Definition of Courage

Getting Screwed by Bank of America... Again

Hey there.  I have strong disdain towards Bank of America.  Throughout my years, they have managed to screw me over with my checking account, a credit card, and now my home.  Or should I say, previous home.  That's right, the bastards took my house.  It's a long story, one that starts about 2 years ago, but the stress didn't amp up until March of this year.  So here's the story...

Monday, December 5, 2011

Metallman is Now a Part of the Joystick Division Team

Hey there.  I want to expand.  I want to have my name across all sorts of sites.  The problem that I came across was I was unorganized.  I didn't know how to cut up my time to be able to write for more than one site. Now, I'm come across a system that is working for me.  And because this system is now in place, I should be more active across all the sites that I currently write for.  And with that, I am glad to announce that I am now a part of the Joystick Division team!  Here's the story.

Motivational Monday - Final Fantasy

Almost as misleading as The Neverending Story!  Almost...

Friday, December 2, 2011

The 8 Bit Super Mario Opera

It's a-me, MARIO! Oh man, I saw this posted in my Facebook feed yesterday and even though I was warned of this opera's catchyness, I listened anyways. And now... I can't stop singing, "It's a-me, MARIO!". lol I give you the same warning. If you haven't heard it yet, you will be singing it to yourself when you least expect too. lol Later!

Thursday, December 1, 2011

Kirby's Epic Yarn Game Giveaway

KIRBY!!!  I remember back in the day when Kirby first came out in Kirby's Dreamland for the gameboy.  That was an awesome adventure and I always thought that Kirby's Adventures where whimsical and fun.  Now, he's made the leap the Nintendo Wii and you could win a copy of Kirby's Epic Yarn!  Winner to be announced on December 16th!!  Good luck!  Here's how to enter:

L.A. Noire Game Winner

Thank you all for entering my giveaway!  Because I used rafflecopter this time around, I don't need to explain the process of choosing a winner!  The widget will choose the winner for me!  How awesome is that?!  I think that this has been a great success using the rafflecopter widget and expect all future giveaways to be run by rafflecopter! As for the winner, the giveaway gods have chosen....
JODY!!!! You are my winner. CONGRATS! I will be contacting you shortly for your shipping address so that I can ship you your new game! You will have until Dec. 6th to respond or I will be forced to pick a new winner! Thank you all for entering and I hope you stick around for the December giveaways! That's right.  There will be 2 giveaways this month!  Hope you guys stick around for that!  Later!