Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Taking on the AeroLife Energy Challenge

This is a Sponsored post written by me on behalf of AeroLife™ for SocialSpark. All opinions are 100% mine.

Hey there.  Every year, many of us make resolutions for the New Year.  "I'll eat better, I'll cut off eating fatty foods, I'll exercise more."  Those are just some of my resolutions that I've had in years past and I'm proud to say that I've stuck with them... mostly.  =oP  Anyways, this year, I told myself that I need to take an even closer look at my overall health.  I like to think I'm relatively healthy, I exercise and I eat well, but I know I could make better health choices.  One of those changes that I'm looking to make involves coffee.  For those of you that know me, I LOVE coffee.  But you know what... I drink too much of it.  That afternoon cup is not necessary.  Plus, coffee stains my teeth.  What about energy drinks or shots?  Forget it.  I don't want to have energy shots or drinks.  They have just as much caffeine as coffee and may come with adverse side effects.  No thanks.  I need something that is quick, easy, and effective without any negative side effects.  Enter AeroLife Energy.  Never heard of it?  I'm going to let you in on a little secret...  I haven't either.  That is, until I received a product sample!  Now trust me when I say this, I will never forget the AeroLife Energy system now that I have tried it.  Let me tell you why.

Try the Hot or Not App and Enter to Win $1000

Hey there.  Remember when we were kids and you would hang out at the school yard, people watching?  My friends and I would spend our lunch time going, "She's a cutie.  She's a hottie." whenever an attractive female came our way.  I'm certain that it wasn't just the guys doing it since I would often catch groups of girls doing the same thing.  We never hurt or disrespected anyone by doing it and it was just simple fun for us to have at that time.  Well, what if I told you that you can do the same thing now and possibly win $1000?  You'd jump on it, right?  Hot or Not has just released a major update for their Hot or Not App and want you guys to check it out.  You can scroll through thousands of pictures on your mobile device and rate them as you see fit.  You can also like and share pictures, chat with other users, check out your friend's scores, and find out what kind of common interests others close have with you.  You can even submit your own picture and let the users rate your picture!  And let's not forget about the Hot or Not Sweepstakes!

Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Live Streaming of the X Games at ESPN

Whoo hoo!  The Winter X Games on ESPN!!!
Hey there. The Winter X Games are here!!! Don't have ESPN? Can't watch it on TV? No worries! ESPN has you covered! You can catch all the action at ESPN.  You can catch all the previously recorded streams on ESPN or you can catch the live streams of events on ESPN.  It's a great way to catch up or watch events on your laptop or mobile devices with an internet connection.  But it doesn't just have to be the X Games.  There are many live events that ESPN is constantly streaming so I strongly suggest you head on over there check out thier schedule of upcoming events.  Being a sports fan, I don't want to miss events and with ESPN live streaming, I don't have to.  And neither do you.  Later!

Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Check Out Disco Baby by Richie Aldente

Hey there.  When it comes to music, I have a pretty wide range of taste.  Though my listening preference is centered in Rock music, that doesn't mean I don't enjoy a little Jazz , Classical, or Dance tune here and there.  As far as I can remember, I've always been open to listening to a new band just to check them out, regardless of the genre.  This is where Richi Aldente comes in.  I'll admit, I was thrown off by the band.  The band comes from Seattle, the city that gave us Grunge superstars like Nirvana, Pearl Jam, and Soundgarden.   So when I was told Richie Aldente is from Seattle, I was expecting music with Grunge influences and music with dark undertones.  Richie Aldente is far from that!  I took a listen to their sophmore album, Disco Baby, and it was nothing from what I expected.  And that's a good thing!

Monday, January 20, 2014

Turtle Beach Ear Force PX22 Amplified Universal Gaming Headset Giveaway

Sweet!  Turtle Beach Ear Force PX22 Giveaway!
Hey there.  The first giveaway of the year is now live, friends!  I wanted to giveaway a headset to start the year but I noticed that many headsets are console specific.  You either need an Xbox 360 headset or a PS3 headset.  Turns out some of those headset are not compatible with the PS4 or the Xbox One.  What does that mean?  It means you can easily end up with several headsets just for your gaming consoles.  Well what if I told you there is gaming headset that is compatible with your gaming console AS WELL as your MP3 player, PC, and Mac computers?  Awesome right?!  Guess what... I found one!  The Turtle Beach Ear Force PX22 is a universal gaming headset that works with practically anything... and I'm giving one away to one of you fine readers!

Improve Your Video Presentations with Video Editing Courses

Hey there.  If you want to make your presentation better than ever, it's time to brush up on your public speaking skills. Part of creating a top-notch presentation is how you present yourself and your ideas. After all, this will be the only and most important impression many people get of you and your company or idea. Taking the time to carefully prepare can make a huge difference in the reception of your presentation.

Friday, January 17, 2014

Join Markerly's Blogging Network and Connect with Awesome Brands #Markerly

Hey there.  I've been in the blogging business for almost 6 years now.  6 YEARS!!!  I started out as a lowly nothing and have managed to improve to a little less lowly nothing.  lol  What I'm trying to say here is that it takes time to build an audience.  It takes dedication to work on blog posts that may get little pageviews.  It takes perseverance to continue to work on your blog when you feel that no one is reading.  But you know what... once you find your blogging groove, someone out there will take notice.  If you're fortunate, it'll be a company wanting you to either review their product or write about their company.  But what if no one comes calling?  What if you don't get those Emails offering you sponsored content?  Worry not, friends!  There are plenty of websites out there that will help you get sponsored content.  One of the up and coming blogging networks is Markerly. Never heard of them?  Well, let me tell you why they are on the rise.

Thursday, January 16, 2014

Get a Life Ep. 14 - The One with Actress Jacqui Holland

Hey there.  Are you ready for another episode of the Get a Life podcast?!  I sure hope so!  This week, Brian and I welcome actress and producer, Jacqui Holland, to our show to discuss some of her upcoming projects (Walking with the Dead), her production company (MindFuc Films), and things that make her geek out (She loves her some American Horror Story!).

Please make sure to follow Jacqui on Twitter and Facebook to read up on all of her upcoming projects!  Once the MindFuc Films website is live (after Feb. 1st), I'll link up to it so you guys can check that out as well!  Now, listen in to the Get a Life Podcast Ep. 14 - The One with Jacqui Holland!!!  Enjoy!

Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Join Fantasy Feud for All Your Fantasy Sports Needs

Hey there.  I love sports.  So much so, that I take part in fantasy sports all the time.  Fantasy football is my game.  For 17 weeks, I get to be the GM of my team (the name of my team is ALWAYS Creeping Death) and I get to battle friends for a full season for football supremacy!  But now that the NFL Playoffs are coming to an end and fantasy football is done and done for the year, I decided to check out some of the other fantasy sports for the first time.  I joined a few free leagues and tried out more than a few websites.  After about a month of trying out different sytsems and websites, I find that the guys over at Fantasy Feud do it best!  

Wednesday, January 8, 2014

New Trent TravelPak+ Review

New Trent VIP Program
Hey there.  Not too long ago, I received an Email from our good friends at New Trent and asked if I would be interested in joining their VIP program (still in beta).  I jumped on the chance to be able to participate.  I'm a huge fan of New Trent and their products so to be able to join their VIP program and help spread the word about New Trent was an opportunity that I simply could not pass up.  As a VIP member, I received a welcome package.  The package included a New Trent T shirt and the New Trent Travelpak+ External Battery Charger.  I've spent some time with the Travelpak+ and am now ready to give you my thoughts and tell you about my experience with it.  But first, some technical details about the New Trent Travelpak+.

Tuesday, January 7, 2014

2014, Metallman is Ready

Ms Jacqui Holland, everybody!
Hey there.  I'm sorry I haven't posted in a few weeks.  I entered "vacation mode" and stepped away from blogging while I attempted to stop the holidays from Falcon Punching my wallet.  lol  Anyways, 2013 is now in the books and in the past.  2014 is a week old and is already looking promising.  Here's what I have in store for you guys.

First off, we brought the Get a Life Podcast back.  It was on hiatus for a bit and was on a 3 week vacation these past three week but fear not dear Metal Maniacs (Metallman fans... maybe?  lol  the fan name is still a work in progress)!  We have 2 guests lined up to join us in the coming weeks.  Australian indie developer, Witch Beam, Co-Creator Santana Mishra will join us to disuss the Xbox One Parity Clause and Witch Beams' latest game, Assault Android Cactus, being released on PC.  We also have the beautiful, talented, and self proclaimed geek, actress Jacqui Holland, lined up to have a chat about her up coming films, her production company, MindFuc Films, and just generally geeking out over horror films and pop culture!