Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Join Fantasy Feud for All Your Fantasy Sports Needs

Hey there.  I love sports.  So much so, that I take part in fantasy sports all the time.  Fantasy football is my game.  For 17 weeks, I get to be the GM of my team (the name of my team is ALWAYS Creeping Death) and I get to battle friends for a full season for football supremacy!  But now that the NFL Playoffs are coming to an end and fantasy football is done and done for the year, I decided to check out some of the other fantasy sports for the first time.  I joined a few free leagues and tried out more than a few websites.  After about a month of trying out different sytsems and websites, I find that the guys over at Fantasy Feud do it best!  

The interface is easy to read. Click on the sport that you are interested (or leave blank for all), choose the contest type (ie. salary cap, pick 'em), the prize type (ie. qualifiers, 50/50), and duration (ie. daily, seasonal).  You can also choose the max amount of players you want in each contest and the max entry fee.  Now, before you get all hysterical about the word "fee", you can play for free.  I'll go into more detail in the next paragraph.  Anyways, there are SEVERAL games going on at once.  One on one contests, up to 10 players contest, and then you have the awesome weekly games that can go up to 1000 players.  They are so many games going on at once that you can sign up for several contests at once and keep playing fantasy sports to your heart's content!  And the best part?  You can actually earn cash playing for FREE!!!
Fantasy Feud
See those green check marks?  I'm signed up and good to go!
Now, I mentioned that some contest have fees.  That fee is the entry fee.  Keep in mind that to joining Fantasy Feud is absolutely free and you can play for free and earn points that you can cash in for vouchers to redeem on entry fees.  I started off playing fantasy football and basketball for free.  More specifically, I joined the weekly freeroll contest where if you place high enough, you can earn a voucher to use on entry fees.  That's a pretty sweet deal. Earn money for nothing?  Count me in.  And then for those high rollers among us, entry fees range from $1 to $525 a contest.  There's potential to earn big money if you are pretty good at fantasy sports.  I've been active on the site for about a month and I managed to rank high enough for a $2.20 voucher.  I'm hoping I can earn enough to voucher for a spot in qualifier contest.  

The qualifier contests are pretty awesome.  Throughout the season, qualifiers are held.  The winner of each qualifier will go head to head with other winners for BIG, BIG, money in the Feud of Champions.  How big?  Well, the fantasy football feud of champions winner will walk away with $30,000!  $30,000 for playing fantasy sports!!!  Man, if I can only be so lucky!  And keeping tabs of the contests you entered is pretty easy.  Once your game starts, you will receive an Email with a link to the scoreboad.  If you have more than one contest going on at once, you can easy check the scoreboad of each of your contests with just a click.  

Check out Fantasy Feud, friends.  It's a must for fantasy sports fans such as myself.  It's free to join and free to play and hey, you may be lucky enough to earn a few bucks.  You can sign up here and let them know that Metallman sent ya!!! (use referral code A4C7BE69)  Later!

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