Friday, January 17, 2014

Join Markerly's Blogging Network and Connect with Awesome Brands #Markerly

Hey there.  I've been in the blogging business for almost 6 years now.  6 YEARS!!!  I started out as a lowly nothing and have managed to improve to a little less lowly nothing.  lol  What I'm trying to say here is that it takes time to build an audience.  It takes dedication to work on blog posts that may get little pageviews.  It takes perseverance to continue to work on your blog when you feel that no one is reading.  But you know what... once you find your blogging groove, someone out there will take notice.  If you're fortunate, it'll be a company wanting you to either review their product or write about their company.  But what if no one comes calling?  What if you don't get those Emails offering you sponsored content?  Worry not, friends!  There are plenty of websites out there that will help you get sponsored content.  One of the up and coming blogging networks is Markerly. Never heard of them?  Well, let me tell you why they are on the rise.

Markerly brings bloggers and companies together to create sponsored content opportunities.  Some of the things that bring Markerly to the forefront of blogging networks is what they offer to bloggers.  Markerly is a full serviced managed network with 24/7 blogger support.  You can easily reach them via Email (MELISSA!!!  YOU ARE THE BEST!) with any questions or concerns and someone will get back to you right away!  Markerly also provides you with a heat map to your sponsored content.  A heat map is useful when you want to see where your readers are clicking on.  This is great for those of us that offer ads on our websites.  By knowing where our readers gravitate, we can change the layout of our websites to appeal to areas where our readers tend to click.  Also, Markerly can get you free stuff!  Some companies offer product testing for review so don't be surprised if you end up with a bottle of wine from our friends at Invino or a great set of earbuds from our friends at Jaybird.  Companies do not want to give their stuff away to just anyone, that is why Markerly focuses on quality bloggers who are capable of providing quality content.  Especially bloggers that engage well with their audience.  That's why they ask that if you do decide to join Markerly, make sure you have at least 10,000 pageviews or at least 3 comments per blog post.  This assures that you will not get passed up on opportunities due to low pageviews or little to no reader activity.
Markerly Heat Map
The heat map is a great tool that all
bloggers at the Markerly network should use!
Companies these days are looking bring awareness to their brand or products by influencer marketing.  I've been fortunate enough to have worked with many companies throughout the years and let me tell you... it never gets old.  It feels great to get that Email asking if I can write about their products.  Sometimes, I'll get something sent to me to review.  But best of all, I get paid for it!  Who doesn't want to get paid for writing content?  Getting paid is another aspect where Markerly shines.  Many other networks out there will pay bloggers on net 30, or even net 60 days terms.  That pretty much means that you won't get paid for your post until at least 30 days after your post goes live!  That's quite a long time.  Markerly's terms?  2 days!  That's right.  2 days!!!  You will get paid within 48 hours of the blog post going live when you are part of the Markerly network!  You can look all you want, you ARE NOT going to find better terms of payment anywhere else!

So there you have it, friends.  Several awesome reasons why you should join Markerly.  If by chance you are still need more convincing, check out this article about what Markerly has done and what it can do for you.  And just as an added bonus, Markerly is going to giveaway a $250 American Express Gift Card to one of you lucky readers!  To enter for the drawing, simply answer the question on the form below.  So tell me which is it, friends.  Do you prefer sponsored content or popups/display ads?  Personally, I'll choose sponsored content any day!  It offers me the opportunity to be creative with my words and make the blog post my own as opposed to just copy and pasting a html code for an ad.  Join me at Markerly and let's make some money together!  Later!

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