Thursday, October 30, 2008

The Different Degrees of a Hangover

If you haven't experienced any of these, then you haven't lived.

One Star Hangover (*)
No pain. No real feeling of illness. You're able to function relatively well However, you are still parched. You can drink 5 sodas and still feel this way. For some reason, you are craving a steak & fries.

Two Star Hangover (**)
No pain, but something is definitely amiss. You may look okay, but you have the mental capacity of a staple gun. The coffee you are chugging is only increasing your rumbling gut, which is still tossing around the fruity pancake from the 3:00 AM Waffle House excursion. There is some definite havoc being wreaked upon your bowels.

Three Star Hangover (***)
Slight headache. Stomach feels crappy. You are definitely not productive. Anytime a girl walks by you gag because her perfume reminds you of the flavored schnapps shots your alcoholic friends dared you to drink. Life would be better right now if you were home in your bed watching Lucy reruns. You've had 4 cups of coffee, a gallon of water, 3 iced teas and a diet Coke --- yet you haven't pee'd once.

Four Star Hangover (****)
Life sucks. Your head is throbbing. You can't speak too quickly or else you might puke. Your boss has already lambasted you for being late and has given you a lecture for reeking of booze. You wore nice clothes, but that can't hide the fact that you only shaved one side of your face. (For the ladies, it looks like you put your make-up on while riding the bumper cars.) Your eyes look like one big red vein, and even your hair hurts. Your sphincter is in perpetual spasm, and the first of about five shits you take during the day brings water to the eyes of everyone who enters the bathroom.

Five Star Hangover (*****)
You have a second heartbeat in your head, which is actually annoying the employee who sits in the next cube. Vodka vapor is seeping out of every pore and making you dizzy. You still have toothpaste crust in the corners of your mouth from brushing your teeth in an attempt to get the remnants of the poop fairy out. Your body has lost the ability to generate saliva so your tongue is suffocating you. You don't have the foggiest idea who the hell the stranger was passed out in your bed this morning. Any attempt to defecate results in a fire hose like discharge of alcohol-scented fluid with a rare 'floater' thrown in. The sole purpose of this 'floater' seems to be to splash the toilet water all over your ass. Death sounds pretty good about right now...


British Constitution
Passive-aggressive disorder
Loquacious Transubstantiate

Thanks, but I don't want to have sex
Nope, no more booze for me
Sorry, but you're not really my type
Good evening officer, isn't it lovely out tonight
Oh, I just couldn't. No one wants to hear me sing

Mustela Products for Sensitive Skin

Hey there friends. I've recently been introduced to the Mustela line of skin products. My wife is big on skin care products. I believe that women in general are big on skin care, but even more so when it comes to the kids. Since we live in California, we are in constant sunshine and beaches are just minutes away. We were handed a bottle of Mustela high protection SPF 50 sun screen and we just loved it. My wife loves the baby lotions. They are usually stronger than your everyday product, since it is made to protect a baby's skin.

My wife, being the great mother that she is, decided to go online to look for reviews of the products and check out the Mustela website. How she wished she knew of this sooner. Maternity products, lotions, gift sets, parent's corner; the site has all you need to know to care for yourself and your young one. Being a first time mom is tough and you usually go by what your elders tell you, which is not bad advice but myth is sometimes mixed in with the truth. At Mustela , the Parent's Corner section gives tips and insight on what to expect during those critical moments of being a mom. And they make it easy too. Join their mailing list and receive updates on their products. The best part? You can locate a local store that carries the Mustela line. Click on "Locate Retailers" button and enter your zip code. This way if you can't wait for the online order to come in, you can drive to your local retailer and pick up your product.

My wife sighed. How she loves babies. She already put the site on her favorites for when we decide to have another little one. Until then. Later!


Wednesday, October 29, 2008

FiOS Upgrade Slowing Metallman Down

Hey there friends. I haven't had a chance to do much in posting. I'm extremely disappointed that I will not have a Week 8 Heavy Metal Rankings due to my DSL connection being down at home. We are upgrading to FiOS connection and that should have been installed last weekend, but because the installers never showed up, it wasn't done. When I called Verizon the next morning complaining that my DSL was down, they explained that because we were meant to be on the FiOS network, all our info was transferred and the DSL is no longer active. Damn! The guy looked up the availability for rescheduling and there were no slots available until Nov. 15th. NO INTERNET AT HOME UNTIL NOV. 15TH!!!! I told the guy that that date is not going to work for me and I asked to speak to a manager. He did some telephone magic and before I know it, a spot opened up for Nov. 1st, which is this Saturday. I took it, considering that it's only a week... but what a week it has been.

We're some young people (at least I like to this so). We're in our mid-twenties, have a home, got ourselves a great family, and basically live off of gadgets and gizmos so to be without the mother of all tech, the internet, has been a bit of a strain. lol Our phones have internet access so we've been getting our fix there but it's just not the same.

So here I am, at work, trying to squeeze in a quick post to let my friends know what's going on. I've heard good things of this FiOS connection. Allegedly, it's the way of the future. I'll let you guys know how it stacks up compared to cable and DSL lines. Until then, later!

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Butterfly Award

Hey there friends. Look what I got! Allure passed this on to me cause I'm bad ass. lol Well, at least she thinks my blog is. I was surprised earlier this month with an award and now received my second one not too soon after. Many thanks to Allure. Now I'm supposed to pass this on to 10 people. I think that's too many. I'll simplify it and send it to 3. And those friends are...

Jason over at Regretful Morning

Steven over at Steven Humor

Winona over at Yummy

I either find your sites hilarious, insightful, or just simply bad ass so I'm passing on a little love over to you guys. Later!

Thursday, October 23, 2008

The Pepperoni King

Hey there. One of the perks that my wife and I have at our job is that my mother in law lives close by. We rarely spend any money on lunch since we're usually treated to a home cooked meal. Today, we were treated to some pizza. My wife, being a semi-health nut, brought her healthy meal from home while I scarfed down some pie.

But what's this?!?!?! As I open the box and pull out a slice, this king sized pepperoni stares back at me and yells, don't eat me!!! Have you ever seen anything like it? lol Damn... I almost felt guilty putting it in my mouth. It dwarfed all the other pepperoni slices! I kinda just looked at it in awe for a minute before it decided to jump off my slice and hit the floor, escaping certain death. Nooooooooooooooo!!!!!

Metallman - 0

Pepperoni King - 1

I bet it would have tasted heavenly. Now, I will never know. Knowing what I know now, I will not stare at it in awe next time. I will just devour the sucker. Hell, I might decide not to chew just to show it who's boss. That bastard! *sigh* Until then... Later!

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

The Mullet Line is Open for Business

Hey there friends. I've decided... Metallman's Reverie proudly presents... THE MULLET LINE!!!! What's the Mullet Line, you ask? Simple friends. Similar to KROQ's "Afro line", the Mullet Line will be open to anyone and everyone that wants to say something to Metallman or say something about the page. Anything and everything is welcomed but I must say that the funniest or most insightful will be displayed on my weekly "Mullet Line" post. Looks like we'll have audio on here soon. Later!

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Dirty Mind Exposed!

Hey there friends. I posted a "dirty mind" picture a few days ago and I was hopping around the internet, I find this! That really is NOT a lamp!!!! lol Check it out. How about that. lmao Later.

Monday, October 20, 2008

Metallman's Heavy Metal Rankings (NFL - Week 7)

Hey there friends. What a crazy 2008 season it has been. Our projected football kings are slumping (Indy, Dallas, SD, New Orleans) causing havoc and wreckage across standings and power rankings around the globe. The Dallas star is dropping like a rock (down 7 spots) while Green Bay took a giant step forward (up 8 spots). Let's get to it.

Rank - Team - Record - Previous - High - Low

Heavy Metal

#1 Tennessee Titans (6-0) - Last #1 - High #1 - Low #3

QB Kerry Collins is looking like the man to beat in Tennessee. Solid play week in and week out is more than enough for this team to keep winning, especially with the top ranked defense behind him. That defense shattered the KC QBs, causing them to play 3 QBs in the game. Divisional game against Indy is up next. Week 8 IND

#2 Pittsburgh Steelers (5-1) Last #2 - High #2 - Low #5

Big Ben was solid for 216 yds and 2 scores in putting the hammer down on the Bengals, but it was RB Mewelde Moore who stole the show by running for 120 yds and 3 scores (2 rushing and 1 receiving) He averaged 6 yds per carry in dismantling the Bengal defense. Next week's clash of the titans will be one to watch. Week 8 NYG

#3 New York Giants (5-1) Last #4 - High #1 - Low #4

The G-Men bounce back after that horrible lost to Cleveland. A win is a win, but what an ugly win against a struggling 49ner team. Eli was good or 161 yds and 1 score while leading rusher RB Brandon Jacobs rams in 2 more with only 69 yds on the ground. The Giants are going to get back to early season form if they are to stand a chance at Pittsburgh. Week 8 @ PIT

#4 Buffalo Bills (5-1) Last #6 - High #4 - Low #10

QB Trent Edwards returns and instantly made this team a contender. They kept the Bolts in check with their defense with the man of the hour being LB Kawika Mitchell, who not only had a key interception in the 4th qtr but also had a fumble recovery. Divisional foe, Miami, will need to get that wild cat ready since the Bills seem to have a strong grip on the AFC East. Week 8 @ MIA

#5 Carolina Panthers (5-2) Last #8 - High #5 - Low #8

The Carolina defense came to play against the Saints after taking last week off. So much so that they limited the mighty NO QB Brees to only 7 points all the while knocking out their RB Reggie Bush for approx. 4 Weeks. Kurt Warner, you've been warned. Week 8 ARI

#6 Tampa Bay Buccaneers (5-2) Last #3 - High #3 - Low #9

No room for error in the tough NFC East so the Bucs made sure they put the beat down on the Seahawks to stay tied with the Panthers for the top spot. QB Jeff Garcia throws for 310 yds and a score. The Seahawk defense did not have an answer for WR Antonio Bryant who torched the secondary for 116 yds and a score, the first of the season for him. This show goes on the road against a dysfunctional Dallas squad. Week 8 @ DAL

#7 Washington Redskins (5-2) Last #9 - High #2 - Low #9

The Skins almost let another one slip away against a rejuvenated Cleveland defense. RB Clinton Portis wasn't having it, willing his team to victory with 175 yds and a score. The man is averaging 5 yds a carry for the season and is on pace to rush for over 1500 yds this season. He looks to continue his 100 yard rushing game (4 straight) against a weak Detroit defense. Week 8 @ DET

#8 Atlanta Falcons (4-2) Last #5 - High #5 - Low #15

Sitting on the sidelines this week knocked the Falcons from first to third in their division race. After showing poise and resolve against Green Bay in week 6, they look to match that intensity against a struggling Eagles team. Week 8 @ PHI

#9 Arizona Cardinals (4-2) Last #7 - High #7 - Low #14

Kurt Warner and crew rested their bones, as well as that high powered offense this week. The Cards are averaging almost 30 a game this year. WR Anquan Boldin will most likely be sitting this game out, since it's been announced that he suffered a concussion and multiple facial fractures. Will the week off slow down this high flying offense? The Carolina defense won't make it any easier. Week 8 @ CAR

#10 Chicago Bears (4-3) Last #15 - High #8 - Low #15

The Bears won a shootout! Let that phrase sink in folks. The Bears, the smash mouth team that will ram it down your throat has developed offensive fire power. Anyone that is still shouting for Rex's return should be shot. QB Kyle Orton has taken the reigns out gunned Viking QB Gus Frerotte in a clash of divisional foes. This offense coupled with that defense is making this Bears team look scary. If only they can keep it consistent. Hopefully, the BYE week won't screw it up. Week 8 BYE

Soft Rocks

#11 Jacksonville Jaguars (3-3) Last #14 - High #11 - Low #22

The Jags stock rose this week despite them sitting on the sidelines. Mainly because their divisional rival Colts lost. The team needs to find their identity if they are to make a push for the playoffs. Being 3 games behind the Titans, they need to surge now if they hope to make the playoffs. Week 8 CLE

#12 Green Bay Packers (4-3) Last #20 - High #12 - Low #20

QB Aaron Rodgers one ups Indy QB Peyton Manning by scoring a TD. The Green Bay defense showed up picking off Manning twice and running them both back for TDs. The ailing team needs the BYE to regenerate some of that mojo that they lost from that 3 game losing streak. Week 8 BYE

#13 Philadelphia Eagles (4-3) Last #18 - High #13 - Low #18

QB McNabb and company did what they had to do, put the beat down on an inferior team. If only they can take it up a notch and take down some superior teams for a change since they are the bottom dwellers of the NFC East. Week 8 ATL

#14 Baltimore Ravens (3-3) Last #20 - High #14 - Low #20

Is this defense getting old? They gave up over 100 yards on the ground, no INTs, only 1 forced fumble, but it did have 3 sacks and this old dog took care of that wild cat, stuffing the Dolphins whenever they got into that wild cat formation. Week 8 OAK

#15 Indianapolis Colts (3-3) Last #10 - High #10 - Low 15

What the hell is wrong with the Colts? QB Peyton Manning looks briliant last week in dismantling the Raven D and now looks like a lame duck against an ailing Green Bay team. Week 8 @ TEN

#16 New England Patriots (4-2) Last #22 - High #11 - Low #22

QB Matt Cassel has one efficient game against that dead ugly Denver defense, tossing 3 TDs and 185 yds. The New England RBs combined for 257 yds rushing, with RB Sammy Norris leading the way with 138 yds. Week 8 STL

#17 Denver Broncos (4-3) Last #12 - High #7 - Low #17

This Denver defense is going to sink this team. Not even the legendary John Elway can lead this team to victory when the defense coughs up big plays on a consistent basis. Week 8 BYE

#18 Dallas Cowboys (4-3) Last #11 - High #4 - Low #18

How much farther will this star fall? Coach has acknowledged that it's time to "worry". Not a smart move. Defense is now suspect and without QB Romo to save thier ass, there's going to be a lot of hurting in Dallas. Week 8TB

#19 New Orleans Saints (3-4) Last #17 - High #17 - Low #23

QB Brees torched the Raiders last week and what does he do this week against the Panthers? Nothing, absolutely nothing. And to make matters worse, RB Reggie Bush may be out up to 4 weeks due to injury. Best of luck trying to stay afloat in that tough NFC South. Week 8 SD

#20 New York Jets (3-3) Last #13 - High #13 - Low #20

Awful, awful game for the legend QB Brett Favre. He was only able to muster 197 yds and threw 2 picks against a more than suspect Oakland defense. I'm certain he'll take it out on Chiefs next week. Week 8 KC

#21 San Diego Chargers (3-4) Last #16 - High #16 - Low #21

RB LaDainian Tomlinson is not having his best season, and the Bolt's record reflects that. Whether he's up for the challenge or not, the Bolts win or lose on LaDainian's play. Week 8 @ NO

Pile of Crap

#22 Minnesota Vikings (3-4) Last #19 - High #13 - Low #21

QB Gus Frerotte's 4 INTs killed the Vikings. In a shootout that ended at 41-48, his 4 turnovers turned into points for the Bears. Week 8 BYE

#23 Houston Texans (2-4) Last #25 - High #23 - Low #29

Second win in a row for the fiesty Texans. QB Matt Schaub looks solid throwing for 2 scores and 267 yds against Detroit. Can they make it 3 in a row against the Bengals? Week 8 CIN

#24 St. Louis Rams (2-4) Last #29 - High #24 - Low #30

Whoa, whoa... what is this? The Rams are looking like a solid team after spending the first quarter of the season as a stepping mat for the opposition. Convincing win against Dallas behind the strong play of RB Steven Jackson, who ran for 160 yds and 3 TDs. Week 8 NE

#25 Oakland Raiders (2-4) Last #30 - High #25 - Low #30

K Sebastian Janikowski nails a 57 yarder to crush the Jets in overtime. 100 Raider greats were in attendance for the game, defenitely inspiring the Oakland team to "Just Win Baby". Al Davis should look into flying all those Raider greats to Baltimore, where the Raider team will need all the help they can get. Week 8 @ BAL

#26 Cleveland Browns (2-4) Last #23 - High #23 - Low #27

What happened? Solid play from the Browns almost got the victory against Washington. Despite coughing up 175 yds to Washington RB Clinton Portis, the Browns had their chances but merely blew it. Week 8 @ JAC

#27 Miami Dolphins (2-4) Last #24 - High #17 - Low #27

Welcome to the NFL. Each time the attempting the wild cat formation, the Baltimore defense stuffed it down their throat. Back to the drawing board, guys. Week 8 BUF

#28 Kansas City Chiefs (1-5) Last #26 - High #26 - Low #28

Calling Daunte Culpepper, come in Culpepper. Kansas has no QB and you have no job. What the hell are the Chiefs waiting for??? Week 8 @ NYJ

#29 San Francisco 49ners (2-5) Last #27 - High #24 - Low #29

Nolan out, Singletary in. Maybe he'll be able to spark a fire under this team and whip 'em into shape. Week 8 SEA

#30 Seattle Seahawks (1-5) Last #28 - High #25 - Low #30

Tough times have fallen on the Seahawks. I think coach Mike Holmgren will be calling it quits after the season is over. Come to think of it, I think he already is on vacation.... Week 8 SF

#31 Cincinnati Bengals (0-7) Last #32 - High #31 - Low #32

Injuries, injuries, injuries... Should QB Carson Palmer even come back on this lost season??? Week 8 @ HOU

#32 Detroit Lions (0-6) Last #31 - High #32 - Low #32

Lions couldn't get it done against the Vikings, and let another one slip away this week against the Texans. I just don't see this team winning a game this season. WEEK 8 WAS

Sunday, October 19, 2008

Cutting Through the Cutting Edge - Gadget Advisor

Hey there. As I was looking for some Firefox extensions, I realized that there are many extensions and I don't need all of them. I was trying to find something that would help out in determining the best extensions to get. You know, something like the best of the best. I stumbled upon this great site, Gadget Advisor, which has not only has the best Firefox extensions, but it has a everything that you would need for the online world. It prides itself in bringing the top news, reviews, and recommendations of tech.

We've all thought of getting a universal remote. It's a great device to have but with so many options, which one is the best. Check out Gadget Advisor and search universal remote. Bam! There's their review of what they consider to be the best universal remote on the market.

Search for online backup services and you'll find the an article describing their pick for the best service to backup online. I'm loving this site, friends. I know that the internet is the place to find anything and everything but it's vast and never ending. You can be searching for days looking for what you need or doing your research so it's great that Gadget Advisor came along and has done all that searching and evaluating for us and gives us only the best of the best on tech. Good stuffs friends, you gotta check it out. Later.

Friday, October 17, 2008

Personalize Your Own Flash Drive

Hey there friends. I love technology and flash drive is a godsend. In today's world, we simply cannot keep all our files on one computer. For the business person, projections, reconciliations, presentations, reports, all of this cannot sit on a single computer, especially if travel is involved. For us casual folk, pictures, videos, games, music, are among many other things, can be taken with you anywhere you go and easily access them with a flash drive. Simply import the files in and done. You have all your important files with you in a small device that is no bigger than today's smallest cell phones. It's the perfect gift for the computer savvy in your family.

"So where can I get one of those nifty contraptions?", you ask. Check out the button below and get yourself a steal on a personalized flash drive. You can choose from many different colors and have your own text engraved on it. With so many options, I'm sure you'll find one that you'll love.

Personally, I think this is the way to go with music. CDs are on their way out. It's old news. Digital music is now in. Are you an up and coming band? Give out some of these flash drives with a couple of songs on them as a demo, or better yet, your full album and engrave the band name on the drive. How bad ass is that? Make an impression and get yourself recognized and with only $.20 shipping on orders with multiple drives, how can you go wrong? Here are just some of the options you have with ordering your personalized flash drive:

* Your choice of 14 colors
* FREE Laser engraving on BOTH sides!
* Choose from one of our 32 exciting Themes such as "#1 Teacher", "Sports" or "Butterflies"
* Personalize the back with two lines of text
* Available in 512MB, 1GB, 2GB, 4GB, 8GB and 16GB capacities
* Hi-Speed USB 2.0
* One piece, standard shipping only $4.65! 20 cents each additional drive.

512MB - $9.99 | 1GB - $11.99 | 2GB - $16.99 | 4GB - $24.99 | 8GB - $34.99 | 16GB - $69.99

Click on the button below to order your personalized flash drives today!

Personalized Flash Drives

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Dirty Mind

Just something I stumbled upon and thought was hilarious. lol


Monday, October 13, 2008

Metallman's Heavy Metal Rankings (NFL - Week 6)

Hey there friends. What a week in the NFL! Much is still to be decided in conference standings. Many of the teams that we figured would rule their divisions are floundering or just ready to submerge from the depths of mediocrity. New England is the biggest loser this week, dropping 12 spots while the Falcons soar with a 10 spot jump. Let's get to it.

Rank - Team - Record - Previous - High - Low

Heavy Metal

#1 Tennessee Titans (5-0) - Last #3 - High #1 - Low#3

The Titans looked strong against a tough Baltimore defense and their BYE week served the team well. Leading the AFC South standings by 2 games, the Titans travel to KC this week, looking to avoid falling into a trap game with the Chiefs. Rumors are swirling that KC may trade their star TE Tony Gonzalez. With or without Gonzalez, Titans should steamroll over the Chiefs. Week 7 @ KC

#2 Pittsburgh Steelers (4-1) - Last #5 - High #2 - Low #5

Big Ben benefited the most this BYE week, resting his aching body. The Steelers are winning games with their defense, ranking in the top 4 in the major defensive rankings. The offensive line has not given Ben the chance to get this offense going. The offense ranks in the bottom third of the NFL. They look to improve those numbers against a win less Cincy team. Week 7 @ CIN

#3 Tampa Bay Buccaneers (4-2) Last #9 - High #3 - Low#9

With QB Jeff Garcia at the helm (QB Brian Griese has a bum elbow), the Bucs showed an impressive running game, stampeding all over the Carolina defense. RB Warrick Dunn ran for 115 yards on 22 carries, while QB Garcia completed 75% of his passes (15/20 for 173 yds and 1 TD) . The Bucs came out with an early 14 point lead and never looked back. Bucs coach, Jon Gruden, has announced that QB Griese will be his starter against the Seahawks this week. Week 7 SEA

#4 New York Giants (4-1) - Last #1 - High #1 - Low #4

Eli Manning and crew struggled early against the Browns, entering half time down 17-14, and the troubles continued through the rest of the game, handing the Giants thier first loss of the season. Eli Manning, looking to score, tosses another INT (3 total) in the 4th qtr, which is returned 94 yards to put the nail in the coffin. Week 7 SF

#5 Atlanta Falcons (4-2) Last #15 - High #5 - Low #15

The Falcons are showing the NFL that they mean business. They posted an impressive win against an Aaron Rodgers led Green Bay team and now, they defeat a strong defense in Chicago. K Jason Elam had missed a 33 yard kick that would have given them the lead. Instead, it turned to a TD for the Bears on the following drive, leaving 11 secs in the game. After a squibb kick, Atlanta has a fighting chance, starting at their 44 yard line. Showing some fight, QB Matt Ryan hits WR Micheal Jenkins for a 26 yd catch, leaving 1 sec in the game. K Jason Elam comes out and redeems himself by kicking a 48 yarder winning the game. Week 7 BYE

# 6 Buffalo Bills (4-1) Last #10 - High #6 - Low #10

The Bills expect their starting QB Trent Edwards to return to the line up this week against a surging San Diego team. Sitting atop the AFC East, nothing is in stone considering that the Jets look to make a move while the Pats and Dolphins are still looking for an identity. Week 7 SD

#7 Arizona Cardinals (4-2) Last #14 - High #7 - Low #14

The high flying offense of QB Kurt Warner hosted Dallas and showed some fight against America's team. Despite the running game being non existent, the Cardinals won this game on defense, forcing 3 fumbles and limiting Dallas WR Terrell Owens to only 4 catches. After a bogus call against the Cards, Dallas scored 3 in the final seconds to go into over time. After stopping Dallas, the Arizona special teams unit comes up big blocking the punt attempt and scoring the TD, earning the Cards a big W against Dallas. Cardinals look playoff bound in the weak NFC West. Week 7 BYE

#8 Carolina Panthers (4-2) Last #6 - High #6 - Low #8

What happened to that Carolina defense that posted a donut against the Chiefs? QB Jake Delhomme, having one of his worst games ever, tosses 3 INTs, limiting the time the offense was on the field. When he wasn't throwing INTs, he was over throwing his receivers, and when the ball did hit the receivers, the receivers simply dropped the ball. The football gods must have been frowning on the Panthers because what could have gone wrong, did. They better hope they get their act together because the Saints are marching in. Week 7 NO

#9 Washington Redskins (4-2) Last #2 - High #2 - Low #9

Washington fell victim to playing down to their competition. After showing strong wins against Philly and Dallas, the pesky Rams put a damper on their parade, losing the game on the final play of the game. The Skins didn't help their cause, fumbling the ball away on three occasions. The bright spot? RB Clinton Portis' streak of 100 yard games continues with this being his third. Week 7 CLE

#10 Indianapolis Colts (3-2) Last #12 - High #10 - Low #12

QB Peyton Manning came alive against a stingy Baltimore defense, shredding them for 271 yards and 3 scores. 2 of those TD passes came to the dormant WR Marvin Harrison. The Indy defense did their best impersonation of the Baltimore defense, forcing Baltimore QB Joe Flacco to toss 3 INTs, and creating 4 fumbles, 3 of which the Indy defense recovered. Week 7 @ GB

Soft Rocks

#11 Dallas Cowboys (4-2) Last #4 - High #4 - Low #11

The Dallas star is falling and it's falling fast. The 'Boys had many chances (some would argue that it was with the help of the refs) to put the Cards away and they just couldn't do it. Despite QB Romo having great passing numbers (321 yds, 2 TDs) he fumbled 3 times losing 1 to the Cards. To make matters worse, QB Romo is out for 4 weeks with a broken pinky finger. Week 7 @ STL

#12 Denver Broncos (4-2) Last #7 - High #7 - Low #12

Turnovers killed the Broncos. 2costly fumbles and an INT was all it took to assure that the Broncos would not come back against the Jags. JAGS RB Jones-Drew ran all over the Denver defense cutting them up for 125 yards and 2 scores. A game at New England may be what the doctor ordered to get them back on track. WR receiver Brandon Stokely may be out since he suffered a concussion during the game. Week 7 @ NE

#13 New York Jets (3-2) Last #21 - High #13 - Low #21

Brett Favre is looking more and more comfortable in the Jets offense. Despite having a sub-par game (189 yds, 1 TD, 2 INTs), RB Thomas Jones scores 3 TDs (2 rushing TDs and 1 receiving TD) to pull out the victory over the win less Bengals. Week 7 @ OAK

#14 Jacksonville Jaguars (3-3) Last #22 - High #14 - Low #21

Solid play by QB David Garrard (276 yds, 1 TD) and a strong running game by RB Maurice Jones-Drew (125 yds, 2 TDs) kept the Broncos at bay, keeping them on pace in the tough to determine AFC South. Week 7 CLE

#15 Chicago Bears (3-3) Last #8 - High #8 - Low #15

The Bears defense had the worst 11 seconds of the season. The game seemed done after QB Kyle Orton tosses a TD to WR Rashied Davis with 11 seconds left in the game. After an awful kick and a deep pass, Atlanta was in prime position to take this game from the sleeping Bears. Week 7 MIN

#16 San Diego Chargers (3-3) Last #16 - High #16 - Low #16

The Bolts put away a hapless New England team. On the brink of mediocrity, QB Philip Rivers tosses for 306 yards and 3 TDs. RB LaDainian Tomlinson is yet to break for the big one, but he's nearly there, rushing for 74 yards and receiving 44 yards more. Week @ BUF

#17 New Orleans Saints (3-3) Last #23 - High #17 - Low #23

QB Drew Brees completes 87% of his passes (26/30 for 320 yds and 3 TDs) against an atrocious Oakland defense. QB Brees completes 16 consecutive passes before one finally hits the field. RB Reggie Bush is good for 2 TDs (1 on the ground and 1 in the air) to handily put the beat down on the Raiders. Week 7 @ CAR

#18 Philadelphia Eagles (3-3) Last #18 - High #18 - Low #18

The Eagles fought back to .500 with a win over the struggling 49ners. With the 49ners leading 26 to 17 after 3 qtrs, QB Donovan McNabb leads the eagles to 23 4th qtr points to put the 49ners in their place. Week 7 BYE

#19 Minnesota Vikings (3-3) Last #13 - High #13 - Low #19

Fumbles were the name of the game, with RB Adrian Peterson coughing it up twice (111 yds rushing). If not for an incompetent Detroit QB Dan Orlovsky running out of his own end zone, causing a safety, this game could have very well been decided on the overtime coin flip. Week 7 @ CHI

#20 Green Bay Packers (3-3) Last #19 - High #19 - Low #20

QB Aaron Rodgers tosses for 208 yds and 2 TDs against the Seahawks, to keep them in a three way tie in the mediocre NFC North. Week 7 IND

#21 Baltimore Ravens (2-3) Last #20 - High #20 - Low #21

This Baltimore defense is barely keeping this team out of my Pile of Crap section. Their defensive stats took a huge hit from the Indy offense. Look for them to take out their frustrations against the Dolphins. Week 7 @ MIA

Pile of Crap

#22 New England Patriots (3-2) Last #11 - High #11 - Low #22

The team took a huge hit with that dismal showing against the San Diego Chargers. After looking to be alright after QB Tom Brady's injury, QB Matt Cassel is struggling to keep this ship afloat. Week 7 DEN

#23 Cleveland Browns (2-3) Last #27 - High #23 - Low #27

QB Derek Anderson and WR Braylon Edwards hooked up 5 times for 154 yds and a score to pull the upset against the top ranked Giants. The defense came up big, scoring a TD on 1 of Giants QB Eli Manning's 3 INTs. Week 7 @ WAS

#24 Miami Dolphins (2-3) Last #17 - High #17 - Low #24

The Wild Cats, I mean Dolphins, almost came up with another big win. The Dolphins are now 2 games behind the division leading Bills. Week 7 BAL

#25 Houston Texans (1-4) Last #29 - High #25 - Low #29

Ring leader QB Matt Schaub runs it in with 3 secs left in the game to lift the Texans over the Dolphins, showing QB Rosenfels how it's done. Week 7 DET

#26 Kansas City Chiefs (1-4) Last #28 - High #26 - Low #28

There's rumors flying that star TE Tony Gonzalez may be traded. Gonzalez may be a Giant before the night is over. Week 7 TEN

#27 San Francisco 49ners (2-4) Last #24 - High #24 - Low #27

After staying on top of the Eagles for 3 qtrs, the 49ner team decided to call it a night and decided not to play defense or offense in the 4th qtr, allowing 25 unanswered points. Week 7 @ NYG

#28 Seattle Seahawks (1-4) Last #25 - High #25 - Low #28

QB Charlie Frye tosses a dismal 83 yds, 2 TDs, and 2 INTs against the Packers. You can't win the game if your top receiver only had 23 yards. Week 7@ TB

#29 St. Louis Rams (1-4) Last #30 - High #29 - Low #30

Good start to the Jim Haslett era by getting a big win against a good Washington team. K Josh Brown hits a 49 yarder in the final seconds of the game to put the Rams in the win column. Week 7 DAL

#30 Oakland Raiders (1-4) Last #26 - High #26 - Low #30

The Oakland defense took a monstrous step back by taking a siesta during the game against New Orleans. Defensive coach Rob Ryan better get that defense on the same page or he'll soon find himself right next to Lane Kiffin, in the unemployment line. Week 7 NYJ

#31 Detroit Lions (0-5) Last #32 - High #31 - Low #32

Detroit let a golden opportunity pass by when the Vikings decided to take the day off. Week 7 @ HOU

#32 Cincinnati Bengals (0-5) Last #31 - High #31 - Low #32

Benching QB Carson Palmer may bite this team in the ass if he doesn't come back to form after resting for 2 weeks. Week 7 PIT


Be True to Yourself

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Check it out, single friends. There is nothing to lose and only love to gain. Later!



Friday, October 10, 2008

Life and Death; Men and Women

"Health nuts are going to feel stupid one day. Lying in their death beds, dying of nothing."

Hey there friends. I was having a conversation with a friend the other day, of how she feels old and what not, and how a coworker of hers is afraid of death. I told her, "She shouldn't be afraid of death, we can't live in fear. I'm not scared of death because quite frankly, I'm not going to die." lol That's right folks, I am not going to die. I've been saying that for years. I'm just merely ignoring the inevitable. Something that I have absolutely no power to stop. I started this post with that quote because that is my mentally towards death. Regardless of what we do, we cannot stop the inevitable.

But why do you say such stupidities, Metallman? Glad you asked. To be honest, I don't know. But as for death, you see, why are we to worry about something that is far off in the future, or something that comes completely unexpected? All it will do it cause aggravation, anxiety, fear, paranoia, stress... I told my friend how the average life span of humans has increased every decade and that it's a known fact that men live longer than women. I know that there's some kind of scientific evidence for it, but you know what my conclusion is? Women stress over death while men don't and we all know that stress shaves off a few years of your life. I've noticed that men tend to have this "set it and forget it" mentality. As in, life insurance? Check. 401K plan? Check. Kids college fund? Check. Done and done. We will no longer think about the future, unless it's in regards to next week's game or our anniversary.

Women, on the hand, are the organizers of our lives. Traditionally, men provide, and women pretty much do everything else. How can they not have stress within their daily tasks? Now, with today's working wife/mother, that stress has intensified. They plan out their work day, plan out their evening, plan out dinner, and plan out the entire week, while us men will probably just plan a day or two in advance and let the chips fall where they may. After putting so much thought and effort into their planning, how can women not be stressed out if the plan back fires, fails, or is dismantled by some unforeseen circumstance? If something goes wrong with my plans, I blurt some expletive and carry on. I usually don't have a second thought about what just happened, make best of the situation that I'm in, and go forward. Stress free. But now this has me thinking.....

My friend's coworker had a doctor's appointment that day and was just stressing out over her results, worrying that her body is getting old and not what it used to be. I think us men are ignorant fools. lol Most of us don't go to doctors. Maybe we, too, dread the fact that our bodies are not what they once were but we're just afraid to admit it. Afraid of another person telling us much our body or health has deteriorated. Afraid to know that death is approaching. I've come to the conclusion that us men do not put ourselves in stressful situations. Why go to a doc and possibly get stressed out over the news given to us? Organizing a vacation? Probably not. We won't want to stress over making sure we have all the necessities, flights booked, hotel booked, restaurant reservations... etc. etc.

Our metal make up so different that it amazes me that we can be so compatible. Though, there are the few exceptions out there. Just some more of my random, out of the blue thoughts that crossed my mind today. Later!


My First Award

Hey there friends. How bad ass is that?!?!?! My good friend over at Unbalanced Libra has blessed my blog with the "I Love Your Blog Award." My very first blog award. I received the news this morning, from my wife, actually, who said that my phone said I had Email. I read the comment, and realized what it was soon after.

Below are three friends whose blogs I love to read and would like to pass on the love. And the winners are...

Allure over at Alluricious Blog

The "Admin" over at New Dilemma

Karen over at Blazing Minds

Enjoy friends. Later!


Monday, October 6, 2008

Metallman's Heavy Metal Rankings (NFL - Week 5)

Hey there friends. Welcome to the first edition of Metallman's Heavy Metal, my NFL power rankings. This will give me chance to give my thoughts on each NFL team and where I believe they stand in grand scheme of things. So let's get to it.

Heavy Metal

Rank - Team - Record - Previous - High/Low

#1 New York Giants (4-0) N/A N/A

What Super Bowl hangover? The G-men are looking strong and kicking ass. With the exception of Washington, the Giants have been served some pantsy ass teams the beginning of their schedule (Wins against Rams, Bengals, and the ailing Seahawks). They'll get two more cupcake games agains the Browns and 49ners before we really find out what this team is made of (week 8-11, @PIT, DAL, @PHI, BAL) Week 6 @ CLE

#2 Washington Redskins (4-1) N/A N/A

The Skins are looking impressive under young QB Cambell, a surging Clinton Portis (145 yrds and a TD) and a defense that is holding it's own, with a strong goal line stance against Philly this week. The Skins have quality wins over Dallas and Philly, and their only loss comes from a tough Giants team. Look for the team to go 6-1 before being tested by a tough Steelers team. Week 6 STL

#3 Tennessee Titans (5-0) N/A N/A

Big, big win against the Baltimore defense this week. Despite the Ravens having top ranks in defensive pass, rush, and total yrds/game, the Titans hold the top defensive spot in total points allowed/game (11.2/game). They held the Ravens to 10 pts and needed a 4th qtr rally to come back and win the game on 80 yard TD drive. Despite the Titan RBs having 47 total rushing yards, QB Collins kept a cool head and managed to pull out the victory against the Ravens. They have a potential trap game against the Chiefs next week, before hosting divisional rival, Colts. Week 6 @ KC

#4 Dallas Cowboys (4-1) N/A N/A

Tough lost for the Boys against the Skins last week, and they almost fell victims to a desperate Cincy team. After going up big on the Bengals, the Dallas defense decided to take it easy and allow QB Carson Palmer to fight back and come up big with get the Bengals within 1. With minutes to go, Dallas QB Romo led his team into the Red Zone, only to have his pass deflected and fall into the arms of Dallas WR Crayton.If not for that catch, Dallas would have settled for 3, giving Cincy one more shot at winning the game. Week 6 @ ARI

#5 Pittsburg Steelers (4-1) N/A N/A

The Pittsburg defense is keeping the team afloat. The defense ranks in the top 5 in all defensive rankings and as long as they keep them in the game, Big Ben has a chance to take them over the top, as demonstrated in the final 2 minutes of the game against the Jags. Big Ben looked like a rag doll, being sacked 3 times and hit many more than that. Steelers had no business winning this game since the Jags definitely played better. The BYE should serve this team, and especially Ben, a chance to recover and recoperate. Week 6 BYE

# 6 Carolina Panthers (4-1) N/A N/A

The lowly Chiefs didn't have a chance against this superb defense. Kansas QB Huard, and then QB Thigpen, were just beatened down like a dirty rug. Huard threw 2 INTs and between the Kansas QBs, sacked 3 times and just barely surpassed the century mark in passing yards (113 yards combined). On the Panther's side, RB DeAngleo Williams ran wild against the atrocious Kansas defense, running for 123 yrds (2 TDs) and caught a pass for 25 yrds (1 TD). The man was a beast for us fantasy players. Let's see if they can keep it up next week against a non cupcake defense in Tampa Bay. Week 6 @ TB

#7 Denver Broncos (4-1) N/A N/A

How the hell does this Denver team keep winning? Their defense ranks 26th or lower on the 4 major defensive ranks and yet, they're sitting atop the AFC West. The answer? QB Jay Cutler, that's how. If he plays well, the team will win. Simple as that. On his one bad game, against the Chiefs, he was not able to bring the team back from RB Larry Johnson's dismantling of the Denver defense, becasue he was watching the game on the side lines. Even against a good TB defense, Cutler managed to bring his team back from a bad game to squeeze out the victory. Week 6 JAC

#8 Chicago Bears (3-2) N/A N/A

Just what the Bears QB Kyle Orton needed, the bottom dwellers of the NFL to showcase his talent. Orton threw for a career high 334 yrds, and added 2 TDs in thier win against the Detroit Lions. That is not to say that the Bears defense didn't do their thing. They sacked the Lions QBs 4 times, forced a fumble, intercepted QB Orlovsky (familiarize yourself with the name, friends. If QB Kitna continues his horrible play, we'll be hearing Orlovsky more often) for a TD. Week 6 @ ATL

#9 Tampa Bay Buccaneers (3-2) N/A N/A

Tough loss for the Bucs to swallow this week, knowing that they had thier chance to put away the Broncos but the Bucs QBs just could not get it done. QB Brian Greiese was knocked out the game by his former team in the third qtr, and QB Jeff Garcia faired slightly better, tossing a TD and an INT. I dont know if they wanted to win this game in the air but with RB Warrick Dunn and RB Earnest Graham averaging 6 yrds/rush, why would you abandon the running game. Jon Gruden lost this game for the Bucs. You don't abandon the one part of the game that is actually working for you. Week 6 CAR

#10 Buffalo Bills (4-1) N/A N/A

QB Trent Edwards was knocked out of the game (concussion) and so was the Bills offense. Edwards was kocked out in the 1st qtr and his replacement, QB J.P Losman was not able to sync up with the offense. Thier only highlight being a 87 yrd pass to Lee Evans for a TD. After that, it was all QB Kurt Warner and crew. Warner threw for 250 yrds and 2 TDs, the defense forced 1 INT, 3 fumbles, 5 sacks, and RBs James and Hightower rammed in the end zone for a combined 3 TDs. QB Edwards is the heart and soul of this team and luckily for the Bills, the bye week is coming up. Week 6 BYE

Soft Rocks

#11 New England Patriots (3-1) N/A N/A

QB Cassel is managing the game, a la QB Rex Grossman, but the New England defense is keeping this team alive in the AFC East. Week 6 @SD

#12 Indianopolis Colts (2-2) N/A N/A

QB Peyton Manning and company have not found that chemistry on offense. This team can very well be 0-4 if not for some lucky breaks and Manning heroics. Week 6 BAL

#13 Minnesota Vikings (2-3) N/A N/A

On a night where the Minnesota RB Adrian Peterson was held in check by a Saints defense, the Minnesota Vikings secured a win due Saints K Gramatica missing a field goal with 2 mins to go. His second missed kicked in the final minutes of a game. Week 6 DET

#14 Arizona Cardinals (3-2) N/A N/A

Cards QB Kurt Warner has been erractic these past 2 weeks. Looking like the old man that he is last week against the Jets, and like the MVP that he once was this week against th Bills. The MVP needs to show up against a tough Dallas squad if they plan on winning. Week 6 DAL

#15 Atlanta Falcons (3-2) N/A N/A

Big win against Green Bay this week. Atlanta RB Michael Turner cut up the Green Bay defense for 121 yrds and TD and QB Matt Ryan soared with 194 yrds, 2 TDs and an INT. Week 6 CHI

#16 San Diego Chargers (2-3) N/A N/A

The Bolts were the latest victim of the surging Dolphins. Despite the Chargers having the worst pass defense in the NFL, the Dolphins beat them in the ground game (167 yrds rushing). Week 6 NE

#17 Miami Dolphins (2-2) N/A N/A

Is this a college team or a professional football team? With the success of the "Wild Cat" formation paying dividends, don't be surprised if this team brings back the statue of liberty play. Week 6 @ HOU

#18 Philidelphia Eagles (2-3) N/A N/A

Big loss against their division rival, Washington, this week. Issues at the goal line has lost 2 games for the Eagles. Philly RB, Brian Westbrook, broke 2 ribs in this game. He finished the game, but you have to wonder how that is going to affect this team. Week 6 @ SF

#19 Green Bay Packers (2-3) N/A N/A

Green Bay QB Aaron Rodgers put on his best Brett Favre impersonation and went on and started the game, despite having an injured shoulder. Despite his 313 passing yrds and 3 TDs, Atlanta QB Matt Ryan and RB Micheal Turner proved to be too much for his Green Bay defense. Week 6 @ SEA

#20 Baltimore Ravens (2-2) N/A N/A

In a defensive match up with the Titans, Titan QB Kerry Collins was able to do something Ravens QB Joe Flacco couldn't... Pass for a TD. Week 6 @ IND

#21 New York Jets (2-2) N/A N/A

We all know that number 4 was watching that Green Bay game, laughing at Aaron Rodgers on the brink of losing his consecutive start streak at 4. Week 6 CIN

Pile of Crap

#22 Jacsonville Jaguars (2-3) N/A N/A

Would of, should of, could of... That's what the Jags will be thinking when watching the game film. Jags defenders were all over Big Ben, but they just were not able to bring him down when the game was on line. Week 6 @ DEN

#23 New Orleans Saints (2-3) N/A N/A

It was the Reggie Bush show on Monday night prime television. Reggie runs back 2 punt returns for TDs to etch his name in the record books. However, it wasn't enough to cap the win against the Vikings. K Gramatica's missed field goal sealed thier fate in the final minutes of the game. Week 6 OAK

#24 San Francisco 49ners (2-3) N/A N/A

San Francisco's QB O'Sullivan threw for 3 TDs against the Patriots!! But he also threw 3 INT and only had 130 yrds in the air. Week 6 PHI

#25 Seattle Seahawks (1-3) N/A N/A

The Seahawks welcomed WR Bobby Engram back from his shoulder injury. However, it didn't do much good against the Giants since he only averaged 7.6 yrds per catch. Week 6 GB

#26 Oakland Raiders (1-3) N/A N/A

New coach, new mantra, new team? Stay tuned for the next edition of The Pirates of Oakland and find out where the drama takes us next. Week 6 @ NO

#27 Cleveland Browns (1-3) N/A N/A

Does head coach Romeo Crennel care about his job? If so, insert Cleveland QB Brady Quinn now!!! Week 6 NYG

#28 Kansas City Chiefs (1-3) N/A N/A

At least the nightmare is over for the Kansas City offense after being blanked by the Panthers. Oh wait... The Titans are coming to town. D'Oh!!!! Week 6 TEN

#29 Houston Texans (0-4) N/A N/A

What the hell was Houston QB Rosenfels thinking? He, trying to be the hero, coughed up the ball when Indy was on their heels, giving Manning a chance to win this game. Hey Rosenfels, you are not a hero. You're a zero, and coincidentaly, that's how many games your team won because of you. Week 6 MIA

#30 St. Louis Rams (0-4) N/A N/A

Coach Scott Linehan out, coach Jim Haslett in. If only if was that easy exchanging losses for wins. Week 6 @ WAS

#31 Cinncinati Bengals (0-4) N/A N/A

The Bungals of old has emerged and they just can't seem to get a break. Ocho Cinco is not helping his team by kissing stars. Week 6 @ NYJ

#32 Detroit Lions (0-4) N/A N/A

No more excuses Detroit. Matt Millen is out. Get your act together because you're degrading the value of the NFL. Week 6 @ MIN


Would You Like a Hybrid Vehicle to go with Your Cable?

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The Weekend and a New Football Format

Hey there friends. This weekend was such a blur, and not because it was fun. We've been so busy that we just have not had a chance to just sit down and enjoy ourselves in the confort of our home in so long. This weekend, was no different. First off, Friday was bad. I worked to close to 5 on Friday when I should be off closer to 3:30 and my wife ended up working to close to 6:30. And to top it off, we came in to work on Saturday so we didnt even have a chance to sleep in. Got up, got dressed, and into work at 8. I came with my wife to keep her company but since I was in a work environment, I started to work too. Ran some reports and got to it. Soon after, boss came in because he felt guilty that we were in at work on a Saturday. He treated us to In N Out Burgers so that was cool. But because of it, we didn't see the kids until after work, which was close to 4. Soon after, my wife was off to a passion party. I'm sure you ladies know what that is. I gave her wrong directions (mistakenly told her to go south when it should have been north) so I added to her frustrations since she was running a little late. I stayed home with the kids since no guys were allowed and waited for my wife to come home. I caught the rest of Gunslinger Girl, which I'll write about some other time. She came home with some goodies and we finally sat down to watch Hole in the Wall. We recorded the episode with the Flavor or Love and Rock of Love girls. That show is pretty funny. lol Love seeing people smash themselves into a wall. After that was over, we finally went to bed.

Sunday morning, which felt more like a Saturday because we worked the day before, my wife and I didn't want to get out of bed. Bodies needed more sleep. We soon got up, and she started getting dressed, a friend asked her to help set up decorations for a baby shower at her place at 10 am. My wife not being one to say no, agreed so she felt obligated to go. She then soon left, taking the girls with her. While they were gone, my son and I chatted about this boxing game that he has and I caught some football while cleaning the house. I was mainly watching the Indy game and during time outs or commercials, I would get up, wash some dishes, sweep, dust, wipe, spray, vaccuum, or whatever else I can squeeze in during the break. lol During lunch time, as my son and I were talking more boxing, my wife dropped by drop off the girls. They seemed to have been tired from the decorating. My wife told me how it was going and we barely had enough time for some time alone together before she took off to the baby shower. While she was gone, I played with the kids, chatted with them, caught a lil TV with them, and continued my cleaning mission... all the while, I sent text messages to my wife just to see what's up. She ended up getting home pretty late and after she told me about her day, we ended up going to bed well after midnight... having to get up today at 5:30. We both feel tired as hell and I, for one, don't feel like working. lmao But figured that I should post about our weekend and what I have planned.

I was going to write my Monday football article. I've decided against it. I think what I'll be doing now is a Tuesday article in the "power ranking" format. This will allow me to give insight on each team and include the teams in the Monday night game. Decided to change it up because I was writing about what I saw, and not the whole schedule of games. I am a fan of football and even though I have my favorite team, I'll watch any game as long as it's competitive. I figured that in this format, I'll be able to write about every team and have a more well rounded article. Look for it tomorrow morning friends. Later!


Thursday, October 2, 2008

Gunslinger Girl

Hey there. I'm loving the IFC channel more and more. They bring you some pretty insane and weird stuff. The documentary, Darkon, was one that I thought was enjoyable. Just insane the way people live out their characters and battles. There was this one movie, that I can't think of the name at this moment, of a blind Japanese sculptor that captures this woman and explores the depths of love and masochism. It's not what it seems and it's crazy the way it makes you think of the psychological side of love. IFC also introduced me to Witchblade, which I absolutely loved. A touching story of a mother and daughter... where the mother, cursed by the witchblade, must fight for a survival that she knows she'll soon lose.

Now, it brings me Gunslinger Girl. I'll admit, that I've only watched one episode but it has already captivated me. The plot in itself is extremely intriguing. Young girls, given a second chance at life, as assassins. How can you not love that? Now I don't know the complete details or story but I love the way the episode played out. Cool, somber color scheme, blended in perfectly with the characters and dialogue, a serious yet playful mood (singing Beethoven at the end of the episode), the characters are not shallow, and the word gun is in the title so you know they'll be some death. Once I get a chance to really check it out, I'll provide more in depth insights, but until then, Later.


Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Blogs of the Month for September

Hey there friends. It's that time of month again, and no I don't mean food stamps or a "special" visitor. It's time to announce my top 5 droppers of for the month of September. Thanks to all that come by and check out my humble site. Next time, it might be you with a cool 500ECs coming your way... Damn, but they tax you for transfers now, huh... Hmmmmm... Crap. Now I need to calculate the tax too. Anyways, a big thank you to my new top five. Check out their links and images under the Blogs of the Month section. Later!