Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Free Downloadable Gold Classics Pack for the New Super Mario Bros. 2 Game for the Nintendo 3DS

Hey there. Do you have the New Super Mario Bros 2 game for the Nintendo 3DS?  If so, you are one of the many gamers that have collectively amassed over 300 billion in gold coins.  300  BILLION!!!  To celebrate, Nintendo is giving owners of the game a free pack of coin rush courses to be included with the FREE Gold Classics Pack.  Well... free for a limited time.  The Gold Classics Pack was inspired by Super Mario Bros. and Super Mario Bros 3 and will offer 3 new coin rush courses.

I love how Nintendo takes care of it's own.  Fans have always backed up Super Mario and Luigi and by giving away a free downloadable pack of courses to those loyal fans is freakin' awesome!  If you are not so sure how to download the Gold Classics Pack, you can go to the official New Super Mario Bros 2 site and get instructions straight from the source.  The Gold Classics Pack will be free from now until 1/31/13.  As of 2/1/13, the Gold Classics Pack can be downloaded for $2.50.   Thanks, Nintendo, for the free stuff!  I, and your loyal fans, greatly appreciate it!

So... how many coins have you collected in New Super Mario Bros. 2?  I'm dying to know if any of you have collected more than I!  Later!


  1. This is neat! Thank you for letting me know! I'm glad too that Nintendo gives this away to their fans as well!

  2. Hey there Betty! Yeah, I love it when companies take care of their fans!