Friday, November 23, 2012

BassBuds In Ear Headphones Review and Discount Code

Hey there.  Who is in need of some stylish in ear head phones that also has superior sound quality.  There are other headphones out there but they will cost you an arm and a leg to buy them.  It's difficult to find a pair of headphones that not only look great but also provide superior sound quality.  What is a music afficionado to do?  Well, our good friends at BassBuds may have the solution for you!  Our good friends at BassBuds provided me with a pair of headphones to try out and review and let me tell you, these are one of the best set of headphones that I have ever owned!

I was pleasantly surprised to find that the BassBuds headphones that I received were packaged in one pretty awesome luxury gift box.  Upon opening it, my first impressions of the headphones was, "Oooooo... Shiny!!!!"  lol  I received the Platinum set of BassBuds but they come in at least a dozen different colors and each is made with a crystal clear Swarovski crystal to give the BassBuds their stunning and unique look.  Tbe crystal adds a look of elegance that commands attention.  The wire used for the BassBuds is strong and sturdy and not plastic like.  It seems as if they are made to last and that is something that I can definitely get behind.  In short, the BassBuds headphones are simply stunningly beautiful.  

But what about compatibility and sound?  What good is a set of headphones if they sound quality is no good or if you can't even use them?  The BassBuds come with the standard 3.5 mm jack and will work with practically any device with a 3.5 jack input.  The sound quality that comes out of the BassBuds headphones are EXCEPTIONAL!  After testing them out and listening to a wide array of music, I came to the conclusion that they exemplify all musical parts with a slight emphasis on the bass parts.  And I do mean slight.  You can definitely hear the bass parts of the music more so than the others and it definitely makes the music pop!  But... the bass parts DO NOT OVERPOWER THE MUSIC!  That is absolutely outstanding!  Being a huge fan of music, I want to be able to hear all the parts of the song and I love the fact that the BassBuds headphones brings out all the parts of the music with such clarity.  I also loved the fact that I was able to turn up the volume and change tracks using a single button.  The BassBuds headphones has a single button attached to the wire that you can use to control your music player with just a couple of clicks.  At first, I didn't think that the single button method would work for me but trust me, it is EXTREMELY convenience to be able to adjust your music with a single button.
My BassBuds!  Look at that Swarovski Crystal shine!
I also tested out the BassBuds while watching a movie and again, the sound quality excelled.  While watching the intro of one of my favorite movies, I stopped the movie and looked around and asked my wife if she was whispering at me.  She looked at me confused and said that she did not.  Hmmm...  I restarted the movie and I heard the whispers again!  That's when I realized that the BassBuds headphones were picking up music and sounds in the movie that I didn't notice before!!!  And mind you, this is one of my favorite movies!  If there was whispering there, I would have liked to think that I would have heard it before, but if not for the BassBuds headphones, I would have never known it was there!  

The BassBuds headphones can also double as a phone headset.  The BassBuds have a built in microphone that you talk to when talking on the phone and using its button to answer calls.  The microphone is conveniently placed so that there is no fiddling with a clip of any kind to adjust the microphone to pick up your voice.  Calls made while using the BassBuds came in clear and my voice came through loud and clear as well.  

So are you ready to order your own set of BassBuds?  If you get a set of these bad boys, I'm sure it'll be your favorite set of headphones you'll ever own!  And because all of you, Metallman's Reverie, readers are awesome, I have a special discount promo code just for you.  If you decide to order your own set of BassBuds, enter promo code BB59779 and you'll get $30 off your order.  That's a pretty good deal!  You can order your very own BassBuds here and make sure to check out their full range of colors and styles. With 20 different colors to choose from, you'll definitely find the BassBuds that are right for you!  Later!


  1. Wow, $30 off Bass Buds earphones? This is a super deal. I think it's amazing that they are even having a sale. Thank you Metallman! :)

  2. Hey there Betty! It's a really good deal for top notch headphones. I highly recommend getting a set!

  3. Hey Metallman, since it seems like you're really well connected to
    the net and knowledgeable about electronics... What do you think about
    Cyber Monday, might there be any good deals on ipod touches or do you
    think it's better to purchase with Black Friday discounts? :D

  4. Wow! That's shining shimmering splendid earphones.. Awesome! I want to have one!

  5. Hey there Chris. These are GREAT headphones. I've been using them non stop since I received them. The sound quality is definitely worth the price.

  6. Hey there Betty. I LOVE Cyber Monday! I think you can score better than deals than going to shops on Black Friday! You avoid the traffic, the lines, the mayhem, and most of all... you avoid getting up in the middle of the night!!! I think you can get deals on proactically everything when shopping on Cyber Monday!

  7. Awesome! That is what i want my earphones to have!


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