Tuesday, November 6, 2012

2012 US Presidential Election

Hey there. Have you exercised your right to vote, yet? Whether you back Romney or Obama, we as Americans have the priveledge to go out there and have our voices to be heard. Too bad that many of us choose to be silent and then complain about the outcome.  While America is out to voting to elect as their leader, I wanted to share this little comic that makes a very strong point for certain mustachioed friend.  lol  Later!


  1. Who do you want to win? I'm excited to see the results, but it looks like the provisional ballots won't be in until the 16th I heard.

  2. Did you heard the story about the woman who was for Obama and she ran over her husband who was for Romney? I think she didn't like the Obama healthcare initiative. It's crazy how heated up people can get.


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