Saturday, October 31, 2009

Happy Halloween

Hey there. No trick or treating for us this year. Well, not the parents, at least. Kids are out with grandma while we pass out candy at home. We figured that it would be too cold to take out our little one, especially since his immune system is not up to par yet. There go some more trick or treaters. Later.

Friday, October 30, 2009

Catch it Again with Charter on Demand

Hey there friends. As much as many of us do not want to admit it, society as a whole watches a lot of TV. And why not? After a long, grinding day at work, many of us are compelled to kick off our shoes and take it easy. Since we're already sitting, why not catch the game, a movie, or a funny TV show? What? You missed it? Not a problem if you subscribe to Charter's digital cable service.

On demand has a negative connotation. We instantly associate on demand with having to pay. With Charter, that is not he case. Charter on demand has thousands of movies and shows at your fingertips. No more waiting in line at the local DVD rental spot or waiting for the mail person to deliver your next movie in queue. Just switch the channel to the On Demand channel and make your selection. It's really that easy. And since the selection of shows and movies is increasing daily, Charter has provided online access to view all available selections. For subscribers, you can learn more at and log on to browse all available selections.

Also, make sure to get updates and fun extras on Charter’s Facebook page. You don't want to miss out when new movies and great shows are added. Especially something as hilarious as The Office. It's great to just be able to turn on the TV and catch your favorite show, despite the time and hour. With such busy schedules, it's though to work around the TV's schedule. It's great that Charter on demand has changed it for the better, by working around our schedule. Later!


Thursday, October 29, 2009

Get Great Deals on Caskets and Urns at... Walmart?!?!?!

Hey there. I'm not kidding you folks. I'm sure many of you had no idea that you can buy a casket at As in, a casket to bury people in once they have passed on. I cannot believe that! Check out this spiffy casket for the low, low price of $1800!
Oh, and they don't discriminate. Check out the urns for those that chose to be cremated instead of buried.
I'm more shocked than anything else. I heard that Walmart was taking the business of many companies but never did I come to think that they would step into the business of the dead. Wow... Later.

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Giving Back Some Website Love with E-Referrer

Hey there. I just added a new feature on this blog, A Top 10 Website Referrer list. I have tried my best to give back to those that comment and visit Metallman's Reverie. I added a top commentary list to rewards those that leave comments on this site. Now, with this new list, I'll be able to provide a link to those sites that bring in traffic.

I just added it today and I can filter out certain websites, if I chose to. I'm leaning towards just leaving blogs on there... that would eliminate Entrecard and Adgitize (and others) as referrals, but I'm not sure if that is fair. I'll let it run the way it is for a good week or two and then decide as to how I will tweak the widget. If you guys want to have your own, check it out E-Referrer. It's free to sign up and use and it's definitely a nice little perk to be able to provide a link to those sites that provide traffic to your blogs. Later!

Accor Hotels 3 Day Super Sale

Hey there friends. It's the season to start planning a holiday trip! While most people are limited in ideas as to where they can go, the Accor Hotels 3-Day Super Sale Asia Pacific offers the whole Asia Pacific as a choice for prime vacation spots. With over 1 million hotels available across 15 locations you are sure to find your ideal vacation spot. As of today, 10.28.09, here are the locations and the lowest price that you can get a hotel for.
That's not bad at all! A night in Laos for only $48 USD, a night in Fiji for only $51 USD, and a night in Japan for $112 USD is a pretty good deal as well! I've always wanted to go to Japan. I think that some of their culture and customs are intriguing. It would be great to visit the Land of the Rising Sun and save some money while doing it. But as the title suggests, it's only a 3 day sale so the above deals are only available if booked between Oct. 27th and Oct. 29th. All booked deals are for travel planned during December 09 to April 10, so you can book your stay now and travel at a later date.

I'm running out of time! I know that my wife wanted to travel next year so I need to let her know if these locations intrigue her. I'm pushing for Japan, but we all know that it's all about what my babe wants! Later!


Tuesday, October 27, 2009

A Boy and His Domo

Hey there. Lately, a creature by the name of Domo has been popping up in unlikely places. First, it was at Hot Topic. Then, it was at Target. Now, he's invading 7-11 stores across America. This little guy is taking over the states! For those of you not familiar, Domo is described as a creature that hatched from an egg and hates apples. lol Sounds like my kinda guy. The kids love him. My youngest daughter bugged me for a Domo doll for almost a week straight when we would go to the 7-11 each morning for coffee. I ended up getting her a clip on Domo that she proudly shows off to her friends.

Last night, I was at Target and my wife reminded me that I promised our baby a Domo. So I grabbed 2. lol One to clip on his diaper bag and the other for him to carry around with him. Almost as soon as I brought Domo home, my wife started laughing. She laughed at the fact that I said Domo would protect our little one while we slept. I propped him up on the rail of his bassinet and my wife nearly split her seams, she was laughing so hard. She said that it was funny to her how there is a little angel sleeping and then... there's Domo. lmao Check out the pic that I took.
Domo stands gallantly, warding off evil doers and bad dreams

This morning, I made sure that I put Domo in my baby's car seat so that he can play with him at grandma's house. I received a few picture messages from my wife displaying Domo and my son. lol Check put the one my wife sent.
"Oh no! Domo is gonna eat our baby!", the wife says. lmao

Oh man. It seemed like my wife was having more fun with Domo than our son. Then, she sends this.
"Domo is trying to eat him!", she says.

I say they were playing with each other. My wife claims it was proof of Domo trying to eat the baby. lol Oh man, it looks like my wife is having more fun with Domo right now. lol All is well, though. Before I went back to work, I glanced back and saw that Domo was right there, protecting our little one once again.
LMAO! Later!

Monday, October 26, 2009

Demon in the Mirror?

Hey there. There have been a lot of talk about the paranormal as of late. New Ghost Hunters on TV, new paranormal movie and what not. It's a subject that grabs my attention. We don't fully understand the world we live in. Sometimes, things happen that are so "unnatural" to us that we boggle our minds with how and why it happened. Well, this weekend, my brother showed me a video that had some paranormal activity in it. Things such as poltergeists in action and what not, but the video that really caught my attention was this one. Check it out.

Sunday, October 25, 2009

Hilton Branson Convention Center Hotel’s Cooking School Weekend!

Hey there friends. Do you have a passion for cooking? Are you most happy tasting great food or creating delicious entrees? Then the Hilton Branson Convention Center Hotel has the vacation package for you. For one wonderful weekend, and under $400, you can experience one of a kind wine tasting, a cooking demonstration by Chef Nathan, and a four course dinner. How can a cooking aficionado not want to learn how to cook and prepare the the previous night's dinner. Not only will you enjoy a great dinner, but learn how to prepare it yourself!

Or maybe you're not the chef in the family, but someone else is. While your wife, or significant other is learning from a top chef, you can escape to one of the many lakes in the area. Or maybe you're more of the entertainment type. There are more than 40 theaters where one can watch a play or catch a movie. Or if you're in the mood for some adventure, the Ripley's Believe it or not and the Branson's Haunted Adventure Park are just a short drive away.

Because the menu has some items with alcohol in them, only persons of legal drinking age can attend. Dinner will have a holiday theme so it will definitely fit the mood now that Thanksgiving and Christmas is drawing near. This definitely a great trip for couples to learn a few things in the kitchen or simply to enjoy beautiful scenery while enjoying a world class meal. Later.


Friday, October 23, 2009

Are Cartoons Getting too Sexy for Kids?

Hey there. I need to throw in my two cents on this topic. I believe that a child should be a child and spend their youth being a kid. Chores, play, games, school, cartoons, you know, the normal kid stuff. But recently, I've seen a trend come to pass that I am not pleased with and it seems that it is aimed at the young ladies of this world. I am talking about "sexy" and inappropriate images in cartoons and cartoon products. Here are some of those items that have cause for concern.


I am not a fan of Bratz. I think they take this movement waaaaaay overboard. Our first encounter with these dolls happened back when our oldest daughter received a "Baby Bratz" as a gift. Nothing wrong with a little having a baby, right? WRONG! The baby was wearing a thong. A THONG! I don't see how this can be interpreted as cute or anything of the like. A baby should be in diapers, or some kind of baby outfit. Not in a mini skirt, a tank top, and a thong. Since then, we have pretty much removed most Bratz items from the house. I don't like what they stand for either. Our daughter was young when she received that doll and recently she asked that we rent a Bratz movie to watch. It was animated and considering that she was older, we felt that we would check it out before letting her see it. My goodness, they were all airheads, they cared nothing but their appearance and boys, and spent their free time singing and shopping. Kids are pretty impressionable at this age and I don't like these figures. Needless to say, that was that for Bratz.

Dora the Explorer

The direction that Dora is heading is more of a disappointment more than anything else. The idea for Dora was a great one. A child goes off in adventures with her monkey Boots all the while, teaching kids a few Spanish words. My youngest daughter loves it. I liked that she picked up some Spanish. Even though we are of Spanish heritage, we just don't speak it at home so it was nice that she would learn a thing or two from Dora and her grandparents. Recently, Dora has gotten a makeover. A more older Dora, whose hair magically changed color, wearing leggings, and lipstick. Is Dora trying to become the latest Bratz? If this is supposed to be a tween Dora, I don't like the fact that she has on lipstick. I doubt Dora will be going on adventures in heels and lipstick... unless she's going on mall expeditions from now on.

Rainbow Brite

This is the latest to get the makeover. Though I was not a huge fan of Rainbow Brite as a kid, I know the cartoon from my youth. Rainbow Brite and the Star Kids (I think) were kids who went on missions to restore color to the world, or something to that effect. Check out the before pic of Rainbow Brite and her crew.

Now here is the "updated" Rainbow Brite.
You see why I have a problem with this? What's wrong with kids that look like kids? Why the longer legs? Why the drastic change in appearance? The only thing that looks somewhat the same are the little things with fur. But other than that, I don't like this modernization of old school cartoons. I don't want my girls to get the image that they need to look like that to be considered good. I even like the fact that the original green one has a band aid on. It shows that they're kids and are prone to bump, trip, and fall over things. I doubt that any of the new Rainbow Brite cast will sport a band aid, let alone look like they want to get dirty.

I just don't like the makeovers. I don't like that they shows are trying to convey that young girls need to look a certain way. I feel as if they get enough pressure as it is being a kid, going to school and worrying about homework. The last thing that should be on a child's mind is their appearance and TV is certainly not helping. Later.

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Celebrate the Holidays in Branson, MO, The Heartland of America

Hey there friends. October is almost over and the holiday season is drawing near. Now would be a great time to plan a family outing that conveys the warmth and heartfelt love of a family. And where else to celebrate that love than in the Heartland of America. With so many packages available at the Hilton Branson Convention Center Hotel and Hilton Promenade at Branson Landing, you'll definitely find one that will keep your family smiling.

The Santa’s Coming to Town Package, starting at $189 per night (offered at the Hilton Promenade at Branson Landing) is a great package for families with small children. What child wouldn't want Santa to come knocking on their door to deliver a gift or stumble upon Mrs/ Claus in the lobby during Story time? Or maybe you'd like to see their glowing faces when they are enjoying hot cocoa and cookies aboard the Polar Express? The Polar Express package, starting at $289 for a family of four, is another great opportunity to enjoy a heartfelt moment with your family. Or maybe you're looking for a relaxing time alone with your significant other. The It’s a Wonderful Life, starting at $329 per night and running from Nov 15 thru Dec 23, is the perfect choice for couples to experience fine dining, shopping, and entertainment. Not to mention a special treatment at the Aspire Medical Spa!

Personally, I would go with the Santa's Coming to Town package. My kids are at the age where Santa would still make their day. My youngest one would definitely love to meet Mrs. Claus while my older kids would love to have cookies and milk with Santa. What an experience that would be!

Complete details of each of the packages offered are available in the links above. Check them out friends. You never know, you may be sipping on hot chocolate with Santa aboard the Polar Express! Later!


Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Knowledge Thrown Away

Hey there. I am a geek. There is no denying it. When I was in school, I had certain subjects that I love. I managed to get through high school without doing any homework, yet graduating with high honors and passed many AP courses. My problem with school is that I simply didn't want to attend. I studied the material on my own time and I pretty much showed up just to take the tests. Now, I don't condone that type of behavior but it's what worked for me. I'm more of the "give me a book and I will learn it" type.

I haven't been in school in a long time. I last attended Santa Monica College several years ago and told myself that once I have my priorities straightened out, I'll go back. Now, with a loving wife and wonderful kids, it's tough to find the time to get to school. Well, the educational gods were smiling on me yesterday.

When I got home from taking the kids to school, I noticed that the neighbor had several boxes to be thrown out. First thought, boxes should be in the recycle bin and not the trash bin. Second thought, my wife needed a box to put some stuff in and they look to be the perfect size. So I go to get a box and I see that the boxes ARE NOT EMPTY! Hmmm... It's in the trash bin, it's meant to be thrown out so it wouldn't hurt if I emptied the contents and kept the box, right?. Once I got the box open, I was thrilled to see that the box contained college courses. FREE TEXT BOOKS FOR COLLEGE COURSES!!! Oh man, I went back out there and grabbed more boxes to check em out. They had everything: College Algebra, Sociology, Anatomy, Chemistry, American History, Literature, Business, and many others. Check it out!
I should have known what the contents where once I realized that the side of the box says, "The College Network".
I looked up this College Network and found out that people have paid thousands for the materials that I found in the garbage. I could not believe it. Someone literally threw out thousands of dollars worth of stuff and the boxes were not even opened. The materials were still sealed. I couldn't be more ecstatic. Me, that I love to learn by the book, without someone holding my hand, could not believe that I came across several college courses that I plan on doing. I won't receive any college credit, i won't have a teacher, but you know what? I don't care. I have the opportunity to obtain a college level education for free. I can't wait to get started! I'm starting with Algebra. I love math so I'm looking forward to digging right in. I plan on starting on Monday. I'm up late as it is so I'll devote an hour or so of online work for my education. I'm giddy. lol Later!

Monday, October 19, 2009

The Gillette Career Advantage is Here for Job Seekers

Hey there friends. You get only one chance to make a good impression and Gillette is here to make sure you look your best when that chance happens. Gillette has commissioned several surveys to find our what HR professionals are looking for in potential candidates. After all is said and done, well groomed candidates are more likely to get hired and are more likely climb the corporate ladder (read the press conference here).

After gathering the information from the surveys, Gillette has established web pages that you definitely have to check out to better your chances on landing that job. The Gillette Career Advantage is where job seekers can go and get useful information in regards to grooming, style tips, and even take a quiz to test your job market know how. The Gillette Resource Center was created to provide users information in regards to Gillette products and the Gillette company. You can read their latest press releases, find videos on how to shave for that professional look, and read up on their latest products to help you look your best.

Update your look before you update your resume! Make your first impression last by reading up on tips and quizzing yourself on your knowledge. Be prepared to nail that interview with confidence. Best of luck, friends. Later!


Sunday, October 18, 2009

Motivational Sunday - Ignorance

Hey there. No, I'm talking about some lame Paramore song. I'm talking about things that are just better off left unsaid. I don't know what shocked Luke more, Vader being his pops, or the Leia being his sis. The world may never know. Later.

Friday, October 16, 2009 : Helping Dogs and Cats Find Loving Homes

Hey there friends. Two years ago, when we first moved into our home, our cat, Wednesday, went missing. We walked around the neighborhood, we asked our neighbors if they have seen our cat and we visited local animal shelters with hope that we will find her in one of the cages there. We didn't find her. After having a long talk with the family, we decided that we would adopt a cat.

It was not easy to find the right cat for us. We visited shelters and we looked through newspapers trying to find the right cat for our family. We chose to adopt a pet to help give a loving home. If we knew of then, we would have had an easier search.

Since the database on runs based on your zip code, you'll know that the pet that you decide to adopt will be one that is in your neighborhood. No need to waste gas on visiting shelter after shelter. All pets at are cared for by reputable shelters so you know that your new addition to the family is well taken care of before you decide to bring it home.

Our Wednesday may be lost, but our adopted cat Jack has been a part of the family for close to two years now. We're glad that we adopted Jack and if you're looking to adopt a pet for your family or for a friend, visit for a quick and easy search for lovable pets right in your neighborhood. Don't forget! Visit - Adopt a cat! and know that you're making a difference in keeping lovable dogs and cats out of our streets and into loving homes. Later.


We Are Getting a Kia Sedona

Hey there. Yup, they were all out of Mazeratis so I had to settle. lol We have a friend that we go to for all our car needs. The guy has our complete confidence when it comes to getting us a vehicle that we need and at a great price. My wife got her 2 previous cars from him, and they both ran perfectly. My mother in law got her car from him, and she's had no issues with the car, and my brother in law got his first car from him as well and again, absolutely no issues.

So you ask, "big deal. You're supposed to have no issues when you buy a car." Well, he's the deal, the cars he sells are all salvaged. Yup, that's right salvaged vehicles. Now, I usually would not recommend getting a car that is labeled salvaged since you really don't know what went down with the car, but our friend here has been in business for decades and not once has a customer come back and say he's given them a lemon. That's pretty damn good considering that he's the one that does all the body work and paint. You pretty much go to him, tell him what you are looking for and he'll try to get a vehicle that matches what you need. He won't get something that he doesn't believe he can fix and he won't get any make that he deems crap.

We told him we needed something roomy. We were shooting for a Mazda MPV or a Nissan Quest. He told us that the Quests were crap. Since they came out, he's seen many of them come in for repairs for all kinds of manufacturer screw ups. So we scratched that out and he said he'll try to get a MPV or something similar. He ended up getting us a 2006 Kia Sedona. As you can see from the picture, it does need a paint job and the damage was minimal. All it needed was a head light and the front bumper. Our car can be ready for pick up by the middle of next week. We can hardly wait. The car we have simply cannot accommodate a family of 6. We just dont have the room. With the Kia, we can't complain that we do not have any room. Until then, later.

Thursday, October 15, 2009

Auto Insurance Quotes Made Easier with PremiumAutoInsurance.Net

AssetHey there friends. As many of you know, our baby boy was born last week. We are thrilled that our family is growing. Too bad that our car does not grow with our family. We currently own a 4 door sedan. It's perfect for a family of 5. We are now a family of 6 and we need more space in our vehicle. Well, good news came about earlier today. We may very well be the proud owners of a 2006 Kia Sedona. Our car will be ready for pick up by mid next week. Now, I'm on a mission to find the lowest auto insurance that I can. Good thing that is around to make that search a whole lot easier.

Just by entering your zip code, a list of auto insurance providers in your area come up. Big names like All State, Geico, and E-surance too. I tried out a few to get an idea of how much I'll be paying in car insurance. I''ll check those out to see who fares best. Especially since they are Free Auto Insurance Quotes. You can never go wrong with free.

All State:
Interesting. E-Surance seems to give me the best quote. Especially since All State claims to be the best and Geico will save me "15% in 15 minutes". Thank you If you're in the market for auto insurance, or want to see if you can save a few bucks on your current policy, check out and receive your free quotes. It doesn't hurt to check it out since they are free quotes. If they're not saving you money, you do not have to purchase. That sounds like a win-win situation to me. I'll be discussing these with my wife to see which is best for our family. Later!


Wednesday, October 14, 2009

A Stomach Bug Must be Going Around

Hey there. There's a stomach bug roaming around the Metallman household. A week or so ago, out little one threw up in the middle of the night. She got the stuff all over her bed and we ended up washing her sheets and covers to clean up the mess. As soon as she got better, my wife started to feel ill. She too ended up throwing up in the middle of the night and got over it in no more than a day. Now, our older daughter threw up in the middle of the night. The difference this time around is that she has a fever. She told me that she threw up in the middle of the night, but she said so nonchalantly that I didn't think to check her temperature to assure that she was well enough for school. She was up and about like any other day. No signs of sickness at all. I sent her to school and before we know it, I get a call from her grandma that the school sent her home. high fever and all. I didn't send her to school this morning. She is here at home, with me, my wife and the baby.

Our concern at the moment is that this is bug seems to be contagious. I don't get sick very often so I don't think I'll get it and our boy isn't showing any signs of picking it up. Considering that the baby is a week or so old, we're trying to keep the germs away from him so that he doesn't pick up this bug. Especially since he doesn't have anywhere near the immune system that everyone else has. I talked to our daughter about sicknesses being contagious and why it's important to sneeze into her elbow and why she needs to use sanitizer and try not to get to close to the baby when she's sick. She understood and is currently sitting in her room playing some Nintendo DS game. Something about being a vet. I'm sure that if she feels better, she'll want to play Guitar Hero or Rock Band.

She just walked into the living room and sat next to me. I'm sure she's feeling a little lonely since her siblings are not here to keep her company. I'll catch you guys later. Later.

Monday, October 12, 2009

Rock-A-Bye Baby Music is Just What I Needed

Hey there. Have you heard of the Rock-A-Bye lullaby music? Oh man, it's great. I am a fan of classical music and when I first heard the Rock-A-Bye music, I just needed to have it. It's lullaby renditions of some of the top rock artists' music. They have albums for No Doubt, Green Day, Led Zepplin, Tool, The Ramones, Metallica and many, many more. We bought a few of the songs for the baby not too long ago and we finally put them to use last night. Paint It Black (The Rolling Stones), Hotel California (The Eagles), Schism (Tool), were just a few of the songs that we purchased. The little one loved them. He listened to them for a bit, taking in the melodies, before he started to drift off. We don't have the Metallica rendition yet. I wanted to have the actual album opposed to buying the songs online. I'm ordering it right now! Check out the selection of Rock-A-Bye Baby music here. There is something for every one. Whether it be classic tunes or more modern rock acts. Rock-A-Bye baby will have your taste. Later!

Sunday, October 11, 2009

Motivational Sunday - Simplicity

Hey there. We've all seen motivational posters before. Whether it be a cat hanging on a wire with the phrase. "Hang in there" or something with the phrase, "Seize the day" sprawled across some scenic background. Recently, the motivational poster has evolved to include anything and everything. Some are hilarious, and other are risque, yet, they all fascinate me. Each time I come across one, I need to see it. I'm curious as to what the message is behind the picture. I'm going to post one every Sunday. Just a little something to start the day. Here is the first one and definitely one of my favorites. Later.

Friday, October 9, 2009

Happy Birthday My Dearest Wife

Hey there. Today is my wife's birthday, two days after my father's and 3 days after our new born son's. I have much love, respect and appreciation for her. So here's to you, beautiful. Wishing you many, many more wonderful years.

To My Dearest Wife

To my dearest wife
The mother of my children
The voice of reason
The heart of gold

To my dearest wife
The definite better half
The compassionate soul
The loving companion

To my dearest wife
I love you dearly
I love you madly
I love you wholeheartedly

To my dearest wife
You mean the world to me
You are my everything
You bring me to my knees

To my dearest wife
I'm fortunate to have met you
I'm lucky to have you
I'm grateful to receive your love

To my dearest wife
Words cannot express my love
The above is a weak attempt
Know that my heart will always be yours.

Thanks. =o*

Thursday, October 8, 2009

Baby Metallman is Here

Hey there friends. First off, I want to thank all of you that wished us well and provided congratulations when our little one was born earlier this week. The congrats came from far and wide and my family and I want to express our appreciation to you all.

It all started at approx. 4 AM Tuesday morning. My wife got up feeling some pain and noticed that they were contractions. She decided that she wanted to time them for an hour or so to see how long apart the contractions are hitting. Once my wife realized that they were hitting at about 8 or 7 mins apart, we decided to go to hospital. My wife wanted to take a bath, since they help soothe the pain. When all was said and done, we left the house a little after 6 AM and off to my mother in law's we go. We didn't want the kids to miss school so we left them at my mother in law's while my brother in law and her came with us to the hospital.

We arrived at the hospital a little after 7:15 AM. My wife was already in great pain and holding tightly during each contraction, which seemed to be more frequent than earlier in the morning. She gets checked in and the nurses check her progress. She's 10 CMs dilated. Whoa! Before we know it, my wife is in the delivery room and her doc is not there. Doctor Bohn, Hill, and Park were all called to advise that my wife was ready to deliver. They each were about 45 mins away. Our son wasn't going to wait for the doctor. He was ready to come out and he was ready to come out NOW! A doctor then comes in and checks my wife. The baby is ready to come out. He breaks the sac containing the amniotic fluid and 2 contractions later, my son was born. Time? 8:16 AM. We were not at the hospital for more than an hour before our son was born. The nurses, and Doctor Bohn later, all said that it was an extremely fast delivery.

My mother soon arrived, as did a few of my aunts. They all commented on how speedy the delivery was. All the while, I was able to post a few pics on Twitter and do a really quick mobile post to announce the news. After I received what seemed to be a million texts and Emails, my phone died on me and guess what... We didn't pack a charger. Yup, for a good 24 hours or so, we had no text or Email access. I didn't realize how much I rely on it until it was taken away from me. I couldn't contact my mother or mother in law to give updates, I couldn't text my wife when I stepped outside to grab a cup of coffee and I couldn't let people know what room we were in or when visiting hours were over.

Dr. Bohn came in the following morning to check up on my wife. Once she made it perfectly clear that there should be no sex for 6 weeks, lol, she gave my wife the OK to go home. We then asked for a pic with our little one. Check it out.

Dr. Bohn rocking a cool T-Shirt while holding our little one.

We are now at home, adjusting to life to our little one. We prepared as best we can but there is no substitute for actual baby in the home. Our first night was pretty much a constant watch of the little one. We heard a noise in his bassinet and we both got up to check it out. After a few times of getting up, my wife and I alternated getting up to change or feed him. We were both up anyways and I'm sure that she's feeling just as tired as I am since we both didn't have in sleep last night.

We are about to venture into night 2. Our little one is currently sleeping on the bed, I'll be putting him into his bassinet soon. It's almost time for bed and since our son was up for part of the evening, we're hoping that we'll get a little more sleep this night around. And my wife and I wouldn't want it any other way. Later.

Metallman getting ready to cut the cord.

My wife (Brokendoll) and my lil one.

My phone is dead, but that's not stopping my babe texting away.

Me and my little one.

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Baby Update

We are out of the hospital now. No access to a comp just yet so as soon as i can, i'll give u guys the heads up on what went down. Later.

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Baby Metallman!

My boy is here! Born at 8:16 am. Weighed 7lbs 9 oz. 19 and 3/4 inches. No complications and all is good. Pics to follow soon. =oD

Monday, October 5, 2009

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...And Pre-Labor Begins

Hey there. I just received word from my wife that she's experiencing contractions. Today could be the day, and if it's not, our son will definitely be here by the end of the week. She started to feel them when we got up this morning but paid no mind to them since she knows she needs to experience contractions within 10 minute intervals. She's started to time them and sees that she's experiencing them closer to 30 minutes apart. Still no need to rush to the hospital, but we're definitely entering the labor stage of our pregnancy.

We were hoping for an Oct. 7th birthday. That's my dad's birthday and it would have been if my son would have been able to share his birthday with my father. Our older son honors my father by bearing his name so it would have been perfect if our little one would be able to honor him by sharing a birthday. Considering that contractions are 30 mins apart, it may still happen. Nevertheless, if he comes out completely healthy, we'll be just as thrilled.

Hopefully, it's not these Braxton Hicks contractions (or fake ones, as my wife likes to call them) that's fooling us into thinking that it may be today. From what my wife says, they could be fake ones that are just getting her ready for the real contractions. Either way, I think our little will be here soon! I'll keep you guys updated. Later!

Sunday, October 4, 2009

Top Blogs of the Month of September

Hey there. I'm a little late on announcing my top droppers for the month. Because of the new rules in regards to Entrecard credits, I cannot offer as much as I could the previous times. I'm cutting it down to 500 ECs and a month on my blogroll. Many thanks to my top droppers and I appreciate the fact that you stopped by to check out my blog. Many thanks!

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Saturday, October 3, 2009

Waiting for the Little One

Hey there.The waiting game continues.Our son is still not here and we feel like the whole world is getting impatient with us.Due date is Oct. 10. Almost there.

Friday, October 2, 2009

Giving Money to the Homeless

Hey there. This morning, I was in the mood for some french vanilla coffee stuffs from Winchell's Donuts. As I was about to walk in the place, a stranger, in torn and ragged clothing, asked me for some money so that he can go inside and get himself some coffee. I admitted that I didn't have any cash on me that I was planning on paying with my card. As I opened the door, I turned around and told him, "You know what, guy. I'll buy you a cup of coffee." So I did, handed it to him, wished him well, and I was on my way to work.

Now, I don't have a problem helping those that need help. If I, someday, we to find myself in the same situation, I would appreciate any help that someone would be able to give. My problem, though, is giving them cash. I'll admit, I've walked by more than a few homeless people asking for change and I've continued walking by even though I had some. My reasoning? I don't want them to blow their money on booze or drugs. I've seen it before. Growing up in South Central Los Angeles, I've seen my fair share of people asking for change and then them going to the nearest liquor store only to come out with a brown paper bag. I have a problem with that. I want to help you, friend, but how I do know you want to help yourself? How do I know that you're not just going to buy a bottle of Vodka and sit on the corner and repeat the process when the bottle is finished? This is why I would rather help in getting something than giving cash.

I remember this one time, while out with my friends, we decided to go get us some Popeye's Chicken. It late at night when we pulled up at the drive thru. Before we had a chance to order, a homeless man came up the driver side and asked for change to buy a piece of chicken. My friend, the driver, told him that if he wanted chicken, he'll buy him a meal. The guy refused the meal and wanted the money. Eventually, he walked away with nothing. First hand encounters like this makes me reluctant to hand out a few bucks to those asking for it.

I sent out a Twitter message about the encounter this morning and see that some people agree with my logic while others believed that a few cents should have been handed out. The common conception that I received is that I was being put through a test by god. Now, I don't know about that. I believe that people learn through trials and tribulation and I strongly believe that this man is going through some trials. I go back to my post on Metallica's Low Man's Lyric, I don't know if he's there by choice, or forced there by his circumstances. I simply don't know. What I do know, is that I don't mind coughing up a dollar for a cup of coffee, if that really is what the man wanted. If the man is in need, he will accept my offer, especially when he can honestly say he has nothing.

Sometimes a good cup of coffee starts your day off right. Hopefully, I helped start your day off well, my friend. Later.

Thursday, October 1, 2009

Slowly Recovering

Hey there. So we were at the hospital last night to visit my little cousin. The nurse gave us crap because we happened to get there when the nurses were changing shifts. She needed to speak with the nurse in charge of keeping an eye on my cousin before visitors were allowed to go and see her. I told her that my aunt was up there with her and you can call the room to see that it's ok. She refused to call. It got me upset that we had to wait, but we had to. Once the shift was changed, we were able to go up to see my little cousin. My wife stayed in the lobby with our kids while I went in to meet my aunt in the room.

My lil cuz still looks swollen. She was retaining water and had to get her kidneys drained. She has the breathing and feeding tubes going but after speaking to the doc, she is more than optimistic that the tubes can be removed as early as this morning. The breathing machine was giving very little if any support and her lungs had little to no secretion in them. My cousin is sedated to the point where she can't talk or move as much, but she shows some signs of reaction when you talk to her and hold her hand. She'll gently squeeze back or she'll try her best to nod her head. She's no longer strapped to her bed, which is good, but I do not know if that's the case because she is sedated. My aunt was telling me that when they first started to drug her, the nurses had extra doses of sedatives at the ready to bring her down.

I haven't received word of how she's doing this morning. Nevermind, there's an Email from my aunt that just came in. Hopefully, it's good news. I'll keep you guys updated. Later.