Friday, October 16, 2009 : Helping Dogs and Cats Find Loving Homes

Hey there friends. Two years ago, when we first moved into our home, our cat, Wednesday, went missing. We walked around the neighborhood, we asked our neighbors if they have seen our cat and we visited local animal shelters with hope that we will find her in one of the cages there. We didn't find her. After having a long talk with the family, we decided that we would adopt a cat.

It was not easy to find the right cat for us. We visited shelters and we looked through newspapers trying to find the right cat for our family. We chose to adopt a pet to help give a loving home. If we knew of then, we would have had an easier search.

Since the database on runs based on your zip code, you'll know that the pet that you decide to adopt will be one that is in your neighborhood. No need to waste gas on visiting shelter after shelter. All pets at are cared for by reputable shelters so you know that your new addition to the family is well taken care of before you decide to bring it home.

Our Wednesday may be lost, but our adopted cat Jack has been a part of the family for close to two years now. We're glad that we adopted Jack and if you're looking to adopt a pet for your family or for a friend, visit for a quick and easy search for lovable pets right in your neighborhood. Don't forget! Visit - Adopt a cat! and know that you're making a difference in keeping lovable dogs and cats out of our streets and into loving homes. Later.


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  1. sounds like a great site. I used something similar to that when I was looking for a new dog. Although I ended up finding one through the local paper. Somehow I don't think Duke would take kindly to another pet coming in to the house, he's a bit of a jealous puppy :)


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