Friday, November 29, 2013

Video Door Phone Intercom Systems

Proper security of home and office is the major concern for us nowadays. We are living in an era where none of us can say with surety that their houses or offices are absolutely safe without taking any security measures. It is only up to us what we do to keep our houses as well as offices safe. You may already know a number of steps. Here we are discussing about video door phone intercom systems from handgiftbox. It is among the most beneficial devices which can help us to keep our living and work area safe.

Thursday, November 28, 2013 Black Friday Deals and Lucky Draw Sweepstakes

Hey there.  Black Friday is upon us!  While many of us are off spending the night waiting for door busting deals, others are waiting for the right opportunity to score deals online!  You don't have to wait until Cyber Monday to snag those deals.  Especially if you are shopping at  This Black Friday, you can score awesome deals with prices slashed by up to 80% AND they have free shipping! The great thing about Tmart is that you can find practically anything from computer and laptop accessories, cell phones, tablets, to sexy lingerie.  Check out some of the great deals you can find at this Black Friday!

Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Jack's Munchie Meal is Perfect for a Late Night Meal

This is a Sponsored post written by me on behalf of Jack in the Box for SocialSpark. All opinions are 100% mine.
Jack's Munchie Meal at Jack in the Box

Hey there.  Have you ever had the late night munchies?  I know I have and they tend to happen when the wife and I are out at a party.  We eat, we talk, and we dance the night away.  After several hours of having a great time, those late night munchies come knocking!  There have been instances where we leave a party past midnight yearning for a quick late night meal and have come up empty.  We could stop and dine in at a 24 hour restaurant but that defeats the purpose of a "quick" meal.  I want something quick, I want something good, I want something that won't cost me more than a few bucks and fill me up right.  And you know what...  I think I found it!  Check out Jacks Munchie Meals!

Sunday, November 24, 2013

Getting American Netflix in Canada

Whether you are an American who has to stay in Canada for quite a while or a Canadian who loves American shows, getting American Netflix is probably one of the things you wish you could get on top of your Canadian subscription. In this article, I will show you how you can get the most out of your Netflix subscription without having to actually move to the US or shell out too much cash.

Friday, November 22, 2013

Can Am Commander Suspension and Lift Kits

Hell yeah!  Tackle the great outdoors with this awesome UTV!
The Can Am Commander has taken a back seat to the excitement stirred up by the Maverick and Maverick Max for most of 2013. Still, the Commander remains one of the most popular UTV models that is equally comfortable on a farm or ranch, or tearing up the dunes, local mud hole or just exploring the woods. Unfortunately, the stock ride height is not always adequate to meet all of these needs. Rock climbing and mudding in particular usually require 14-16 inches of total ground clearance and 28-30” tires. Fortunately, the aftermarket has aggressively pursued some solutions, and the chassis of the Commander is easily modified to meet these needs.

The Red Carpet Manicure 2013 Holiday Collection "A Touch of Bling" Sweepstakes

Red Carpet Manicure Holiday A Touch of Bling Set
Hey there.  I'm a sucker for awesome nails.  No, not my nails, silly.  I'm talking about my wife's nails.  I absolute love it when she gets them done.  I strongly believe that a woman's nails are the accents to her beauty.  Even though my wife has a pretty large collection of nail polish, she's always looking for that perfect shade that looks great.  Well, I think she may have finally have found it.  For you ladies out there, check out the Red Carpet 2013 Holiday Colletction, A Touch of Bling.

Friday, November 8, 2013

JayBird Bluetooth Headphones are Perfect for Active Lifestyles

Jaybird Logo
Hey there.  If you live an active lifestyle, you have to have quality headphones.  It's a must.  You see many commercials on TV for headphones and with so many being advertised, it can be fairly difficult to choose which ones are for you.  I've had the pleasure of trying out many headphones throughout the years and I have found that each one is suited for a particular lifestyle.  Whether it be active, casual, or flashy, there is something out there for you.  I'm an active guy, so I want to see what's out there for the sports enthusiast, for the active guy, like myself.  And guess what... I think I found a great pair.  Check out these awesome bluetooth headphones by JayBird.  Perfect for gym rats like my wife and I and great for those of us that use headphones during sporting practice.  Why?  Well, because they are WIRELESS!  I simply cannot stress enough how awesome it is to have a wireless set of headphones.  It makes a world of difference when it comes to providing you with unrestricted mobility.  The last thing you want is to have the ball hit a wire or have your arm caught in the headphone wire.  It's simply more practical to use a wireless set.  Now, let me tell you why the JayBird headphones may be for you.

JaGo Comics - Money Sucking DLC

Ugh...  Rings true for so many FPS games.

Tips for Selecting the Right Wedding Ring for Your Man

So many rings... so many styles...  how to choose?!?
If your future husband is like most men, wearing jewelry is not anywhere near a part of his normal daily routine. When it comes time for selecting a wedding ring for your man, it can be hard to determine his style or choose something that he will feel comfortable wearing every day. Shopping for men’s wedding rings can certainly be a daunting task; fortunately, here are some helpful tips that will make selecting the right wedding ring for your man considerably easier.

Saturday, November 2, 2013

Anker Bluetooth Sports Foldable Stereo Headphones Review

Anker Foldable Bluetooth Stereo Headphones
Oooooo... an awesome new headset to try!  AND IT'S WIRELESS!!!
Hey there.  You know, this year, the wife and I have turned into a couple of regular gym rats.  Actually, I've become more of a gym rat.  I've joined my wife and decided to better take care of myself.  I've done it on and off from time to time on and off for the past year and a half or so but now, I'm in it for the long haul.  So what's one of our essentials while at the gym?  Music.  We must have our music.  Whether it be playing on our iPod or our phones, we need to have our workout tunes while getting our fitness on.  The wife and I have tried many different headphones while at the gym.  We've tried earbuds and we've tried some full on over the ear headphones.  The one problem that we've come across using those kind of headphones is the cord.  Now the cord may not be that big of a deal, since you can easily tuck into your shirt or something but wouldn't it be nice to NOT have the cord dangling from your ear?  Well guess what?!  Anker has your back  Check out the Anker Bluetooth Sports Foldable Stereo Headphones!  Our good friends at Anker have provided me with a set of these headphones and they are exactly what I need when at the gym!  Before I get into my experience with the headphones, let's get some technical details out of the way.

Friday, November 1, 2013

Nintendo 2013 Holiday Shopping Guide

Hey there. It's that time again! November is here! You know what that means?! Holiday shopping officially begins! Now, I speak from experience, it's best to shop early and avoid the monstrous lines. You can save even more by avoiding the crowded malls and toy shops by shopping online. This shopping guide will consist of nothing but Nintendo items. They have put together a strong holiday line up that has gone under the radar and I'm here to shed a little more light on it! If you want to read more or purchase any of the items on this list, I've added an Amazon link for your convenience. Let's get started!