Friday, November 22, 2013

The Red Carpet Manicure 2013 Holiday Collection "A Touch of Bling" Sweepstakes

Red Carpet Manicure Holiday A Touch of Bling Set
Hey there.  I'm a sucker for awesome nails.  No, not my nails, silly.  I'm talking about my wife's nails.  I absolute love it when she gets them done.  I strongly believe that a woman's nails are the accents to her beauty.  Even though my wife has a pretty large collection of nail polish, she's always looking for that perfect shade that looks great.  Well, I think she may have finally have found it.  For you ladies out there, check out the Red Carpet 2013 Holiday Colletction, A Touch of Bling.

There are six sets in the holiday collection and each set consists of 2 different colored nail polish.  Personally, I'm absolutely loving the Red and Silver combo of the Reddy & Ring My Belle set.  If you haven't already noticed, I'm a big fan of red, silver, and black and the Reddy & Ring My Belle set has the colors that I love and my wife wears the best!  Ok, enough about me and the wife, I want to hear which set you love.  The holidays are here and everyone wants to look their best!  Which set would you like to own?  Well guess what?!  You can win a set of your own!  Right now, the Red Carpet Manicure Facebook page is running a giveaway to give away one pro kit, one tote bag, and three duo packs from the 'A Touch of Bling' holiday color collection. The sweepstakes will run from now until Dec. 2nd and there will be a total of five winners.

So which set is your favorite?  For the ladies out there, what color combo makes your significant other go wild.  Guys, any one of these sets would be a perfect stocking stuffer for the woman in your life.  Make sure to check out the A Touch of Bling Holiday Collection and go and enter the giveaway!  Later!

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