Friday, November 22, 2013

Can Am Commander Suspension and Lift Kits

Hell yeah!  Tackle the great outdoors with this awesome UTV!
The Can Am Commander has taken a back seat to the excitement stirred up by the Maverick and Maverick Max for most of 2013. Still, the Commander remains one of the most popular UTV models that is equally comfortable on a farm or ranch, or tearing up the dunes, local mud hole or just exploring the woods. Unfortunately, the stock ride height is not always adequate to meet all of these needs. Rock climbing and mudding in particular usually require 14-16 inches of total ground clearance and 28-30” tires. Fortunately, the aftermarket has aggressively pursued some solutions, and the chassis of the Commander is easily modified to meet these needs.

Bracket lifts are a generally cost-effective and easy bolt-on solution for owners looking to add just a few inches to their vehicle. Xtreme UTV offers a high quality 2" Lift Kit for 2010-2013 Can Am Commander 800 & 1000 models. room for tires with a max size of 30" and increases ground clearance by 2 inches. all necessary hardware for installation, and the bracket system is laser cut form heavy duty 3/16" steel plates.

Another low-cost solution to get an average height increase of 2-3 inches is Super ATV’s 2.5” lift kit. It will fit 2011+ Commanders, increasing front and rear ground clearance while maintaining proper angles, preventing costly axle damage. All components are precision cut and zinc plated for excellent corrosion resistance, and include full photo installation instructions.

An excellent alternative solution that offers a little more flexibility in ride height increase is Turnkey UTV’s CLK spacer lift system. This system comes in one inch stackable billet aluminum spacers, so you can adjust the height increase in 3 stages between 1 and 3 inches. Not only does this system increase ride height, it compensates for added accessory weight. The kit is also under $200 and spacers can be easily added, removed and locked in place at any time, giving you the ability to adjust your settings with just a hydraulic lift, jack stands and a few wrenches! For these and hundreds of other high quality parts for your Commander and the lowest online prices, visit

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