Thursday, April 29, 2010

The Oakland Raiders QB Carousel

Hey there.  I don't usually write about football during the offseason.  It's just not the time or the place (in my opinion at least) but considering that the draft was a week or so ago and my team, the Raiders, made a few moves, I just had to let in on my thoughts.

First off, the Raiders selecting LB Rolando McClain is the best draft move in years!  After several disappointing or at least not yet productive draft picks, Al Davis finally went against picking a strong QB or a super fast WR in the first round and went with what the team needs, a tough LB to stand along side Seymour. 

Another thing that the Raiders did this offseason that raised a lot of eyebrows is their hoarding QBs.  As of right now, the Raiders have 5 QBs on their roster.  Former #1 draft pick, JaMarcus Russell has just not been what the Raiders hoped.  Al Davis selected this young man based on his arm strength alone.  Figuring that you only need someone to launch the ball down the field, the WRs would only need to run and go get it.  The "Al Davis" method, as I call it, just doesn't work.  We have all sorts of speedy receivers, but their hands are suspect.  We have a QB with a cannon arm, but doesn't have the agility or the smarts to play in the NFL.  He simply does not put in the work.  And considering that this man is getting paid millions and is failing... it's really hurting our chances in obtaining good free agents.

Now, I don't know if this is meant to scare Russell straight, but big news came in last week that the Raiders acquired QB Jason Campbell from the Redskins.  Campbell is not steller, but he gets the job done.  I strongly believe that he just wasn't a good fit for the Redskins.  Maybe he'll shine brighter now that's in the Silver and Black.  But why make a move for a QB knowing that you have Russell?  Not to mention his back up QBs Gradkowski and Frye.  And let's not forget the other QB that the Raiders acquired this offseason, QB Kyle Boller.

Why are we stocking up on QBs?  Conventional wisdom says that the Raiders are not happy with Russell and he's being replaced by Campbell.  The remaining 3 QBs will be playing for the 2 backup spots.  But now, I'm reading that owner Al Davis is not just ready to give up on Russell.  What the hell?!?!?!?

I love my team.  I'll stick with them through the Super Bowl years and through their top 10 draft selection years, but man... what the hell are you guys thinking?  We need to either cut our losses with Russell and focus on getting our team in place or get help in the Offensive Line to continue to develop Russell.  If we cut Russell, I really don't see him playing in the NFL after only 3 short years.  He's displayed some talent, but his inability to focus, to prepare, and quite frankly care about his job is detrimental to the Raiders and will more than likely be a cancer for other NFL teams as well.  What we need to do is start Campbell and have him get acquainted with the receivers.  He's glad to be a Raider.  He's glad that we went out and asked for his services.  You don't think that he'll want to succeed considering that he was in a QB controversy in Washington with QB Tavaris Jackson and new Redskin Donovan McNabb and we, the Raiders, went out there and asked him to join our team?  Play the man that wants to play.  He'll be ready, he'll be focused, and I'm sure he'll be a hell of a lot more productive than Russell has been. 

I'm sorry Russell, but my faith in you is gone.  You've had more than enough opportunities to be the one to lift the Raiders from this slump and you just have not put the effort or the heart in your position.  You've showed up to camp out of shape and unprepared and it all started to go downhill since the day you held out of your first camp to get more money, which wasn't even day 1 for you.  At this point, don't be surprised if you start being compared to Ryan Leaf.  Yeah, Russell, that bad.  best of luck to you.  Later!

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

I Gots Me a Blackberry

Hey there.  It was about time, no?  I've been complaining about my Dash since forever.  Slow, unresponsive, and would take forever to boot up (even after many restarts, the damn thing would just not boot up!).  I was getting extremely frustrated with it and decided long ago that I needed a new phone.  I tested the market and messed around with a few of my friends phones and finally decided on getting a Blackberry.  That Blackberry finally arrived yesterday.
I'll admit that I should have jumped on getting a phone sooner but I just don't like buying things for myself.  So when my wife's G1 decided it didn't want to work anymore, I ended up getting a Motorola CLIQ for her and went ahead and got a Blackberry Curve for myself.  There's not much flash in the Curve, unlike the CLIQ.  The CLIQ is touch screen, sliding keyboard, all sorts of cool apps and what not.  The Curve is what it is, a smartphone that does the Email and web thing pretty damn good.

I've only had the chance to mess around with it for a few hours but I'm pretty happy with it so far.  I'm still getting used to some of the applications and the scroller/button/thingy in middle is something to get used to, but other than that... I'm glad with my purchase.  Now... let's just hope that it doesn't turn into a Dash sometime in the near future.  Until then... Later!

4.28.10 - Update

I just realized that this thing has it's own exclusive Blackberry Messenger.  If any of you would like to add me, for whatever reason, here is my PIN for the messenger: 21F7521A  Chat with you guys soon.  Later.

Monday, April 26, 2010

Headaches with Medical Billing

Hey there.  You know what... I really hate dealing with medical bills.  If it's not one thing, it's another.  We've been in a constant battle with medical bills ever since our son was born.  We've already spent countless hours on the phone with our insurance companies to assure ourselves that we know what is covered and what was not.

First, it turns out our son was not covered... How the hell can that be when we are insured and our son should be automatically added for a month or so, to our insurance.  After a lengthy battle there, turns out he was covered and we got it taken care of.  Then we had to deal with the ear doctors since our son needs to get his hearing screened (turns our he has fluid in his ear so they couldn't do it in the hospital).  After that nightmare, we finally got "authorization", we got the appointment done and we took care of business.  Now we get a call from those same people saying we never showed up for the testing.  What the....  My wife was there... I yelled at some people there because the docs "lost the chart".  My wife took a pic of the girls near some giant ear because it would be a cool pic.  Yet... these people say were missed our appointment?!?!?!  Now we gotta call them back and set them straight... Not to mention to call back the hospital where our son was born because it turns out we owe them money for stuffs we thought was taken care of by our insurance!!!  UGH!!!!

I was pretty upset this morning when they called saying what they had to say.  I'm allowing myself some "calm down" time because I don't want to yell at these people while I'm at work.  I plan on calling after lunch and taking care of this because we were clearly under the impression that all was taken care of and we were good to go.  Now, almost 7 months after our son is born we get this call out of the blue saying we owes money.  Hell with that...  We didn't receive any bills and it's extremely upsetting that these kind of calls just spring out of no where.

Oh... and we just got a call from the school...   Turns out our daughter got whacked by a kickball.  What a way to start the week....  Later!

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Friday, April 23, 2010

Upcoming Scene From Lost

Pregnant with My Kid

An 85 year old man is having his annual checkup and his doctor asks him how he's feeling.

"I'm doing great, Doc!  I've got me an 18 year old bride who's pregnant with my kid!  What do you say about that!"

The doc thinks about this for a sec and then says, "Let me tell you a story.  I know of a guy who is one hell of a hunter.  Never missed a season his entire life.  But then one day, while old and gray, he's in a bit of a hurry and instead of his gun, he accidentally grabs his umbrella.  So he's out in the woods and suddenly he spots a beaver.  He grabs his umbrella... points... shoots... BAM!  The beaver falls over dead."

"Impossible!"  Exclaims the old man.  "There's no way he shot that beaver."

The doc says, "My point exactly."

Happy Fridge

Hey there.  Finally!  A fridge that is just as happy to see me as I am happy to see it.

Thursday, April 22, 2010

7 - Eleven Introduces "Game Day" Beer

Hey there.  Would you buy a 12 pack of beer for $6.99 to $8.99?  Sounds like steal to me.  Especially when many of us are still pinching pennies and making sure we don't spend a fortune on unnecessary stuffs.  But when a game is on and you're buddies are over, how can you not have beer?  And where do you usually go for a beer run?  If you're like me, I hit the closet thing and it's usually a 7-Eleven.  You find those suckers everywhere and it's better than hitting a market since you'll avoid those long lines.  7-Eleven knows this and has now tapped into the beer market with their own brand of beer, Game Day Beer.
This is smart.  7_Eleven knows it's customers and it's a fairly well known beer run spot.  So once you're there and you see a 12 pack of beer for about $8, how can you not go, "Screw it, let's give this a go."  I know for a fact that I'll be giving it a try once the 7-Eleven by my house starts carrying it.  Why not?  Everything is worth a shot.  Whether or not this is success is left to be seen and if you're like me, you're going to want to make sure that it tastes good too.  Considering that it's being made by one of Wisconsin's oldest breweries gives some reputation and credence to the new kid on the block, but whether or not it can tap into Bud's and Miller's customers will tell if this beer will be even remotely successful.

One a side note, I love the name of it.  Game Day Beer.  Great marketing there.  Most people are not lone drinkers and drink beer only during certain social events, like a football, basketball, or baseball game.  This beer clearly is aimed at those customers and quite frankly, is pure genius.  

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

A Problem with Snoring

Hey there.  Recently, my wife and I have been getting less sleep.  No, not entirely because of the baby (he has yet to sleep through the night but we feel he's getting there!) but because it turns out that I have developed a habit of snoring.  Yup...  turns out that I now snore.  I don't think that I snored before.  If I did, I would have heard from the wife, but now...  she lets me know.  And it's usually in the middle of the night...  A good kick in the shin...  a tossing of the pillow... an elbow to my side... and just recently found out that she covered my face with a pillow!  It was in jest and was only a sec (or so she claims...  lmao)

Anyways...  I'm trying to get rid of it.  My wife has noticed that if I sleep with pillows the snoring stops or at least diminishes.  My problem with that is that I'm extremely uncomfortable sleeping with pillows.  Yeah, I'm a weird one.  I just can't find my groove and sleep when I'm on pillows...  let alone be semi propped up to stop this snoring monster that I have become.  My mother in law suggested that this may have been because I've put on some weight. I don't know if there is truth to that but I have gained weight.  I finally topped the 180 lbs mark this week (I'm 5'8) and I feel a little heavier but I don't feel lethargic or anything of that sort.

So what do you think?  Any old wives tales that will fix me or some well known stuffs to do/take that will help stop the snoring?  I really don't want to get a kick to the shin again.  The wife is getting stronger (all them gym work outs are starting to pay off for her) and I don't know if my shin can take it.  lol  Until then...  Later!

Monday, April 19, 2010

BCBG Handbag Winner

Hey there.  I was hoping to get a better turnout in these type of contest, but alas... it was not meant to be.  Too bad for, but great luck to those that entered since there were few entries, meaning more of a chance for them to win!  And the winner is...  ENIGMAGEEK!

You've won a bag.  I'll be contacting you for shipping instructions and what not shortly!  Thanks to those that entered.  I'm not so sure I'll have any more since I didn't get the best of turns outs, but who knows... Maybe I'll give em away anyways!  Until then, later!

Sunday, April 18, 2010

Motivational Sunday - Gamers

Hey there.  If you play a lot of video games, you'll get reality and fantasy mixed up from time to time.  You'll believe that you're still in the game even though you turned the power off a long time ago.  That's why I really enjoyed the below poster.  It's happened to me where I'm walking on a ledge to "avoid falling into a fire pit" or am clinging to a fence a la Super Mario World.  It just makes the real world that more fun.  lol  So once I find out where I can purchase this sticker, I'm so going to get it.  Later!

Saturday, April 17, 2010

Checking Out Stainless Steel Sinks

Hey there.  My wife is none too happy with our kitchen.  When we first bought the house, we figured that the kitchen would be the least of our problems but now it's a different story.  We're none too happy with the cabinets and we're not too happy with the blue sink.  Yup...  A blue sink...  Check it out. 
It doesn't seem to go with the stainless steel faucet that I recently got.  That's why we are looking at stainless steel sinks to purchase. I have mainly been doing the searching and I'm thinking that I may go with this placed called MR Direct. They have low prices and are BBB accredited so at least I know that they're not going to rip me off. My wife has been wanting a stainless steel sink ever since we decided that the blue is no longer going to work for us. Hopefully, I'll be able to find something at MR Direct that will make us happy. Until then. Later

Thursday, April 15, 2010

Ode to Chocolate

Hey there.  I think I'll start making a "Ode to ..." series.  Why not, right?  I did one for coffee awhile back and thought it was fun.  Just a spur of the moment type thing and decided to write something down.  Well, earlier, I was chatting with a friend and then she stated that she wanted chocolate.  At that moment, my wife comes in and gives me chocolate!  =oP  Oh sweet, sweet chocolate.  So, because I'm obviously a "jerk", lol, I decided to rub it in her face that I have chocolate and she doesn't.  And then decided to write about my love for chocolate.  So here's to you, my creamy friend.

Oh dear chocolate
Soft, creamy
Dark, or hard
You never cease to amaze
You never fail to satisfy
You lift dull spirits
And brighten the mood
Such delicacy
Should not be prohibited
Oh dear chocolate
I cannot contain
My love for you
I'll enjoy you privately
I'll enjoy you publicly
I'll have you wherever
Your thought entices me
Oh dear chocolate
You never judge
I'll share you with family
I'll share you with friends
You'll make all smile
All the same
So here's to you
My delicious friend
Which I'll enjoy
Until my end

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

A Family Sickness and A Family Lost

Hey there.  The Metallman household has come down with something.  There's a lot of coughing, a lot of sneezing, and tissue all over the place.  With those of you with kids, you should know that once one of them gets sick, others follow.  Our youngest daughter started to feel the effects of sickness on Friday and before we knew what hit us, the baby started to sniffle and cough...  It's bad enough when a baby gets sick but it sucks when there simply isn't much in meds that you can give them.  I went looking for some Little Colds medicine for him and didn't find any.  When I asked the pharmacist where it is, he told me that the majority of the medicine for kids under 2 years old have been pulled from the market.  Mainly because parents don't know how to follow directions causing them to overdose their kids.  I was disappointed but we had the infant saline drops and a humidifier at home so we decided to go with that.

Our young one has had trouble sleeping due to his stuffy nose.  He's a little better today, but we're hoping that will be gone sometime within the next few days.  The horrible thing about all this is that now my wife and I starting to feel some of the symptoms...  Sore throat... itchy eyes, slight runny nose...  Oh man... If one of us gets sick...  it's going to be hell at home.

I also wanted to mention dreams in this post.  I'm sure we all can agree that children have some vivid imaginations.  They soak things up like a sponge and they say the funniest things when you least expect them.  Well, I don't really know which bucket to put this episode...

The other night, our daughter dropped in on us in bed exclaiming that she had a nightmare.  Fair enough, she's had a few that involved her pillow missing or her eating a giant marshmallow.  No biggie, right?  Well, the next morning she decides to tell me what her nightmare was about.  It turns our that she had a dream where she had no family.  I assured her that she will always have a family and that we'll always love her.  Her voice cracked, just a little, and then told me about how scary it was.
Now, the young one is 4 years old.  I'm not sure if it's normal to have these kind of dreams.  Shouldnt she be dreaming of butterflies and rainbows?  I was taken aback by this.  But then later in day, she got more specific and said that in her dream, her family was dead.  Death is a strong subject and for a little one to start thinking of death seems a little off to me.  Maybe she picked it up on TV?  Should I blame Disney for all the movies they churn out where parents are either dead or missing?  Or should I chalk it up to an over active imagination that got the best of her on this night?  I really don't know what I should think about it.  I'm leaning towards it being a one time incident... but she's a smart cookie and she seems pretty mature for her age.

Then again... maybe kids just grow up too damn fast now a days...  I'll let you know once I figure it out.  Until then.  Later!

Friday, April 9, 2010

My First Cubicle

No! Not the Birds and the Bees Talk!

One day, Jack's dad decided it was time to have the birds and the bees talk with his young son.

"Son, do you know about the birds and the bees?", he asked Jack on sunny morning while driving him to school.

"I don't want to know!", Jack proclaimed!

His dad, confused at the answer that he received asked him why he didn't want to know.

"Dad, when I was about 6, you gave me the 'there's no such thing as the Tooth Fairy speech'. I cried. Then a year later, you give me the 'there's no Easter Bunny speech'. I cried. Then a year after that, you tell me that 'there's no such thing as Santa'. I cried my eyes dry. Now, if you're going to tell me that grown ups don't really screw, then I really don't have anything to live for!"

I'm Heading Over to Bean Town

Hey there. I got word from my boss that I am heading over to Boston for a credit conference. Just last month, he sent me to Phoenix to attend the meeting there. The hotel in Phoenix was in an awesome location with a beautiful view. I've never been to Boston so I'm curious as to how the scenery is there. The trip is not happening until May so there's plenty of time to check out the city and see if there is anything to do while there. During my trip to Phoenix, I was literally stuck on a cliff. The hotel was built on the side of a mountain and I couldn't walk anywhere and was regulated to roaming the property. For dinner, I literally had to climb the mountain to reach the restaurant where the group scheduled dinner. Considering that it was part of the resort I didn't think it would going to be a long climb. lol

As for Boston, I believe the hotel (Nine Zero Something, I think) will be located in Downtown Boston so I'll have the opportunity to roam around the city and check it out. I've asked for suggestions and the only thing I've gotten back is to check out the pubs. Other than that, what else is there to do in Boston, MA? Until I figure it out... Later.

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Date Night: Starring Tina Fey and Steve Carell

This is a Sponsored Post written by me on behalf of 20th Century Fox. All opinions are 100% mine.

Hey there friends. I love comedy. I love The Office and I love 30 Rock. Both are great shows lead by some pretty funny people. Steve Carell and Tina Fey are on top of the game right now and what better way to unite the two but in a movie where they play husband and wife!

The Date Night Movie is about a husband and wife who go out on their weekly date. They seem to have fallen into a routine and this is their last resort to keep their spark in their marriage. But this night, is not like any other night. After a few mishaps and misunderstandings, their night of a routine dinner date turns into one of adventure, which includes a night of breaking and entering, a shootout, and a run in with an underworld boss. With Tina and Steve running the show, you know that there will be plenty of laughs throughout the film.  Check out the trailer below for a taste of the hilariousness that is to be.

This Date Night Movie seems like a great date night movie to take your girlfriend or significant for a night full of laughs. It's theatrical release is this Friday (April 9th, 2010).  Make sure to check it out this weekend because with the king and queen of comedy in Steve and Tina, you definitely can't go wrong! Later!

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(Quirky) Brotherly Love

Halloween??? Nah, just fooling around.
Hey there.  My brother and I have a pretty strong relationship.  Well, at least I like to think so.  Since we were young, we always hung out together and even more so when our father passed away over 18 years ago.  Our mother raised us on her own, but she worked so much (and partied!) that sometimes it was just us taking care of ourselves.  I'm sure that has a lot to do with how we interact with each other.  It's always a riot, we always laugh, and we have this quirkiness to what we find comical.  The Office, Dumb and Dumber, and other "quirky" shows and movies are hilarious to us.  We constantly quote them and actually use many of the phrases from these shows and movies without even thinking it about it.  Case and point:  My wife and I were driving to work or my mother in laws (can't remember where to) and she asks me, "What's a Sasquatch?", to which I replied, "Only the strongest animal on the planet!", taken directly from what Dwight says to Andy on The Office during their duel.

Now...  my wife is used to my "comedic" phrases and gestures.  This one took the cake.  She looked at me, said her "Oh my god" and turned away and chuckled to herself.  Me, on the other hand, am laughing my ass off.  lol  She then looks at me and says, "And you didn't even think about it.  You're turning into Dwight."  lol

Now... if it was my brother... we'd be going at it to see who would reign supreme.  Just look at the below...  This was an actual text conversation that we had yesterday.  The whole thing started with me asking my brother what he was having for dinner.  Don' ask...  lol  Here's the conversation, word for word...

Bro: I'm thinking "where the f*** you taking me????

Me: Not tonight, maybe some other night.  The kids made honor roll (again) this month.  lol

Bro: LOL mom never took us anywhere for honor roll

Me: Yeah, tell me about it.  We took ourselves to chuck e cheese, oh my bad...  Pistol Petes. lol

Bro: lol yea, ourselves

Me: lol

Bro: Moms had no idea I just stop bringing home the honor rolls left them in the locker lol

Me: Nah, mine "mysteriously" got lost with the homework. lol

Bro: lol  I never did homework but I managed

Me: Yeah, I stopped doing the stuff in jr. high. lol

Bro: Man I hung my certificates in class!!! lol

Me: My certificate was the template.  They had to change MY name to let other kids have some. lmao!

Bro: lmao... I would get them so often that they just started making photocopies so that they save money on the "good" paper

Me: Man, they stopped giving me certificates and just handed a lifetime achievement plaque.  Figured it would save time and money.

Bro: lmao!!! u been to HP???? I have my own statue!  I graduated and they're thinking about naming the gym after me!

Me: Don't even get me started on sh*t named in my honor!

Bro: lmao!  What the school toilet???

Me: More like a whole subject!  Ever heard of Viculus?  Look it up, you probably haven't cause you couldn't handle regular calculus.

Bro: lmao!  Stuuuuuuuppppppiddd!!!!  Ever had AP Mandizziiiee Literature???  Takes English literature to whole other level... or even AP Physical M****???  Ever heard of P90X???  Ten times worst!!!  Can't handle that kind of work out.

Now...  At this point, I know he's stumped.  Answers are not short and he took forever to respond.  He just couldn't top what I said and he knew it.  It continues...

Me: Nah, foo.  I got you on that one. lol  sh*t was weak.  lol

Bro: lol yea one for you finally lol

Me: lmao! this guy. Sore loser.

Bro:I gave u credit lol... we'll meet again

Me: That we will.

Bro: We will slap swords lmao

Yup...  that's a typical conversation between my brother and I.  Only us would have a conversation in regards to honor roll and escalate to whatever you want to call what the above is.  lol  The funny thing about it is that we'll find ANYTHING and turn it into the above.  lol  I'm curious to know if our's is unique or if some of you out there have similar relationships with your siblings.  Until we "meet again".  Later!

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Alvin and the Chipmunks: The Squeakquel

This is a Sponsored Post written by me on behalf of Alvin and the Chipmunks. All opinions are 100% mine.

Hey there friends. As a child, it was impossible to NOT watch Alvin and the Chipmunks on TV. My brother and I would sit in front of the TV whenever it came on and we owned many of the videos that featured the Chipmunks. My brother even owned their Christmas CD! That's hardcore, right there. Now, I'm older and the Chipmunks no longer run on TV, yet, with the recent success of their latest feature films, they have been reintroduced to another generation.

When the first of the recent films came out, we checked it out that opening weekend.  The kids saw dancing and singing chipmunks, my wife and I saw a piece of our childhood.  Now, with the second film now in stores, we immediately jumped on it.  Even though Ms. Miller made an extremely brief on screen introduction, the Chipettes, the female counterparts of the Chipmunks, took the stage.  Our son may be at the age where he may be growing out of the Chipmunks but our daughters (4 and 8) are very much enjoying the singing and dancing.  This is where the Double DVD Pack that includes "The Squeak Along" Bonus Disc comes in handy.

They're already into music so to have more of their favorite songs readily available for sing a longs the better.  You can check out the double disc edition and  buy it now at specialty retailers such as Walmart and Amazon.  This is definitely a family friendly movie that you will want to add to your collection.  Especially since it brings back a piece of our childhood.  They may not be the 2D chipmunks that we may know and love, but the 3D ones sure are a welcomed site.  For More Munk Mayhem and other great family friendly flicks, check out

As you can see, our next generation is ready to crack open the DVD case and get to the movie.  lol  He was too little when we took the kids to the theaters to get their munk on.  My guess is that he wants to know what all the fuss is about.  I think I'll go and watch the film with the kids now.  I'll catch you guys later.  Later!

Visit my sponsor: Alvin and the Chipmunks:

Using Cappex for College Reviews

Hey there. My wife and I have been meaning to go back to school. But it's tough to find the time when you have a family to take care of. I'm not saying it's impossible, though. With some strategic time management, both my wife and I could be back in school before we know it. A good tool to help out has been It's free to join and helps match your student profile to a college that best suits your needs. Now, it's an up and coming site so instead of 1000s of colleges, you're more to see 100s but the database is growing everyday and considering that it's free, why not take a look to check it out. Check out the review of the cappex site by Later

Sunday, April 4, 2010

Motivational Sunday - Jesus

Hey there.  Happy Easter, friends.  I'll be honest and say that I'm not 100% sure what the meaning of Easter is.  Something to do Jesus and his ascension to heaven... I think.  But modern times tells us differently.  They say Easter is about candy, food and egg hunts.  Well, to all those that believe that the Easter Bunny is the "man" during Easter, here's to you!  Later!

Friday, April 2, 2010

The Passionate Art of Lovemaking

An Italian, a Frenchman, and an Englishmen are hanging around discussing their previous night's love making with their wives. 

The Italian boasts, "I rubbed fine olive oil all over my wife.  Then I showed her the time of her life.  She screamed for a full five minutes!"

The Frenchmen responds with, "I rubbed sweet butter all over my wife's body.  Then I rocked her world.  She screamed for half an hour!"

"That's nothing.", responds the Englishman, "I covered my wife's body with lard.  Then, we made love and she screamed for six hours!"

Impressed, his friends ask, "How did you make her scream for 6 hours?!?!?" 

"Easy," says the Englishman, "I wiped my hands on the drapes."

BCBG Hand Bag Giveaway

Hey there. I wanted to post this yesterday but seeing that half the world was expecting pranks and what not, I figured to just wait until today. As I mentioned in this post, my wife has a few bags that may have been used once or twice that she wanted to donate to charity. I seize the opportunity and decided that maybe I would be able to give some of the bags away to readers of my site. So without further delay, here's is the first bag up for grabs!
Not bad, right?  The bag is in great condition.  It's not a brand new bag but it was only used about twice so there is nothing wrong with it.  Check out the pictures for your scrutiny.  The only thing that I found off with the bag is the plastic thing that wraps around the handle.  One of them looks a little weird, but other than that, there is nothing wrong with this bag.  So here's the deal, you will need to earn entries into this drawing.  How do you get em, like this:

Comment this post (1 entry)
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Sounds fair, no?  All entries must be submitted by April 18th and I will announce the winner on April 19th.  Winner will be chosen by so the more entries you have, the better the chance the gods will chose you as the winner.  I won't be able to ship the bag internationally so I regret to inform you that only my US friends are eligible to enter.

This is the first bag out of a few.  If I get a good turn out on this giveaway, I'll make sure to reward you guys by having another.  So make it happen, friends!  And good luck!  Later!

Thursday, April 1, 2010

Help Your Career Blast Off with Allison Maslan

This is a Sponsored Post written by me on behalf of Allison Maslan, author of "Blast Off!". All opinions are 100% mine.

Hey there friends. I awhile back, I wrote about my passion for my work. How I no longer displayed that "fire" and passion that I did when I first started. Don't get me wrong, I enjoy my work, but I guess I'm just not putting forth that extra effort that I once did. Now, is it that my fire is diminished, or that I simply need a push to the right direction. I feel as if I need to be my own boss. When I found out that my web site is a considered my personal small business, I was excited. I felt a fire burning again. What I need is something, or someone to help me get my business priorities straight.

Allison Maslan is a well known life, career, and success coach. That's right, someone that knows the ropes and help guide and motivate average people like myself to greater things. I mean, she managed to guide Sam Zien, The Cooking Guy on Discovery Health, to launch his career. So, why not me?

Her latest book, Blast Off!, is now readily available on Amazon, Barnes & Noble and the Borders websites. Retail price is $24, but you know I'm a bargain hunter. I'm sure I'll be able to score and find it for less on Amazon.

The book was released on Jan. 19th and almost instantly hit the US best sellers list. I'm sure millions of people can't be wrong for seeking her guidance. It would be great to have some direction. Nobody wants to feel lost when it comes to their career or their life. I would love that guidance right now. I have a small business that I am not 100% sure how to manage. What I should keep track of and what steps I would need to take to make it grow. That book again is Blast Off! Get your copy today and find the inspiration to take the next step to a better career and a better life.  Later!

Visit my sponsor: Blast Off!

Top Commentators for the Month of March

Hey there. March is now over and it's time to announce some winners! For those that missed the memo, I am offering a monthly cash prize (in the form of Paypal) to those who comment the most on my site for the month. I also decided that the winners will also receive a free blogroll link for a month. It's an ongoing contest and figured that it's a good way increase RELEVANT comments and keep my visitors engaged. So on to the winners:

Enigmageek - $5.00 & 1 month blogroll
FishHawk - $2.50 & 1 month blogroll
Alison - $2.50 & 1 month blogroll

Congrats! You win money! Feel free to check out our winner's blog links under the blogroll. Thanks for the support and continue to let your voices be heard. You may be the next one to break the top three and earn some cash! Later!