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Thursday, July 21, 2011

Ode to Brownies

Hey there.   I haven't done one of these in a long time and I need to bring them back!  After chatting it up with a friend about how awesome brownies are and how I have some and she doesn't, I decided to share my love of brownies to the world.  So here's the latest entry in my "Ode to..."  series.  Enjoy.

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Ode to Rain

Ode to Rain

O water from the heavens
How I love the grace in which you fall
You quench Earth's thirst
You bring us life
Droplets dancing in the sky
Partnered with neighboring winds
A ballet, nothing short of divine.
O water from the heavens
How I love the music that you create
You bless us with your symphony
A gentle splat for woodwinds
A heavy pound for brass
Your good friend thunder joins in on bass
Adding lightning's flashes, the concert is complete
O water from the heavens
How I love the serenity you create
You wash away the stress
You cleanse out the soul
Carefree and without worry
While you gently kiss our skin
A total state of bliss to contemplate our lives

Thursday, April 15, 2010

Ode to Chocolate

Hey there.  I think I'll start making a "Ode to ..." series.  Why not, right?  I did one for coffee awhile back and thought it was fun.  Just a spur of the moment type thing and decided to write something down.  Well, earlier, I was chatting with a friend and then she stated that she wanted chocolate.  At that moment, my wife comes in and gives me chocolate!  =oP  Oh sweet, sweet chocolate.  So, because I'm obviously a "jerk", lol, I decided to rub it in her face that I have chocolate and she doesn't.  And then decided to write about my love for chocolate.  So here's to you, my creamy friend.

Oh dear chocolate
Soft, creamy
Dark, or hard
You never cease to amaze
You never fail to satisfy
You lift dull spirits
And brighten the mood
Such delicacy
Should not be prohibited
Oh dear chocolate
I cannot contain
My love for you
I'll enjoy you privately
I'll enjoy you publicly
I'll have you wherever
Your thought entices me
Oh dear chocolate
You never judge
I'll share you with family
I'll share you with friends
You'll make all smile
All the same
So here's to you
My delicious friend
Which I'll enjoy
Until my end

Thursday, November 6, 2008

An Ode to Coffee

Hey there. Like millions of other people across the globe, I tend to start my day with a cup of joe. Been drinking the stuff since I was little. I know caffeine is not good for you at a young age, but eh, grandma used to give me coffee (usually black) while eating pan dulce (sweet bread). Now that's I'm in the work force, coffee is basically the forgotten food group. lol So here's to you, coffee. Enjoy!

Oh warm, sweet nectar of gods
Day in, day out
You quench my thirst
While dispelling the Sandman's dust
You heighten my senses
And liven my body
To start a day with you
Is to be destined for greatness
You are never dull
You never taste the same
With many colors to suit everyone
You never argue
And always go down smooth
Oh warm, sweet coffee
In a world full of turmoil
I can always count on your aroma
To quiet demons and bring angels
Bringing peace to millions
One cup at a time.

Thursday, May 22, 2008

Ode to Star

A lone diamond twinkles brightly
Like an unsung hero that passes on
No dark clouds to shroud you over
Like a black veil that covers face
You blink
You turn
You light
You burn
O heavenly body, how I envy you
To live in the heavens and watch over
To live a million lifetimes
Our feeble minds advance and regress
While you shine as radiant as ever
As I watch you rise, and soon, your fall
I detest to follow suit
For I know I won't rise with you, my friend
To see your luminescence once again