Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Monday, August 30, 2010

Motivational Monday - Exersice

Hey there.  I've decided...  It's time to get back into shape!  I've been on a mission to gain weight all my life.  I was a stick thin 118 through out high school and tried everything I could to gain weight.  It simply didn't happen.  Since I'm married, I've gained over 60 lbs and am now sitting closer to 190 lbs.  Which is great and not so great at the same time.  I don't look so thin, that's a plus, but my pants fit a little too snug, that's a minus.  lol  I'm scared that one day I'll bend over to pick something up and RRRRIIIIIIIIIPPPPPPPP!!!  There goes my pants.  So... it's time to dust off that gym membership and get to it.  I think my new goal will be to look good at 170 to 175...  somewhere around there.  That's just a half assed goal with no real merit to it.  I'm just throwing out a number but once I have a better idea of what I really need to do, I'll give a more realistic goal.  Until then.. I really hope the gym by the house installed some of these sweat escalators!  lol  Later!

Friday, August 27, 2010

This is What Happens when an Ewok Eats a Mushroom

Boys Will be Boys

I guess boys can play with Barbie's too.

Your Sense of Humor

A wife is staring at herself in the mirror when she turns and asks her husband, "What do you love most about me? My pretty face or sexy body?"

The husband looks up from his book and glances his wife from head to toe and responds, "I love your sense of humor."

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Win a Free Weekend Stay at any Hampton Hotel

This is a Sponsored Post written by me on behalf of Hampton Hotels. All opinions are 100% mine. 

Hey there friends.  I recently had the pleasure of taking a week off from work.  Unfortunately, I didn't have the resources to take off on a leisure vacation with the family and see something outside the norm.  I'm pretty sure that with this slowly recovering economy, any accommodations that we can get for free will be a blessing.  Our good friends at the Hampton Hotels know this and are giving away free weekend stays!   

The Hampton Chain of Friends Sweepstakes is definitely one to take part in.  It's not simply a hotel room for you and your friends or family.  No, the Hampton Hotel is offering 100 rooms for 2 nights for the grand prize winner.  Let that sink in!!!  100 rooms!  That's practically the whole hotel for you and your guests.  You can finally spend some time with those friends of yours that you haven't seen in years or invite your distant family members for free weekend stay to catch up and relax.  With 100 rooms at your disposal, I'm not even sure that you will fill them all!  They are also offering 100 First Prizes with is a free hotel stay for the winner and three of his or her friends.  That's still a great time waiting to happen.  To enter, you fill out a simple form with your contact information.  That's it!  Make sure you enter for you chance to win.  The contest ends on 9/4/10 so there's only a week or so left to enter.

It's important to get away from the stresses of work and if you can get that weekend stay for free, why not enter for that free hotel room?  It's great to bond with friends and family.  It builds for a better relationship and it stronger bonds that last a lifetime.  I already told myself that the next chance I get, we'll be taking a vacation as family.  I already have my eye on the Hampton Inn south of the Disneyland Hotel in Orlando Florida.  Yeah, we have a Disneyland in California, but this is Disneyworld that we're talking about here.  I'm sure that friends and family would have a grand time hanging out at Disneyland and hanging out in Florida.  Hopefully, I'll get that call or Email stating that I'm a winner.  Hmmm...  if I do get to be a winner...  should I give out a stay to one of my readers???  I'll have to think about that one for a minute.  lol  Until then, later!

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Tuesday, August 24, 2010

RIP Satoshi Kon

Hey there.  Satoshi Kon has moved on.  The great director of Perfect Blue and Paprika fame has passed away at the tender age of 47.  I've been a movie fan all my life but I've recently turned to foreign and anime films to get my fix.  While I've watched some awesome horror films (recently watched Audition, Tale of Two Sisters), I've always had a soft spot for the foreign anime films (Akira, Grave of the Fireflies, Spirited Away).  Now, Miyazaki has always been a favorite of mine, but Satoshi is right up there with him.  Perfect Blue and Paprika are right up my alley as psychological thrillers of the animated kind and Satoshi directed animated classics. 

I did a review of Perfect Blue a year or so ago.  You can check that out here, but be warned since I pretty much kill the whole movie.  If you don't plan on watching it (which you should!) then read it afterwards.  If not, check it out.  I don't think I did one of Paprika, but if you've seen the recently released film Inception, then you'll enjoy Paprika.  From what I'm told of Inception, it has to do with the idea of entering your dreams, something that the Paprika (the novel) did well over a decade ago.  Either way, Paprika and Perfect Blue are must see movies for anime and thriller fans.

Rest in peace, my friend.  Later!

Look for What You Need with the Rapidshare Search Engine

Hey there. I've recently stumbled across the world of Rapidshare Search and I'm a little surprised by the stuff that you can find on there.You have movies, games, apps, and other applications all at your fingertips.  I would be a little weary of downloading though.  From what I know, many malicious viruses and malware reside over downloads on the web so unless you know how to virus scan downloaded content before opening it, I would steer clear.  But if you have the ability to scan the file after downloading it, take a look and see what kind of stuff you can stumble upon.  Later!

Reboost with Boost Mobile

This is a Sponsored Post written by me on behalf of Boost Mobile. All opinions are 100% mine.

Hey there friends.  With all the bills that we have to encounter, it's good to know that a cell phone does not have to cost an arm and a leg.  With all the high tech phones out there, texts, calls, and web can easily total a bill of over $100 for a single user. Boost Mobile offers a wide variety of phones and plans at affordable rates.  And the best part is that they are no contracts to sign!  You won't be bogged down with the same phone or plan for years.

I'm a blackberry fan and I'll admit that having one can be expensive, but not with Boost Mobile.  They currently have an unlimited Blackberry plan where you can get talk, text, and web for $60.  That's a pretty good deal!  You can update your Facebook page from your phone or send out Tweets via the apps available for Blackberry phones. 
Another cool feature is the Re-Boost program.  You can add money to your account to pay your bill anytime online, in person, or by phone.  It's really that simple.  And if you join the Auto Re-Boost program, you'll receive a $20 credit to your account for adding a debit or credit card.  Worry free service at it's best.

Don't let expensive contracts push you away from having quality service and an awesome phone.  Check out the Boost Mobile site and find the phone and plan that best fits your preferences and better yet, best fits your budget.  Later!

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Monday, August 23, 2010

Motivational Monday - Office

I'm just waiting for these files to burst into flames...

Back to Work

Hey there.  So I'm back at work after a week off.  It was good to stay home and not get up at the 7 o'clock hour and even though it was my vacation, I did end up doing some house work which has me feeling a little beat up.  Not too much though, since I wanted to take it easy, but I did end up doing some painting, some plastering, installed some light fixtures and did some yard work.  All in all, a good time to relax and spend with the family and they seemed to enjoy spending the time with me as well. 

I'll try to post a little later on about some of the stuffs we did and what I've been doing this past week.  Some of those highlights include Despicable Me, Monopoly Deal, and Leopard Sharks.  lol  Until then, later!

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

I've Been Hacked

Hey there.  This morning, I woke to an Email from my friend Alison telling me that I've been hacked.  Apparently, I sent out some spam Email containing a link to some Canadian pharmacy selling pink viagra.  That was not me, friends.  My account was compromised!  I've already took action and did what I had to do to make sure it doesn't happen again.  So if you received an Email from me with a link in it, I'm sorry, but it wasn't me!  Thanks.

Monday, August 16, 2010

Motivational Monday - Responsibility

Hey there.  Today is my first day of work vacation.  It's nice to be able to sleep in and not worry about the stress and responsibility from work. So I am taking it easy and just relaxing.  That's why I thought the below was soooo fitting.  That is exactly what I am NOT doing!  lol  Later!

Thursday, August 12, 2010

I'm Taking Some Time Off From Work

Hey there.  I need a vacation.  I've been working my ass off at work and I'm beginning to feel a little burned out by it all.  So next week, I'm taking the week off.  I'm not going anywhere, I'm just gonna stay home and hang out with my family.  Sleep in when I can and re-energize my batteries.  I go through long stretches of work without vacation.  It's been almost a year since I took some time off and that was because my son was born.  I need to start planning some vacation time to where I actually go somewhere with the family.  That's not going to happen this time around, but maybe next time it will.  Until then, later!

Tuesday, August 10, 2010


Yeah... That just happened

I Should Check Out Top-Rated-Dehumidifiers.com

Hey there. Last night, I was in bed, thinking...  It's summertime and it's bug season.  I hate the fact that ants, spiders, and in some cases mice, will enter your home and it always seems to happen during the summer time.  I don't know the exact reason for the critters entering our home but I'm sure it's to beat the heat and find somewhere that's a little humid as opposed to the dry heat outside.  Because of this, I've been thinking of getting a dehumidifier.

We have a humidifier for the baby.  It sends out moisture into the air to help the baby breathe when he has a stuffy nose, but once it's done, the moisture stays in the air and keeps the house humid.  I'm thinking this may be why insects come in.  A friend referred me to Top-Rated-Dehumidifiers.com to check out some of the top rated dehumidifiers. Now, I'll be honest, I was confusing a dehumidifier for a humidifier.  I thought it was the same thing, but after reading up on the dehumidifiers reviews, I have a better understanding how they work and what people use them for.  And if you're looking to conserve energy, you can sort out energy star rated dehumidifiers and chose the one that's right for you.

I just found out that having a dehumidifier can also reduce the chance of getting mold in your house.  MOLD!  I think I may just end up getting one... I don't want mold in my house...  Especially since I've read that it can cost a fortune to get rid of.  Check it out, friends.  Later!

Monday, August 9, 2010

Online Dating Just got Better with Shop4guys.com and Meetlocals.com

This is a Sponsored Post written by me on behalf of MeetLocals.com. All opinions are 100% mine.

Hey there friends.  In a busy lifestyle, it's not uncommon for single men and women to look for company online.  With the invention of online profiles on numerous websites, singles can easily browse profiles and read up on the likes and dislikes of potential friends.  Even recently separated Heidi and Spencer (of The Hills fame) have gone to their twitter pages to announce their online search to mingle with other singles.  Heidi mentioned that she's looking on Shop4Guys.com while Spencer is searching through Meetlocals.com for their next potential boyfriend or girlfriend.

Online dating has hit it big in recent years.  By pushing a few buttons, you can easily be matched with someone that shares many likes and dislikes and that eliminates the need of going on blind dates and having a disastrous time.  By sifting throw profiles, you'll be able to assure that you will have something in common to talk about and more of a chance of sparks flying.

All you single ladies!  And all you single gents!  Check out Shop4Guys.com and Meetlocals.com and hook up with a potential life partner! Later!

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Motivational Monday - Monday

Yeah... I wish I could kick my file cabinet too sometimes...

Friday, August 6, 2010

What's Sex?

As a young mother was washing the dishes, her 7 year old boy walked in and asked, "What's sex?"

The mother, seeing it as a great opportunity to discuss the birds and the bees with him, gave him a 20 minute course in sex. Once she was done, she asked her son if he had anymore questions.

"Actually, yeah mom." he replied. Looking down at his basketball registration form, "How do I fit all of that in this little box?"

Thursday, August 5, 2010

A Day in Branson, Missouri

This is a Sponsored Post written by me on behalf of Hiltons of Branson. All opinions are 100% mine.

Hey there friends. I recently wrote that I need a vacation.  Too much pressure in the work place and it doesn't help that I live in Los Angeles, CA.  A very dense and over populated city.  Don't get me wrong, I love my home town and my job, but sometimes you just want to step away and take a breather from the city and work life.  How fitting that I stumble across an awesome vacation package to visit the heartland of America, Branson, Missouri.

Going through some of the vacation packages at both the Hilton Branson Convention Center Hotel and the Hilton Promenade at Branson Landing, I'm loving the Bed & Breakfast deal.  And it's summed up perfectly, "Leave the stress of the work week behind and relax and revive with a Hilton Bed & Breakfast weekend."  Yup, that's definitely something that I am in desperate need of.  Though I am sure that the wife would want me to seriously consider the "Shopping Package", but I'm looking for some off time and leisure activities.  Maybe I'd take advantage and have a nice round of golf or two.  We'd definitely go and and "Ride the Ducks".  From what I hear, it's a must if you're in Branson and check out some of the fine dining by stopping by at Cantina Laredo or check out the wonderful atmosphere at Buckingham's Restaurant & Oasis.

Ans then to take it all back and relax at the Hilton Promenade would be the icing on the cake.  A little fishing or a nice dip in the pool would be the perfect way to end the day.  Yup.  I definitely need a vacation and staying at the Hilton Branson Convention Center Hotel is definitely up for consideration.  Check it out friends and take a minute to consider joining me in the heartland of America.  Later!

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Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Feeling Burnt Out by Work

Hey there. I've had a pretty rough stretch of work these past couple of weeks and I feel like it's time for some time off. The problem? I'm not sure when I can take it... I was hoping to get a day off this week... That's not going to happen. I was hoping to take a week off, you know a "vacation", but I don't know when that's going to happen either. I've been swamped with work and reports and research that it's simply burning me out. The plan, as of a few minutes ago, looks something like this:

Wednesday: Conference calls with accounts.
Thursday: Go to San Francisco to meet with an account on Thursday. (Nothing is reserved)
Friday: Reporting needs to be entered and research needs to be presented in sales meeting. Conference calls with Customer Service to discuss issues.

And on top of that, my son is having his hearing checked again so I can't be there for him... AGAIN!!! I feel as if I just need to step away for a bit. Let myself recover from the chaos that is my job.  I need a vacation... bad...  but with all the work that needs to be done... who knows when that will happen.  Later!

Tuesday, August 3, 2010

“Arby’s Juniorize” Me

This is a Sponsored Post written by me on behalf of Arby's. All opinions are 100% mine.

Hey there friends.  Those of you who know me know I love food.  I've never been one to pass up a great burger or sandwich.  Especially if it's on the low side in terms of dollars.  That is one the reason's why I've always been a fan of Arby's.  Not only are they're burgers and sandwiches great, but they're at a low price too.  And to promote the awesomeness that is Arby's, here's Junior (retro-cool Arby’s Jr. character) with a few words. 

Notice anything about "Junior"?  That's my face!  HA!  You can Create Your Own Personalized Arby's Jr. and add a personal message to spread the word about Arby's!  I've always loved the interactive side of things and I uploaded a pretty goofy photo of myself and the result is what you see above!  HA!  Check it out and friends and create your own "Junior" and send to friends with a personalized message of your choosing!  Arby's makes it extremely easy to share with just a few clicks.  So let's see (and hear it) friends.  What does your Junior say!?  Until then, later!!!

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