Thursday, July 21, 2011

Ode to Brownies

Hey there.   I haven't done one of these in a long time and I need to bring them back!  After chatting it up with a friend about how awesome brownies are and how I have some and she doesn't, I decided to share my love of brownies to the world.  So here's the latest entry in my "Ode to..."  series.  Enjoy.

Ah, delectable chocolate squares
How I adore thee
With powdered sugar sprinkled above
Crunchy walnuts embedded on top
Creamy caramel injected inside
Hot fudge oozing from the side
Cold ice cream melting at your base
Variety  abound
Endless choices to indulge
Ah, luscious chocolate morsels
How I love thee
Dependable as the sun
The perfect size to ease hunger
Smiles all around at the sound of your name
You draw a crowd, like a moth drawn to flame
No square goes unnoticed
By all that surrounds
Mouthwatering delight
Heavenly pleasure fills my soul
Ah, scrumptious treasures
I cannot dream not having you here
To bite into you
To feel you on my lips
To bring me back of days long gone
To reminisce of joyful youth
To evoke in reveries long past
For this, I express my gratitude
To the bite sized snack
That resides in my heart.


  1. Now I REALLY want a brownie. Darn you! *shaking angry fist at you* :p

  2. you just made me fall in love with brownies and I was never a big fan.

  3. Oh man... How can you NOT love brownies! There's like a brownie perfectly suited for everyone. Lol
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