Monday, July 18, 2011

Southern California! Help Women in Need with The Cinderella Fund by MeatHead Movers

Hey there.  I appreciate the aspect of getting things done on your own.  I came from a single parent home and it was tough to come by some extra cash for school and what not so when the student athlete brothers needed some cash for school, they did what their bodies could do best, move stuff around.  They decided to start a small moving company and named it MeatHead Movers, a comical name taken from the moniker for big athletes that love to hit the gym.  They didn't think that it would be as big as it is today.

The company started back in 1997 when the Steed brothers decided that they needed to do something to make a few bucks for school.  They managed to get some moving jobs in Southern California and with the help of their student athlete friends, the foundation for MeatHead Movers was born.  Jobs kept coming and the company grew.  They are now a full fledged business that handles thousands of moves a year!  And the best part is that they no longer need to money for school so they make sure to give back to the community that helped them get through school.  They have numerous programs that help various charities but I'm drawn to The Cinderella Fund the most.

Even though every mover is professional trained, MeatHead Movers understand that sometimes a woman's touch is what is needed to pack those delicate articles in your home.  The Princess Movers are a group of women working with the MeatHead Movers to assure that all those items are packed with gentle hands and the best part of it all is that for every box that a Princess Mover packs, $1 will be donated to The Cinderella Fund.  If you're not familiar with the Cinderella Fund, it's a charity that provides grants to children that come from shattered homes.  Especially for those that come from a domestic violence background or have a terminally ill mother, The Cinderella Fund will help that child have a chance to succeed.  I can definitely get behind a charity like this.

So Southern California, if you're the need of some professionally trained movers that WILL give back to the community, look no further than the MeatHead Movers.  You can very easily find a branch the Los Angeles County branch as well as others throughout the southland and make sure to visit their Facebook page to get all the up to date info on the MeatHead Movers!  A local business that understands it's roots and will cater to the community that has given them an education and a future.  Make sure to tell them that Metallman sent ya!  Later!

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