Thursday, July 14, 2011

Star Trek Movie Blu Ray Winner (#2)

Hey there.  So I tried to reach the winner of the Star Trek Blu Ray movie but I was not successful.  I tried facebook (private acct), I tried replaying through Disqus (no response), and I called out the winner twice on my fan page (the winner is a fan) but it was all for naught!  No response!!!  Just a reminder guys.  Please leave a means to get a hold of you!  I like the Disqus comment system since it allows you to leave a comment by signing in through one of many social media accounts.  If you sign in by Twitter, I can reach you via Twitter.  If you sign in by Email, then I can reach you by Email.  In this instance, the winner signed in via Facebook but everything was private which limited the ways I was able to reach out.  Because the 5 days are now up, it means, we're picking a new winner!  So here goes.  And the winning number is...

Which is...
ANGELA J!!!  You are the winner of the Star Trek movie on Blu Ray!  I'll be reaching out to you shortly for your shipping info and get your movie out to you right away!  And again, please make sure that I am able to reach you if you are a chosen winner.  Don't forfeit your prize because I can't reach you!!!  Thanks again to all that entered and I'll be announcing my game giveaway tomorrow!!!  Later!

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