Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Food 4 Less and Customer Service 4 None

Hey there.  I have a bone to pick with you, Food 4 Less!  I have been a steady customer of yours for quite some time now.  You're no more than a few blocks away from our home and it seems that we make a trip there every other day for whatever is needed for dinner.  Sometimes... we'll go just to pick up a few munchies.  That's the kind of relationship we had with you.  That's right... WE HAD!!!

Sometime last week, the wife was at the Food 4 Less that we frequented.  As she was browsing around and stuffing the cart with things we needed, she noticed some suspicious looking couple lingering around.  She tried not to let it bother her and she continued to shop.  Before you know it, my wife's wallet was missing.  In a panic, she calls me right away and let's me know that it's gone.  And that suspicious couple?  Yup, gone too.  She asks me to cancel her cards right away since she strongly believes that someone stole it since it's not on the floor anywhere around her.  I told her to leave the cart where it is and head to the check out lanes.  There's usually a security officer there or a store manager that you should be able to speak to to see what can be done.  She finds the manager and tells her the situation.  The manager asks my wife what color the wallet is.  My wife tells her that it's a black and pink Hello Kitty wallet...  Yup, she carries around a Hello Kitty wallet cause that's how she rolls.  lol

That's right officer!  That's the one!!!
Anyways, the manager rolls her eyes at my wife and walks away.  At this point, the wife is pretty upset.  She can't believe that the store manager would simply walk away.  However, the store manager comes back with my wife's wallet and then says, "You left it at the counter."  What?!  How can it be at the counter if my wife was at the BACK of the store and never reached the counter.  My wife explained this to the manager and the manager insisted that my wife left it at the counter.  At this point, the manager refused to listen to my wife and simply walked away.... AGAIN!

Wow...  My wife called to let me know what happened and I couldn't believe that Food 4 Less, the store that we go to several times a week, would treat such a loyal customer so coldly.  Lucky for us, the money and all her cards were still in the wallet and it didn't seem like anything was moved around.  We feel that since my wife called me right away to cancel her cards, the ones responsible may have heard her and ditched the wallet since they figured that it is now useless...  Either way, someone "left" it at a check out stand.  It upset me.  It upset my wife.  And this is why, Food 4 Less, you have lost a dear customer for life.  I don't take being treated like crap too kindly.  Just ask prior consumer services that have wronged the Metallman family.  I no longer deal with Sprint because of their horrible customer service and I avoid Bank of America like the plague!  And trust me, when I hold a grudge against you, I HOLD A GRUDGE AGAINST YOU and I will forever voice my displeasure with you.  Food 4 Less, you are now in some dubious company and it sucks that you, of all places, would treat us so poorly.  I am now... disappointed.  Later.


  1. maybe she did leave it there... hahahahhaha

  2. Hey there AIDY,

    It's still upsetting that they refused to take it seriously. I tell myself, if I was a store manager and I knew that a potential theif is lurking around, I would be on the lookout. The fact they didn't bother to give it a second thought just baffles me!
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  3. I know what you mean! Customer service is paramount in business! Bastards to show no concern for a potentially stolen item! That's bs! Glad she got her wallet back! I would have been pissed too! Hello Kitty is freaking choice! Take care!

  4. I hear you! I'm really disappointed they did not even "pretend" to be concern. Scary what kind of world we live in.