Thursday, July 7, 2011

AM2 Convention: My Day with the Guys

Hey there.  So I was fortunate enough to spend last Saturday at the AM2 Convention in Anaheim and got a chance to hang out with the guys running!  How freakin' awesome is that?  I got to stand behind the booth and set up their photo booth and helped out with their much inquired scavenger hunt.  Mike, Chris, and Evan are an awesome group of guys and I definitely wouldn't mind working with them again.

So how did I come about being a volunteer?  Mike and Chris needed a little help with getting their booth set up for the AM2 Convention.  They reached out to their fans via Twitter and Facebook and I managed to snag a spot to help out.  I've always wanted to attend a convention but just couldn't carve out the time to check it out.  So not only did I attend my first AM2 Con, but I got to be a small part of it!  Thanks again Mike and Chris for the opportunity to volunteer!  It was a blast and if you need any more help, you guys have my number!

Anyways, I don't want to bore you with the technicalities of the day.  Let's get to the good stuff!  The cosplay!  One of the great things about hanging out at a convention is the cosplay that many fans take part in.  I didn't go dressed up, but maybe one day I will.  lol  While volunteering, I did manage to snap a few pics of some of those in cosplay.  Some are pretty awesome.  Let me know which is your fav!  And thanks to all you who allowed me to take their picture!  I found it a little baffling that some of you came out in a great cosplay outfit and refused to have your picture taken.  Shame on you for not allowing the rest of the world to enjoy!  lol
I ran into a White Mage in the lobby!  Cast regen on me!!!
Just a typical battle taking place between 2 dark mages
Whoa!  If that's the key to her heart, that must be one big lock!
Daisy & Luigi!  I guess Mario & Peach were too cool to make an appearance, huh.
LUCY!  I was stoked to see that someone came as this well known Elfen Lied character.
Hey... Someone had to keep everyone in check.
Harry Potter casts his magic over the convention.
Good to see Inuyasha & Kogome are still at it.
I'm not even sure what's he's supposed to be... but damn does it look awesome.
A couple of school take a time out from the action for a game of Uno.
My wife's personal favorite: Sailor Moon!
No evil ex's here.  Scott & Ramona (& My little ponies) rockin' out!
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  1. I love the Kingdom Hearts costumes! It's my favorite game of all time....

  2. Looks like a lot of fun! I wish I could go to comicon in California! Love the costumes!

  3. Hey there Jenn,

    Which one that I took is fav?
    Sent via BlackBerry from T-Mobile

  4. Hey there AIDY,

    Yeah, ComiCon is going to be in San Diego this month! That's a bigger convention with a lot more people in cosplay, especially since there are a wide range of characters in the comic book world. I always love seeing people go all out to look like their favorite characters! Sent via BlackBerry from T-Mobile

  5. I love seeing people doing cosplay.. the efforts they did just to make themselves looks somehow similar to a fictional character is so awesome. How i wish someone could invite me to join or went in those events. ;)

  6. Hey there Chris. Yeah, cosplay is pretty cool. There are a lot of great cosplayers out there that know how to do it really well. This group of pictures are ones that I ran across when I was at the AM2 convention in Anaheim.

  7. Try look for Alodia Gosiengfiao.. She's the most popular cosplayer here in the Philippines that i know.. She's very awesome.. ;)

  8. I hope that key in the pic was not too heavy for her to carry around all day. I like looking at anime costumes and seeing which people look the most like the character they are portraying. I think the HP person looked the most like the character he was playing in the pics you posted. I also like looking at the Kakashi characters and mostly the Naruto ones in general.


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