Thursday, July 7, 2011

Some Thoughts on Satellite Internet

Hey there.  We live in a digital world and I began to wonder exactly how far we've come in keeping people connected via the internet.  You can find the internet almost everywhere.  Offices, libraries, and even some fast food places have wifi hot spots for customers to use.  Now, I hear that even rural areas getting connected via satellite internet.  That's right.  Internet via satellite.

First, we were able to go log onto the internet using a little, loud monster called the dial up modem.  Whenever someone logged onto the internet at home using a dial up modem, everyone else would know.  It was that loud.  Then the much quieter and always on cable internet option came and branched off into the DSL and Fiber Optic internet connections that are available today.  Now, there's satellite internet.  A connection that is literally out of this world.  I must admit that I am not familiar with this type of internet connection but I wonder if this means that anyone, ANYWHERE, can get an internet signal.  You know what means?  If you live in the mountains where internet connections are rarely stable, you can get internet beamed to your home via satellite! Sounds pretty awesome to me.

Have you guys heard of this kind of internet connection?  Is it relatively new or am I late to the game?  Let me hear your thoughts.  Later!

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