Tuesday, April 20, 2010

A Problem with Snoring

Hey there.  Recently, my wife and I have been getting less sleep.  No, not entirely because of the baby (he has yet to sleep through the night but we feel he's getting there!) but because it turns out that I have developed a habit of snoring.  Yup...  turns out that I now snore.  I don't think that I snored before.  If I did, I would have heard from the wife, but now...  she lets me know.  And it's usually in the middle of the night...  A good kick in the shin...  a tossing of the pillow... an elbow to my side... and just recently found out that she covered my face with a pillow!  It was in jest and was only a sec (or so she claims...  lmao)

Anyways...  I'm trying to get rid of it.  My wife has noticed that if I sleep with pillows the snoring stops or at least diminishes.  My problem with that is that I'm extremely uncomfortable sleeping with pillows.  Yeah, I'm a weird one.  I just can't find my groove and sleep when I'm on pillows...  let alone be semi propped up to stop this snoring monster that I have become.  My mother in law suggested that this may have been because I've put on some weight. I don't know if there is truth to that but I have gained weight.  I finally topped the 180 lbs mark this week (I'm 5'8) and I feel a little heavier but I don't feel lethargic or anything of that sort.

So what do you think?  Any old wives tales that will fix me or some well known stuffs to do/take that will help stop the snoring?  I really don't want to get a kick to the shin again.  The wife is getting stronger (all them gym work outs are starting to pay off for her) and I don't know if my shin can take it.  lol  Until then...  Later!


  1. I would suggest those breath right strips, they helped a few snorers out. Not sure if it will solve your snoring problems but it's better than a kick to the shin lqtm

  2. Ohhh, seems there is a big ship over there :P Elevate your head, so meaning u have to put pillow, sleep at your side ( tell your wife: if she can hear you again snoring let her push you to sleep in ur side), Maybe you need to lose weight, and before sleeping drink, minimize drinking alcohol. hope this will help you.

  3. Haha I kick and hit my husband too. Than when he doesn't stop snoring I shove cotton balls in my head.

    You could try the breathe right strips? Find a better pillow? haha. Ummm... I dunno. Go have surgery lol, thats what I keep on telling my husband to do.

  4. Although it's more fun for the wife to kick you, you may want to try the following:

    * Sleep on your side
    * Elevate the head of your bed
    * Limit alcohol and medications
    * Clear your nasal passages
    * Lose weight

    Weird tip:

    Tip: The tennis ball trick

    Do you sleep on your back? Try the “tennis ball trick”: sleep with a tennis ball (or any ball of approximately the same size) attached to the back of your pajama top. (You can sew a pocket or safety-pin a sock to the back of the pajama top, then put a tennis ball in it.) The tennis ball is uncomfortable if you lie on your back, and you will respond by turning on your side. Soon you will develop side-sleeping as a habit and not need the tennis ball.

    They also have those strips, I think they are called "breathe right" - just a little piece of tape you put on your nose that opens up your airways.

    Good Luck! (you might want to start wearing a cup to bed until you get this resolved)

  5. Hey there,

    Thanks for the suggestions! I guess I'll be doing the elevating of the head (hee hee) and losing weight. Breathe strips won't work since I can't breathe out of one nostril anyways so maybe... MAYBE... surgery might be needed to get that fixed.


    That tennis ball thing is interesting. Do you know of anyone that has actually tried that?

  6. Snore Dude! Snore! Lions roar!! I snore. Hard. Loud! Burglars skip my house because they know I am there! Let your inner wolf howl out!!

    Tell your wife, snoring is your bodies alive-o-meter. If she wakes up from your snoring, be thankful, for ye are alive!!!!

    Passing gas, well, there's a real problem.

  7. A sleep study nurse came to our work and discussed sleep disorders (including sleep apnea) and she actually talked about the tennis ball thing. She said it takes some getting used to - but it'll stop you from rolling over on your back and when you get used to it (hopefully) it won't wake you up when you roll over.

    My hubby started snoring about 6 months ago after he hit the very top of his nose/forehead with the scope of his hunting rifle shooting at a deer (he missed by the way) - lovely. He snores on his left side and on his back, but not his right - lucky for me he has issues with his right shoulder and doesn't like sleeping on that side.

    Anyway - just chiming in to let you know that the tennis ball trick is for real and it will stop you from rolling over onto your back!


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