Thursday, April 1, 2010

Top Commentators for the Month of March

Hey there. March is now over and it's time to announce some winners! For those that missed the memo, I am offering a monthly cash prize (in the form of Paypal) to those who comment the most on my site for the month. I also decided that the winners will also receive a free blogroll link for a month. It's an ongoing contest and figured that it's a good way increase RELEVANT comments and keep my visitors engaged. So on to the winners:

Enigmageek - $5.00 & 1 month blogroll
FishHawk - $2.50 & 1 month blogroll
Alison - $2.50 & 1 month blogroll

Congrats! You win money! Feel free to check out our winner's blog links under the blogroll. Thanks for the support and continue to let your voices be heard. You may be the next one to break the top three and earn some cash! Later!


  1. OOh how awesome! I did not know that you were offering wonderful things for commenting. I can chit chat all day, and now I'm getting paid for it. I love it! Haha

    I love your blog too!


  2. WOO HOO! My mom and dad told me that I would never amount to much unless I stopped running my mouth so much, but just look at were that has got me. WOO HOO (again)!!

  3. ohh noh i didnot win :( i was in my vacation..
    anyway congrats to all winners


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