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Thursday, June 3, 2010

Top Commentators for the Month of May

Hey there. Thanks for all you guys that stop by to read and comment on the nonsense that I post on a somewhat daily basis. I missed more than a few days in May but that didn't stop the comments from coming. For those of you not familiar, I run a monthly contest here were the top 3 commentators receive a cash prize (via PayPal) for leaving relevant comments. $5 USD for the #1 spot and $2.50 USD for the remaining 2. So, let's get to it!

$5.00 - Silvergirl
$2.50 - Enigmageek
$2.50 - Alison

Congrats, guys!  You win money!  You also get a month free on my blogroll so you'll get additional exposure for you site/blog.  Keep the comments coming friends and you too can be $5.00 or $2.50 dollars richer!  lol  Later!

Monday, May 3, 2010

Top Commentators for the Month of April

Hey there.  We have a monthly contest here at Metallman's Reverie where the top 3 commentators for the month receive a cash prize and a link in the blogroll for the month.  Now that the comments have been tallied, here are the winners!

Enigmageek - $5.00
Silvergirl - $2.50
Alison - $2.50

Congrats to the winners!  You your link is now available in the blogroll.  Feel to check em out friends.  Also, keep the comments coming, you may end up with some cash a link too!  Later!

Thursday, April 1, 2010

Top Commentators for the Month of March

Hey there. March is now over and it's time to announce some winners! For those that missed the memo, I am offering a monthly cash prize (in the form of Paypal) to those who comment the most on my site for the month. I also decided that the winners will also receive a free blogroll link for a month. It's an ongoing contest and figured that it's a good way increase RELEVANT comments and keep my visitors engaged. So on to the winners:

Enigmageek - $5.00 & 1 month blogroll
FishHawk - $2.50 & 1 month blogroll
Alison - $2.50 & 1 month blogroll

Congrats! You win money! Feel free to check out our winner's blog links under the blogroll. Thanks for the support and continue to let your voices be heard. You may be the next one to break the top three and earn some cash! Later!

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Top Commentators of the Month of February

 Hey there friends.  You notice something different this time around?  No more top blogs... No more top droppers.  It's all about the comments now.  I simply cannot find the time to drop on Entrecard anymore so I simply do not have the credits that it would take to supply a monthly contest.  So I'm just going to drop the top blog thing altogether.  I'll still have the widget up and I'll probably drop my card IF I see the widget on a site that I'm on, but I won't take a very active part in it anymore.  It's just too time consuming.  With that being said, I'm adding a blogroll link to the top commentator winners.

So here we go.  Top commentator was once again Ann (Ann's Snap Edit and Scrap), earning a blogroll link and $5 (paypal).  Runner ups include Silvergirl (Live for Life) and Jennifer (Redhead Ranting), earning a blogroll link and $2.50 (paypal). 

Winners, please contact me at to claim your prize.  You'll have until March 10th to claim your prize or you'll forfeit the prize.  Many thanks to all of you who commented and keep in mind that this is a monthly contest.  Keep at it, and maybe you'll end up with some cash.  Later!

Sunday, January 3, 2010

Blogs of the Month and Top Commentators of December

Hey there.   I know I'm a little late on announcing winners this month.  Things have been needing some fixing at home and I've been busy with that. Nevertheless, we have winners that need to be recognized!  3 blogs have dropped off this month allowing 3 new blogs to enter the blogroll.

Art Shout T Shirts
All Stace, All the Time
Laane on the World
The Way I See It

Thank you friends to continually check out my site and drop your card.  500 ECs have already been sent to you and you site is now on the blogroll.

Now, for our first set of Top Commentator winners.  It's been a great run and hope to continue this trend.  I planned on disclosing the number of comments that determined the winners but have decided that it would be a little more suspenseful if they were not disclosed.  So, without any more delay, here are our winners.

$5.00 Prize - Ann
$2.50 Prize - Silvergirl
$2.50 Prize - ZXT

Winners have 5 days to contact me with their PayPal address so that they can be paid.  If a winner does not contact me with a PayPal address, the prize will be forfeited. 

Thank you for all the support.  Keep visiting, keep dropping, and keep the comments coming.  Who knows, maybe you'll come out with a cash prize just for speaking your mind.  Later!

Saturday, January 2, 2010

Welcome 2010!

Hey there.  Happy New Year, friends!  I took a small break from anything online to recover from the holiday festivities.  That coupled with the fact that our laptop and our water heater were out of commission so I spent a few days working on those.  I  haven't posted in a few days so I'll more than likely do a few today.  Especially the one announcing our first set of commentators of the month.  With that being said, I wish you all nothing but the best in this coming year.  Hope that good health and prosperity follow you thorough 2010!  Later!

Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Top Commentator Contest is Here to Stay

Hey there. So I've decided, the top commentator contest will run on this site until I no longer breathe (or get shut down, whichever one comes first) lol I've gotten many comments from many readers that I've decided that we'll keep it going. The race has been tight with over 26 participants so far. Many of whom have made multiple comments. So... what are standings? Here they are so far:

$5 1st Place: Ann
$2.50 2nd Place: Silvergirl
$2.50 3rd Place: Underfloor Heating

Just outside the winner's circle: Buggys, Susie (Comadre), and Ally

If the contest ended today, those would be our winners. I won't disclose how many comments but trust me, the participants leading up to third place are many and are only separated by a few comments. The contest is not over so you still have time to put in your comments for a chance to knock the above readers out of the top 3 spots. Handle your business friends and comment away. Later!