Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Top Commentator Contest is Here to Stay

Hey there. So I've decided, the top commentator contest will run on this site until I no longer breathe (or get shut down, whichever one comes first) lol I've gotten many comments from many readers that I've decided that we'll keep it going. The race has been tight with over 26 participants so far. Many of whom have made multiple comments. So... what are standings? Here they are so far:

$5 1st Place: Ann
$2.50 2nd Place: Silvergirl
$2.50 3rd Place: Underfloor Heating

Just outside the winner's circle: Buggys, Susie (Comadre), and Ally

If the contest ended today, those would be our winners. I won't disclose how many comments but trust me, the participants leading up to third place are many and are only separated by a few comments. The contest is not over so you still have time to put in your comments for a chance to knock the above readers out of the top 3 spots. Handle your business friends and comment away. Later!


  1. Hey nice contest. I'm pretty sure you'll getting a lot of traffic. Keep it up!

  2. wow I'm in the second :P lol, well ur topic catches me a lot so i cant say no to comment :) and im following ur family :) a happy family

    happy holiday

  3. Well what do you know, I'm in first. i guess I better keep the comments up huh?