Monday, December 28, 2009

A Week Off from Work

Hey there.   I have the whole week off from work!  It's kinda a double edged sword though.  I don't have to work, but it's not a paid week off, so the company is going to take 40 hours of my vacation time to offset that week so that I can get paid.  It kind of sucks.  It's more like a forced vacation than a week off from work.  Either way, I have more than 40 hours vacation time accrued so I'm going to enjoy the time off with my family.  So far, we've been lounging it.  We have to recharge our batteries after all the holiday madness that went on the week before, you need the time off to just relax.  Now, with the New Year just around the corner, we need all the rest we can get now so that we're ready to be alive when the New Year's Eve rolls around.  Take it easy friends and rest up cause 2009 is almost over.  Later.


  1. Yet it's so hard to just rest when thinking on the mistakes made and how anxiously I'm ready to show and prove I learned from them!

  2. My dad has had the week off and is in a similar situation as yours (week off is being deducted from vacation). He's sorta' upset, but the funny thing is he would have probably asked for this week off if it wasn't forced upon him. I guess is position is that he would like to be in control of the situation rather than the situation controlling him.

    That being said, he has had the best Christmas break imaginable. He has spent time with his grand-kids, taken naps, watched football, and basically lived like he's retired. Mom and I are VERY glad this little vacation was forced on him :))

    Happy new year!