Thursday, December 17, 2009

Has Christmas Lost it's Meaning?

Hey there.  You know, earlier today, I got to thinking about what my young one wants for Christmas.  She said she wanted this Strawberry Shortcake Cafe set type thing.  I've never heard of it, but I figured, with the power of Google, I'd be able to figure it out and BAM!  There it is, in all it's glory.  The problem?  It's sold out at Target, Walmart, and Toys R Us... So I decided that I'll look for it later and see if I get lucky and find it somewhere.  That lead me to think of that movie, Jingle All the Way with Sinbad and California's very own, "Ahnold".  Has Christmas really gone so far down hill that most parents will go out and about, go through hell in a mall, trying to find a great gift for their young ones?  I know that the movie exaggerated the hell out of this idea since the two characters practically killed each other for the much wanted Turbo Man, but that general idea seems to be well and good.

Every year, I hear someone or another say that they don't have money to go and get gifts, which is absolutely fine, but the problem I have is that much emphasis is placed on gift giving.  Really?  Isn't Christmas supposed to be about spending time with your loved ones?  A time to reflect on the past year (or is that New Year's?).  Where gifts don't make the holiday but simply serve as a side dish to the main course of love, togetherness, and happiness?  Yesterday, I went and got gifts for the little one's in my family.  My wife and I told ourselves that we'd cut our list short to only include young ones under 7.  With the exception of being a parental unit, sibling, or grand parent, don't expect a gift from us.  lol  But the point being, we took the time to go out and get gifts knowing that we're not going to get some back.  And we didn't worry about it.  There was no, oh man, we spent too much, no worrying about forgetting this person or that person, or any of that.  It felt good to go out and get gifts with out all added pressure and that's how it should be.  Us going through a "recession" and all, we're at a point where we are able to give.  Whether we receive or not, doesn't matter.  At least not to us, the parents (the kids may be a different story).

I'm beginning to feel as if Christmas is becoming more of a "need to get a gift for someone" instead of it being a holiday filled with cheer.  Christmas shouldn't feel like a chore, yet for some reason or another, it does this year.  We haven't had a chance to put the tree up, we're not done getting gifts, let alone wrap them, and quite frankly, I'm tired of all the "gloom and doom" that seem to emanate from every TV or radio.  I say, screw all that.  Sit down with your family, bake some cookies, share some stories, and enjoy yourselves.  That, right there, sounds like a pretty bad ass Christmas to me.  Gifts are a bonus.  I don't remember seeing a Terms and Conditions sheet on celebrating Christmas.  I don't remember baby Jesus breaking into song and dance saying that the Wise Men must give gifts or they'll be hell to pay.  Just like every other holiday out there, I say we celebrate the way we see fit and be happy.  Get rid of the pressures that come with holiday shopping.  Go ahead and grab gifts.  I'm not saying you shouldn't, but what I am saying is take it easy when you do.  It's not worth the stress and killing your holiday because you were stressed out 23 days out of 25 because you were getting gifts, sending cakes, decorating the house, etc.etc.  You're only adding to the bah humbug that seems to plague this year's Christmas season if you're all moody and cranky.

Now...  I'mma go see Elf.  That elf sure knows how to do Christmas right.  I mean C' mon people.  He's parading around in an elf suit singing his little heart out without a care in the world.  I think I need to do that.  Yeah, I need to walk in a store and be like, "I'm in a store.  I'm in a store and I'm singing!"  Yeah, that'll spread some holiday cheer alright.  lmao  Later!


  1. I completely agree Metalman, Christmas needs to get back to family and friends enjoying one another and gifts are totally secondary. No matter if you can afford to give them or not.

    We have done some family stuff with the kids this year in taking on some craft projects from back in the day of elementary school, i.e cotton ball Santas, homemade Christmas chains, baking and painting homemade orntaments. It has been a great Christmas season thus far where we all trimmed the tree together while listening and singing to holiday tunes.

    My kids know that Santa is coming and he'll bring his bundle of goodies for everyone, but the look on their faces and enjoyment they have gotten from spending that family time together has been worth more than anything I could ever receive.

    We have more great family time planned for Christmas Eve and Christmas Day with our extended family. It truly is a magical time of year where the roots can not be forgotten. Thanks for sending us a little reminder.

  2. ELF is awesome! lol but yea i agree, i see it every year i hear it from people, and working at the mall its every where. People are TOO concern with shopping and getting something for everyone, i wanted to make gifts but with school and all i had no time lol. but i always get the lil ones first since they are still kids, and if i have something left them the adults, but i also shop early on, i hate those long lines and traffic.

  3. Christmas is loving and sharing with family and friends. I always have a schedule to be with my mom on Dec. 25(am)... my sis (w/kids)and bro (w/kids)gather together and exchange gifts! We have a big lunch too.
    I did early shop too! But as always we will watch again that Home Alone movie :) Kids love to watch that during Dec 24 night. LOL

  4. First Off there's Ten days untill my birthday thought I'd let you know, ;).
    I agree Christmas is nothing but a Propaganda...its expensive and as you can see in the movie with (Ahnold) it tears families apart when you allow someone like Phil Hartman (rest in peace of the funniest comedieans ever) To be your neighbor. Personally I feel that as parents and adults we should get our kids or neices and nephews to give a toy to underprivledge children, so that they can see that there is more to Christmas than gameboys and dolls, But that its about family and love for those that are closes to you.

    Oh and one request... Its time for you to make a coloumn on how Mr. Kobe Bryant and not Michael Jordan is NOW the Greatest of all Time... Its time Bro! Its time!! Im ready to Argue anyone...

  5. I know Christmas was two months ago, but I had to post a comment here since your little gizmo at the bottom of your Tiger post popped this entry up for me.

    I agree - completely. My kids handed me a Christmas list this past year that totaled over $5,000 in STUFF that they wanted. Not once did they say, let's just go look at lights or let's bake some cookies or let's watch a Christmas movie Mom. Nope. Nada. It's all gimme gimme gimme anymore and I ABSOLUTELY HATE IT.

    I remember Christmas when I was a child and I looked forward to the cookie baking and the decorating of the house 10x more than I did seeing what I got for Christmas. Presents back then (in the dark ages don't you know) were practical (clothes) and things you needed (new book bag for school, coloring supplies) stockings were filled with sweets and little treats (Love's Baby Soft cologne every year till I moved out) and you got one or two things that you REALLY REALLY REALLY wanted for Christmas and had talked about non-stop all year. And you know what? That was just fine with us.