Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Broken Water Heater

Hey there. My water heater is busted. No hot water at home. The week off is not going as smoothly as I would like. I went ahead and replaced the thermalcouple which is the most likely culprit but still, no dice...  My cuz is a jack of all trades when it comes to home and appliance repair so I gave him a call to get his opinion.  After letting him know what was up, he thought the thermalcouple would be the issue as well but after changing it, the pilot continues to go out.  It's frustrating me that we do not have hot water.  I have no idea how people back in the day survived without a water heater.  lol  I have my cuz coming to check it tomorrow. Hopefully, he'll be able to catch something that I didn't and get it fixed.  Ugh!  Later!


  1. oh no, I hope you get it fixed quick.

  2. And my septic tank is stopped up. Some people say what happens on New Year is what the new year will bring. Better get that fixed quick,lol!

  3. This happened to me about a week before Christmas that we suddenly had no hot water. It's an electric heater so we called in the power people (as we had a power failure the day before)and they said it was that the thermostat fried :( They put a new one in for just over $100. I was just grateful we didn't have to renew the whole thing.

    Oh we also had a sewer problem and the digital TV refused to turn on. How is my luck? At least that is 3 things so I should be right now.

    Hope you find out and fix your water heater, no fun showering in the cold.

  4. What to do with water heater and water softner when draining water from plumbing?


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