Saturday, December 19, 2009

My Wife is on a Bad Wheel

Hey there. My wife has been on a mission to lose all the baby weight from the pregnancy. She's made it a habit to go walk and run along the river bed and ease her way into a daily workout. Yesterday, she went off to do her thing. Well, she must have stepped on something or stepped on kind of slant in the road because before long, she sent me a text saying that she couldn't walk. I was worried. I responded and asked if she was ok, she said yeah but that she was having trouble walking. She made it to her mom's place and continued to talk to me there. Turns out that she may have sprained her ankle.

She was able to walk gingerly at first but as the night progressed, she had trouble getting around. Once we got home, she lied down in bed and I wrapped up her ankle in hopes that it will be feel better later on. She soon after fell asleep.

This morning, I let her sleep in while the kids and I are taking care of business. I made french toast for breakfast and we have decorated our Christmas tree. We've also swept and mopped the floors. Im waiting on my wife to get up so that I can go and get an amp that is a part of our son's gift. We decided that it would be cool to hand down my first guitar to our son as his first guitar. I cleaned it up some, changed the strings, but need a beginner's amp for him.

Hopefully, when my wife gets up, she'll be ok. I looked at her facebook page not that long ago and see that her concern was not being able to play drums for our Rockband night. What a trooper. lol Until then. Later!


  1. ohh sorry to hear. I know she will be ok. Let her do the workout step by step... not too abrupt, coz she just gave birth!! She is really determined to loose weight,good for her

  2. Oh too bad about the ankle. I hope she's feeling better soon. I know I did the same thing once and even to this day my ankle still gets sore when it

  3. Oooooh you wife is on a mission to lose weight, same here!!! A week of dieting for me so far... sigh!!! Hope her leg heals soon. :)