Monday, December 7, 2009

Love the Symphony of the Rain

Hey there.  Today it rained in Los Angeles.  May not be a big deal to a lot of people but we don't get much rain here.  It's funny because most of the world experiences 4 seasons, we only experience 2.  And even then, I wouldn't call them seasons, I'd say it's more like 2 climates.  Here in Los Angeles, we only experience hot or kind of cold.  That's it.  Temperatures range from about 60 degrees to over 90 here when across the country, there are cities that are experiencing temps in the low 20's.  So a little rain is always welcomed.

I sat in my office listening to the sound of the rain drops hitting the roof.  There is something about this kind of weather that brings out my creative side.  I started thinking of music, of what I want to play, of what I can create.  As listened to the concerto that the heavens rained down on us, inspiration showered over me.

As I drove home, music played in my head.  When I got home, I pulled out my guitar and rocked on some songs.  I still feel as if I haven't made my contribution to music.  I haven't left my mark.  Maybe I need God's Opus to rain down on me before I do.  Later.


  1. Wow, U have a nice mood because of the rain :) and u remember music again.
    We have 2 climate too, summer and rainy days,summer starts march to april. June till November is the time of storm, floods and land slide. December to February is a cold season but still during the month of December still we expect storm..
    Don't you have typhoon??

  2. Nothing like a good rainfall to clear the head of all the smog :)
    Here in Pennsylvania we have 4 distinct seasons however 1 of them lasts far longer than necessary, that one being winter.

  3. How do you say "I love rain" in Spanish?