Wednesday, December 9, 2009

25% off and Free Shipping at

Hey there.  I started an ad block where advertisers can purchase a 125 x 125 ad space.  Initially, I was expecting to get offers from other blog writers, such as myself, but I was surprised to see that I received a few offers for online stores.  Well, I was contacted by the owner of and advised that any one that uses the ad above to reach the store will receive a 25% discount and free shipping ($10 min purchase).  How cool is that?!  I know that many of us are still trying to get that last minute shopping done and if we can get it online and avoid the malls, we might as well get it online at a discount.  So what kind of goods does CoolCrappyStuff sell?  Well, let's see....  blankets, backpacks, stickers, purses, totes, lunch boxes, hats, to name a few items, and the majority of them feature some of today's most popular cartoon characters.  Looking for Hello Kitty tote bag? A Tinkerbell backpack?  Or a Jack Skellington messenger bag?  You can find it at  Check it out friends and before I forget...  Use the discount code CRAPPYDISCOUNT to get your 25% off and free shipping.  Later!


  1. Well congrats on getting a response to your ad space. That name makes me laugh. I hope that cool crappy stuff doesn't sell crappy

  2. The cool stuff dissapear coz they get stolen by the crappy stuff,so the army of crappy stuff just grows and grows,its a sick epidemic,we need help.

  3. What a website name. Its cool but crappy at the same time :)