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Wednesday, September 28, 2011

I've Been MIA

Hey there.  Just to give you guys a quick heads up as to what is going on.  My wife has been in and out of the hospital and clinic for the past few weeks.  The docs discovered a tumor that needed to be removed and all my focus has been shifted to her.  I'll give a more detailed post as to our experiences, thoughts, and fears.

Thanks to all that sent well wishes our way.  Trust me, they are very much appreciated and it definitely opened up our eyes to see that so many people had us in their thoughts and prayers.  Thanks again!

Friday, January 28, 2011

Blood Shed and a Smashed Finger

Hey there.  This story is old news for those of you that follow me on Facebook, but I wanted to make a post about it to get into the story and details behind it.  My youngest daughter smashed her finger.  She did it herself by accident.  She did it with the car door.  My wife had to unlock the door and open it to free our daughter.  That's how hard she slammed the door...  and the end result was not pretty.  Check it out after 2 days.
Yup...  It's black.  At first, it only looked a little bruised.  It didn't hurt when I flexed her finger and she seemed ok once the initial pain went away.  I didn't think that she would need medical care.  It did swell up a little and thought that an ice pack on it would be good and check it out in the morning to make sure she's ok.  Her finger looked bruised the next day but nothing to worry about.  It was expected since she took a hit to her finger.  She went to school with a huge smile on her face like it was no big deal.  When she got home, there is a letter attached to her folder stating that the nurse thinks her finger may be infected.  Infected?!?!  How can that be if she didn't even bleed?  Nevertheless, we didn't take any chances and my wife took her to see a doc the next day.  The doc says that she will need to go to urgent care right away.  Urgent care?!?!?!  What the...  we didn't even think it was that serious, why urgent care? 

After hours in urgent care, because urgency has a different meaning in California....  -.- ... we finally see a doc.  I look at my baby's finger and instead of a bruise, you see the above picture.  It turns out that when she smashed her finger, she began to bleed inside her finger.  The blood had nowhere to go so it was pooling up in her finger, causing it to look black and slowly increasing the pressure inside her finger, causing discomfort and pain.  The doc explained that we will need to drain out the blood by making an incision on her finger. 

My daughter didn't like that plan all too much.  She's not a fan of seeing blood and instantly associates blood with pain.  I told her what they were going to do and assured her that all would be ok.  After telling her that it wouldn't hurt and that she would feel nothing but a sting, she lied down on the bed and braced herself.  The doc used this super hot needle/pen thing to burn a hole in her nail.  He lightly tapped the nail until he got under the nail and blood began to drip.  I assume that the doc realized that the blood was not pooling under her nail but on the side of her finger so he grabbed a needle and poked a small hole on the side of the finger.  Bingo.  Blood oozed out of the finger.  All the while, my daughter kept cool and collected.  The doc then applied a little pressure to get the blood out of the finger and prescribed some antibiotics, just in case.  No complications, no nothing.  Just soak it in warm water and watch out for any discomfort or pain.  As long as there's no pain, there's no problem.
What?  We're done already?
So that's the story.  So far, no pain.  Her finger no longer looks swollen, but it's still a little black.  But at least it's a lighter shade of black.  I'm certain that after a few more days of soaking it in warm water, it'll start getting it's normal shade of pink, or is it brown?  Let's just call it human.  lol  I'll keep you posted on her recovery but she's a 5 year old girl that's super active.  Good luck in trying to keep her in "recovery" mode.  Until then, later!

Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Thanksgiving, A Long Weekend, and Surgery

Hey there.  Hope everyone had a blast this Thanksgiving weekend.  Nothing quite compares to a 4 day weekend!  Especially after eating some turkey and stuffing your face with... well... stuffing.  lol  So let's go to the highlights!


We spent Thanksgiving at my uncle Peter's place.  He's been the go to guy when it comes to holiday madness.  Most of the family gathers at his place and we all have a good time.  Thanksgiving was no different.  Most of the guys were ourside, hanging out, watching football and boxing, while most of the ladies were inside "cackling " (as Psycho Mike would say) and hanging out.  All in all, a very awesome experience.  Food and drinks were in abundance and you know damn well that I had myself more than a few plates of food.  And that's not counting desert!  lol  At the end of the night, the "secret santa" exchange was determined and we were on our way home, stuffed as a bird, a little after midnight.  Here are a few pics of the evening.
Serving salad from a cracked bowl cause that's how we do it.
The ladies enjoying a little bubbly
The young ladies enjoying a drink, like thier mothers.  It better be soda in them cups!

Daaaaaaaaaaam!  That bird looks delicious

So much food, they don't know where to turn!

Long Weekend

Once we semi-recovered from Thanksgiving, Black Friday reared it's ugly head.  Here my thoughts on Black Friday...  I'm not a big fan of it.  Every year, we hear about some people trampling and stomping over people because they just had to have whatever it is they're buying.  I'm more of an online guy.  If I can't find it online then I more than likely will not buy it.  I just hate hearing that a child was killed because a mob of people couldn't control themselves just to save a few bucks.

With that being said, we stated home most of Friday and didn't really do anything.  I avoided stores like the plague and just hung out with the family at home.  My son and I took advantage of the free XBOX Live Weekend (decided to let my membership end until I get my hands on the XBOX Live Family Pack) and played us some Bioshock 2 multiplayer matches.  I've always been a fan of the first person shooters and I like the way Bioshock 2 changes it up just a bit to differentiate it from all other first person shooters.  Anyways, we caught up on some gaming and decided to put up some holiday stuff.  I ended up getting a new tree, since our old tree is somewhere around 5 years old and needed to be replaced.  Also ended up getting some of that long green string type thing that people hang for Christmas, and started decorating the place.  Not bad, if I do say so myself.  I don't have any pics of that yet so I'll get on that as soon as I'm home and there's still daylight.  lol

Monday's Surgery

Monday morning, I'm up at 5:30 am.  My brother was scheduled to have surgery on his shoulder at or around 7 am so I drove to the hospital to meet my brother and mother.  I arrived shortly after 6 am and my brother had already checked in.  The nurse was supposed to let us know when we would be allowed to see my brother before his surgery was to begin and when it was 7 am and still no word from the nurses, I asked her what's going on.  She pretty much said to walk on in and look for him.  lol  We find my brother, in his "purple" mumu strapped into a bed, getting ready for his surgery.  The doc comes in and starts to give us the run down of what is going down.  He grabs a purple marker that surgeons use to mark their patients and notices that it's a little on the small side.  He then makes a comment about how "they" seem to be cutting corners everywhere.  lol  My bro and I chuckle and the doc then shows us where the incision will take place and lets us know that he will be shaving off some of his bone and remove scar tissue.  He seemed like a pretty cool guy.  Once they whisk him away, my mother and I have coffee in the cafeteria while we wait for an update.
Them magic drugs are in full effect. lol
My wife arrived soon after and the three of us waited a bit before the doc came in with some photos of the inside of my brother.  He explained the pictures to us and told us that the surgery was a success.  He also explained how the recovery process will be a long one.  6 months worth of recovery time.  My brother will also need to attend therapy sessions to strengthen his shoulder. 

Once we were allowed to go see him, I asked how he was doing and what not.  Before long, we're watching America's Funniest Home videos and cracking jokes.  I know that it probably wasn't the best of places to mess around in, considering that there were other patients close by that didn't look too happy, but there we were, goofing around.  While the nurse was giving my brother his home care instructions... I interrupt her and say to her, "To give to us straight doc, is he gonna make it?"  lol  My bro and I chuckle and the nurse seemed to find it amusing.  My brother then starts to reference The Office and says that even though he had shoulder surgery, he's probably going to be going home with a limp.  lol 

Once they dismiss him, my mother grabs his clothes to hand to him.  Since he's buck naked under the mumu, I closed the curtain before he started getting dressed.  I stayed with him, just in case he needed help.  He managed to put on his underwear and his sweat pants with what looked like slight discomfort.  That's when I said, "Bro, I love you, but I'm not getting you dressed."  lol  That's when we hear my mother and a few other people outside the curtain laughing.  It's good to know that we both can laugh during something like surgery.

He then gets wheeled off to the street where we wait for my mother's car to be brought to us.  We then see a smart car pass by and my brother says to the nurse, "smart car...  there's nothing smart about that car.  Kitt from Knight Rider.... now that's a smart car."  The nurse laughed, I chuckled.  Damn you, The Office....  invading our lives like nothing else can.  lol 

I told them that we would go to my mother's place to make sure my brother was well situated.  I soon after get a text from my brother asking me to go get him FIFA 11 for PS3.  This guy... already trying to use the "woe is me, I'm hurt" thing against me.  When I said, no way, he turned his attention to food.  He asked if I'd bring him some brownies.  lmao!  My wife gets wind of my brother's brownie craving and decides to make the "baby" some brownies. lol  Oh man... good times.  We cap the night off with some Street Fighter IV.  I haven't played Street Fighter since Street Fighter II Turbo for the SNES!  I managed to kick some butt with Blanka (old school favorite) and then gave up the last game to my brother... just so that he can feel better about himself.  lmao!  Now, he's at home not knowing what to do with himself.  6 months is a looooooooooong time.  I'll try to stop by and kick his butt on Street Fighter more often.  lol  Until then, later!

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Find a NMEDA Dealer Near You

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Just think about it for a second. Maybe you're not the one in need of a modification, but if you're a caregiver, it would definitely be a huge help. Instead of going through the tough task of helping someone off and then on their wheelchair, you can have a much more comfortable time for both you and the disabled if your vehicle is a modified vehicle done by a NMEDA dealer. And, god forbid, they would need to be rushed to a hospital, the last thing you would want to struggle with getting the disabled person in your car. It just makes more sense to have a ready and able vehicle to suit their needs. And let's not forget that it also grant them some of their independence back. They may be confined to a wheelchair but they should be able to get on the road and live as close to normal lives as possible.

I was able to locate 4 NMEDA dealers within 25 miles of where I live. I'm sure that you would be able to find one close to your home as well. Check it out and let me know how close is your local dealer. Happy driving and be safe! Until then, later!

Visit my sponsor: NMEDA

Monday, April 26, 2010

Headaches with Medical Billing

Hey there.  You know what... I really hate dealing with medical bills.  If it's not one thing, it's another.  We've been in a constant battle with medical bills ever since our son was born.  We've already spent countless hours on the phone with our insurance companies to assure ourselves that we know what is covered and what was not.

First, it turns out our son was not covered... How the hell can that be when we are insured and our son should be automatically added for a month or so, to our insurance.  After a lengthy battle there, turns out he was covered and we got it taken care of.  Then we had to deal with the ear doctors since our son needs to get his hearing screened (turns our he has fluid in his ear so they couldn't do it in the hospital).  After that nightmare, we finally got "authorization", we got the appointment done and we took care of business.  Now we get a call from those same people saying we never showed up for the testing.  What the....  My wife was there... I yelled at some people there because the docs "lost the chart".  My wife took a pic of the girls near some giant ear because it would be a cool pic.  Yet... these people say were missed our appointment?!?!?!  Now we gotta call them back and set them straight... Not to mention to call back the hospital where our son was born because it turns out we owe them money for stuffs we thought was taken care of by our insurance!!!  UGH!!!!

I was pretty upset this morning when they called saying what they had to say.  I'm allowing myself some "calm down" time because I don't want to yell at these people while I'm at work.  I plan on calling after lunch and taking care of this because we were clearly under the impression that all was taken care of and we were good to go.  Now, almost 7 months after our son is born we get this call out of the blue saying we owes money.  Hell with that...  We didn't receive any bills and it's extremely upsetting that these kind of calls just spring out of no where.

Oh... and we just got a call from the school...   Turns out our daughter got whacked by a kickball.  What a way to start the week....  Later!

Friday, March 12, 2010

Our Son is Getting His Hearing Tested

Hey there.  Today, our young one is off to get his hearing tested.  It's usually done at the hospital within the first 2 days of the baby being born.  When the technician came in to test our baby, it turns out that one of his ears produced a result of "inconclusive".  Now... that may be nothing, since she stated that it could be that there is still some fluid in his ear so the machine couldn't get a proper read.  Nevertheless, because of that inconclusive result, we've had to go through all sorts of calls, authorizations, and what not just to get our boy scheduled for a hearing test. 

We're hoping that everything will be fine and it was just some build up in his ear.  But the fact that this hearing test is hours long is a little scary.  Our baby will also have to be sedated and he can't eat hours before the test, which must be hell cause, well... he's my son.  lol  My wife has been texting me how he's struggling to stay awake and he's fussy cause he's hungry.  The test is scheduled for 1 PM, which is approx. 3 hours away from the time of this post. 

I'm trying to occupy my mind with work.  It's helping... but not entirely.  Guess I should go back to reviewing these files... Later.

Thursday, February 25, 2010

My Little Guy Has Pneumonia

Hey there.  Our youngest is sick.  Last night, he started showing some signs of fussyness and a slight fever.  We chalked it up to him teething.  He's been drooling like a lil monster and can't keep his hand out of his mouth.  We expect some teeth to pop out soon.  Anyways, last night got tough.  He started getting a little flushed and started to feel warmer.  We gave him some Tylenol with hopes that the fever would diminish.  It did... but very slightly.  We ended up staying up most of the night to keep an eye on our little one.  We checked his temperature throughout the night and kept an eye on his breathing.  Come close to 3 am or so, we finally got a few hours of sleep in.

At about 6:15 am, I got up and checked his temperature.  100.6...  Not too bad, considering that at one point is sitting high at 102+.  We got ready and headed off to work.  My mother in law then called us to let us know that the baby seemed sick.  We asked her to take him to a doc to check him out and before long, we receive a voicemail that the doc said the baby has pneumonia.  Our hearts sank.  In my eyes, it's nothing but a glorified cold, but I know that that the elderly and the very young, can have some pretty serious complications from contracting it.

Luckily, we were able to get away from work and check on our son.  My mother in law lives minutes from where we work so we were able to get to our baby right away.  When we got there, our baby was asleep, but flushed.  He still had a temperature and after he got up and ate, he went back to sleep.

Poor little guy.  I want my baby to be happy, not sluggish and sickly.  It sucks because him being so young, there really isn't mcuh you can do in meds and because he can't speak, you can't really pinpoint where he's uncomfortable.  Does he feel too hot?  Does his head hurt?  Does his chest hurt?  Is he uncomfortable?  I don't know.  We do our best to make him as comfortable as possible but in the end, you're really just guessing that you took care of his needs.

Being a little one, I'm sure that the kids probably passed it on to him in some sort of way.  They're not sick or anything, but when you have a house of 3 school kids and a baby, it's bound to happen where one of the four will get sick.  My mother in law is beating herself up thinking that she may have not cared well for him.  She's the one that looks after the kids while we work.  We assured her that it's not her fault.  She can't wipe every kid in the school with germ killing wipes.  Germs are everywhere, it's just that the lil ones are more likely to get sick with older kids around.

Right now, the little guy is still sporting a fever, but we're sure it's because the doc gave him some antibiotics.  He didn't see the need to send our boy to the hospital.  We don't want to make a trip there, but we are eyeing our boy like a hawk to make sure he's not displaying any of those symptoms that would require emergency care. 

Earlier in the day, my wife told me that he was looking better and managed some smiles and laughs.  We have a check up with the doc tomorrow morning.  I'm hoping that after a good night's sleep, he'll be feeling a whole lot better.  Later.

Saturday, February 6, 2010

Where Did Metallman Go???

Hey there. I'm so so sorry that I haven't had a post in about 2 weeks. I'll be honest, I've gotten to the point where I opened up a new post, but no words were written. Canceled the post and figured that I would do it later. It just never happened. I still owe my readers cash and credits to the top blogs of the month and top commentators of the month. I just haven't gotten around to it. I also have some pizza coupons that I will be giving away soon so make sure that you stay tuned for that.

Work has been hectic, my cousin was in and out of the hospital due to a mental condition, which I have checked in on, I have now become a Lost addict (I know I'm about 6 years late to the party) and our son's birthday was this week. So there have been topics available for posting, it's just that for whatever reason, my fingers refused to write them down. Well, I guess that funk is over. We got the Motivational Sunday coming back tomorrow, as well as the Super Bowl! Valentines Day is on it's way and today, we're off to John's Incredible Pizza for our son's B Day celebration. Nothing big, but a place where I know he'll have fun. I'll make sure to keep you guys more filled in than I have in the last few weeks.

My son just got up. I'm helping around the house so it's my time to feed the baby. I'll catch you guys later!

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Uncollected Thoughts

Hey there.  I've been MIA as of late.  I try to keep this blog updated to the tune of about a post a day.  And even though we've had events go down recently, I just haven't had the time to collect my thoughts and put them down.  So instead of organizing them, I'm just going to write them down and leave a quick comment.

First off, what a game between the Vikings and Saints.  It was definitely one of the most entertaining playoff game that I have ever seen.  Even though I did catch it at a later date.  Why is that? Well, because we went and took pics of my little one.  He's been growing so fast that he's wearing outfits only once before they no longer fit.  My wife was able to obtain an outfit that her youngest brother wore and we went with that outfit and a sailor suit for our boy to wear.  Here's one of the many pics.  Does my baby look spiffy or what?  lol

On a darker note, my cousin went missing for a few days late last week.  Now, I don't know the complete details of what went down, but from what my aunt told me not too long ago, my cousin (19) lost his job and that it might have pushed him over the edge.  He was not heard of for 2 days and then when he called my aunt for her to pick him up, he was extremely emotional.  To the point where he cried all day.  Once the crying stopped, the "weirdness" happened.  All he could talk about was how he owned everything and everyone.  How he even owned god and the devil and that he has all the riches in the world.  Kinda delusional, no?  But it gets weirder.  According to my aunt, he was hell bent on getting to church.  He just had to go to church for some reason that he would not state.  My cousin would laugh hysterically and state that he's been talking to my father (who passed away almost 20 years ago) and his nina (who passed away approx. 5 years ago).  On top of that, he's been talking to god as well.

It seems to be all of a sudden but as I was talking to my aunt she remembered a time a few weeks ago when my cousin walked into his parents' room and just gave them a huge hug.  It was odd to them that he would do that without asking for something.  My aunt was sure that he was going to ask to borrow the car or ask for some money, but nothing was asked of.  Thinking back on it, my aunt believes that maybe that was the start of it all.  Then, his younger brothers and sister claim to have heard him talk to himself and laugh hysterically by himself.  We now believe that maybe him losing his job may have pushed him into having some sort of nervous breakdown.  He's currently in the mental ward of the hospital for observation.  We plan on visiting him tomorrow.  Hopefully, I'll have more news on what's going on then.

So yeah, I've have my posts that need to get done, but my mind has just been occupied with other things.  Maybe this is what I need to get my head on straight.  A means to write down what's going on and clear my head.  I mean, that is what a blog is for, right?  Until then... Later.

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

It Was Just One of Those Days

Hey there. Anything that could go wrong, will go wrong. I've heard it many times before and usually you don't get the worst of things. Well, yesterday, it finally happened.

Monday morning started out rough. We got up late and after rushing the kids to get ready, we were out the house approx. 10 mins late. I go to the van to turn it on and it won't start... Are you kidding me?!?! Our new van, which we have not had for a month is not starting. I tell the kids to go back in the house while I tinker with the battery. After about 5 mins, I figure that I can't deal with it now and load up the family in our car, the 5 passenger Mazda. It was a tight fit for our family of 6, but we all squeezed in OK.

Things start to look up when I get a call from my aunt saying my little cousin, who has been in the hospital for over a month, is being released. She is throwing her a welcome home party at her place and wants us to be there. "Great!", I think. Then, a few hours later... The hospital is not releasing her. Are you kidding me?!?!?! They kept her admitted while they deal with her insurance so the welcome home was canceled.

Then, we had our kids' assembly at their school. They were being honored for scoring advanced on the California state tests. I tried to leave a few mins early, but of course, my boss detained me for a bit while I "debriefed" him on the day's work. I left the office later than I wanted too and barely made it in time for our son's assembly (I missed our daughter's). After sitting through the whole assembly, our son's name wasn't called. Are you kidding me?!?!?! We sat through the assembly and they didn't call our son up to receive his award and medal. After a few moments of confusion, the school got it right and acknowledged my son, along with some of his classmates, and awarded them their medals and certificates, BUT.... they did not allow pictures due to them being rushed on stage and then out. A huge bummer.

On our way home, I called some people that were selling a wireless guitar and wireless drum set for Guitar Hero World Tour. My brother broke my Rockband drum set and I need a replacement. This couple is selling their set for $45, which is a steal, so I called them up to let them know we're on our way to pick em up. We meet up with them and they still have the drums and guitar in the original box. Everything looks good. I go home and the Xbox 360 craps out on me... Oh man... 3 red rings of death. So I take the time to fix it and after some time, I finally get it working. I set up Guitar Hero Metallica and I start the game. I check the drums and everything seems OK... until I try the orange cymbal and it's not registering. ARE YOU KIDDING ME?!?!?! I could not believe the day I was having... After check it out, it looks like the wire connecting the cymbal has been severed. Needless to say, I was upset... I sent a message to the couple to tell them it's busted and they offered a refund. I told them that I'll try to fix it, but if I'm not successful, I'll let them know and they agreed to give me a refund it doesn't work out for me.

I then fed our son, at close to midnight and after lying him down for bed, I realize that the van is not starting and I need to take care of that. I go and grab my light and head outside with my tools. I remove the battery from our car and van and place the car battery in the van. As soon as I hook it up, the back light in the van turns on. Oh man... The kids must have switched on the light and didn't turn off, causing the battery to drain. I turn it off, throw the battery in the van (to be charged later today) and go back inside for some sleep. Time? 2:00AM

Man... It was just one of those days... Later.

Monday, November 16, 2009

My Little Cousin is Winning the Battle with Meningitis

Hey there. As I've mentioned before, my cousin has been battling meningitis. I am grateful to post that my little cousin is being released from the hospital today! Oh man, is that some great news of what!? I thank all of you that left comments with well wishes and I thank those that left their story in the comments. We were bracing ourselves for a long fought battle with disease but it turns out that my cousin made a wonderful turn for the best and things are looking up. The last time I went to go see her, she could not speak but was allowed to go out in the courtyard of the hospital to hang out with family. The breathing and feeding tubes did some damage to her throat so she was recovering from that. Since hospitals no longer allow children inside, they made special arrangements for her to be allowed outside to hang out with her siblings and family.

My aunt just sent me an Email inviting all of us to her place for a welcome home party. Looks like the family will not be spending Thanksgiving in the hospital this year and Thanksgiving will have a special place in our hearts this year. Thanks!

Friday, November 6, 2009

An Update on My Little Cousin with Meningitis

Hey there. As I mentioned before, my little cousin has been battling meningitis. It's been a tough ordeal for the family since it's taken a huge toll my little cousin as well as our family. It's tough to see a 5 year old, strapped to her bed, with feeding and breathing tubes coming out of her, all while being heavily sedated. Well, I'm happy to say that she's doing a lot better.

We were worried that the sickness did not affect her brain too much. I don't remember if it is viral or bacteria but the sickness did cause some speech loss, but my lil cousin is smiling, walking, playing, and doing what little girls should be allowed to do. Albeit, in the hospital, but it's better than being drugged up or strapped down to your bed due to involuntary body movements. The doctors have mentioned that she may be allowed to go home very soon. She's still there for some observation and the speech loss is something that she can regain with some therapy. We're hoping for her to be released by her birthday later this month, or at least for Thanksgiving. If all turns out well, our family will have something special to be thankful of this year. Later!

Thursday, October 1, 2009

Slowly Recovering

Hey there. So we were at the hospital last night to visit my little cousin. The nurse gave us crap because we happened to get there when the nurses were changing shifts. She needed to speak with the nurse in charge of keeping an eye on my cousin before visitors were allowed to go and see her. I told her that my aunt was up there with her and you can call the room to see that it's ok. She refused to call. It got me upset that we had to wait, but we had to. Once the shift was changed, we were able to go up to see my little cousin. My wife stayed in the lobby with our kids while I went in to meet my aunt in the room.

My lil cuz still looks swollen. She was retaining water and had to get her kidneys drained. She has the breathing and feeding tubes going but after speaking to the doc, she is more than optimistic that the tubes can be removed as early as this morning. The breathing machine was giving very little if any support and her lungs had little to no secretion in them. My cousin is sedated to the point where she can't talk or move as much, but she shows some signs of reaction when you talk to her and hold her hand. She'll gently squeeze back or she'll try her best to nod her head. She's no longer strapped to her bed, which is good, but I do not know if that's the case because she is sedated. My aunt was telling me that when they first started to drug her, the nurses had extra doses of sedatives at the ready to bring her down.

I haven't received word of how she's doing this morning. Nevermind, there's an Email from my aunt that just came in. Hopefully, it's good news. I'll keep you guys updated. Later.

Sunday, September 27, 2009

Trouble at the Hospital

Hey there. Quick update on my little cousin. They are removing the breathing tube tonight. They had to insert one due to breathing problems. I didn't even know that a breathing tube was inserted until my mother stopped by with some news. She dropped off her kid and a little cousin of mine so that she and my grandma can go and see my cousin in the hospital. Later that evening, I get a text saying that the tube had tube had to be reinserted and that the machines started going off. Pretty scary stuff but that was all the info she had. I'm hoping my little cousin will pull through this alright. Later.

Thursday, September 24, 2009

My Little Cousin Has Meningitis

Hey there. Yesterday, I was told that my little cousin was in the hospital. From the Email that my mother sent me, she has been there since Monday evening. It has to be one of the most weirdest illnesses that I have ever seen or heard of. My mother described my cousin's behavior like that of Linda Blair in The Exorcist. My cousin, 5 years old, was thrashing about, yelling obscenities at everyone, and started biting anyone that tried to calm her. At first, her mother thought that it was a tantrum, but when the little one started having "seizure like" movements, she was admitted to the hospital.

Last night, my wife and I went to go visit her and some of my family members were hanging out in the lobby. We asked how she was doing and we all got the same response that she is still acting odd and that we should've seen her last night. My uncle started to describe the scene the same way as my mother did. That it was something out of The Exorcist movie. I showed him a bottle of holy water that we brought, courtesy of my mother in law, and he thought it would be a good idea to sprinkle some in the room.

My wife and I then got a chance to visit her in her room. As we walked in, the lights were dimmed and my cousin's mom was trying to calm her daughter. Soon after we walked in, my cousin started cursing under her breath. My wife and I couldn't believe what we were hearing. A little girl, sweet as hell, yelling out these words is just not right. I know it was hurting her mother being called a B**** and to F*** off and what not. It was as if another person took over my lil cousin's body. We noticed that she was trapped to her bed so she started to yell that she needed to get down and called her mother more curse words demanding that she be released. A nurse soon walked in and advised that it's not best to have visitors if she's acting up since she needs to rest as much as possible and have as little stimulation as possible. We ended up going back to lobby and told our family what went down. They described our experience as mild compared to how she the night before.

From what we were told, she has meningitis, which is some kind of viral infection in her brain that causes her to act and react the way she does. It's so weird because you figure that an illness would not control your body to react so violently. Another cousin of mine likened it to Jim Carrey's character in Me, Myself, and Irene. How his character (Charlie) is nice yet, when provoked, he turns into a completely different person (Hank). It just seems that it's a different girl taking over my little cousin's body. She's on antibiotics to kill off the viral infection. She's going to be on them for the next 2 weeks or so. After hearing another person's experience with meningitis, my family started to prepare themselves for a long bout with this disease.

Turns out that the 2 week antibiotic treatment is just the beginning and if she makes a full recovery, it can take anywhere from 6 to 8 months of medication and therapy. She will be in bed so much that her body will need to relearn how to walk and move about like a normal child would. Another thing that bothered us was that the docs said that the hallucinations may not go away entirely. That's right, my little cousin is hallucinating. She's complained of spiders on the walls, she's been ice skating in her bed, and even started yelling at aliens to leave her alone. It's just horrible that a young is experience this, or any kind of illness that can severely manipulate your body and mind in that manner.

I'm going to try and find out how she's doing now. I'll catch up with you guys later. Later.

Saturday, September 12, 2009

Breakfast, Car and the Hospital

Hey there. What a day. I decided last night that I would treat the family to breakfast this morning. Yesterday, while I was at work, my wife was enjoying breakfast at IHOP. I wanted IHOP! lol I think it was more me not wanting to be at work. lol Anyways, we got up this morning having most of our planned out.

We left this morning for breakfast at around 9 to 9:30. We went to Norms for breakfast. We had ourselves a lot of food. We all had pancakes and steak and what not. We didn't finish it but while we sat there we decided that we needed to go to the hospital to register. It helps to register early so that when it's baby time, the hospital will have all your info and you're streamlined into a room. I told my wife that I wanted to get everything done today so that I could watch football tomorrow uninterrupted. We agreed and the next stop was the bank.

We need a bigger vehicle. Our Mazda Protege does not accommodate more than 5 people and once the baby is here, we'll be a family of 6. There is a friend of the family that fixes cars for a living. The guy is straight up with us and tell you exactly how it is. You pretty much tell him the model of car you want, he'll go out and bid on one for you, he'll fix it up, and then you pick it up. My wife's family has bought 3 cars from him, including the one we drive now so we have the utmost confidence that he will be able to get us a reliable vehicle.

So after getting the money we were off to drop off our deposit. Then we realize... Our registration papers are at my mother in laws house so we have to go and pick them up. So off we go to go and get them. Naturally, it was out of our way. lol Once we pick them up, we get some directions from my brother in law and off we go to drop off our deposit. The ride over there sucked. Living in LA, I'm used to being able to reach my destination via freeway. Well, we couldn't reach him via freeway so we driving through the streets for most of the way. Stop and go traffic is frustrating. So we finally get there and I tell the guy what we're interested. We'll looking for a Mazda MPV. Mazda's are reliable. I have not had one person say that they are not happy with their Mazda. So once we give him the scoop, I get my receipt and off we go to the hospital.

Just my luck, my boy decided to tell me about some cool thing he read in his Game Informer magazine and I ended up taking the wrong exit and drove a few miles in the wrong direction. After getting off the freeway and going back towards downtown Los Angeles, we finally make it to the hospital. We grab our forms and into the hospital we go. We tell the security that we're here to register and guess what he says. Guess....

"Sorry. Admissions is closed today."

UGH!!!! All that driving and we can't even register?! My wife showed the security that the admission form that she filled out clearly state that admissions is closed at 8:30 PM. The guy says that admissions is closed at 12:30 PM on Saturdays and it being close to 3:00 PM, then points to the admission desk and shows that there's no one there. My wife and I were upset. We walked out in disgust and head towards to the car.

We jump back on the freeway and head towards Babies R Us. I promised my wife that we would purchase the crib bedding. Once at the store, we browse around and end up with more than the bedding. We got a sheet and a mobile as well at this really cool emergency kit with medicine. Afterwards, we finally headed for home. We must have gotten there at around 4:30 ish. That is approx. 7 hours away from home and a good chunk of that was spent driving. Needless to say, we are tired.

My mother sent me a text saying that she MAY stop by tomorrow with a crib so that we can have it set up. Baby may coming soon and that's the last piece of furniture that we need. Hopefully, she'll show up tomorrow and get that set up. Until then, later.

Monday, March 30, 2009

The Metallica Gods and a Split Lip

Hey there. Yesterday marked the release of the Guitar Hero: Metallica game. Our Sunday was pretty much planned out. My compa was to come over and we were to handle the game as a band to see just how bad ass it was. Well, things don't always go as planned.

First off, the guys at Game Stop lied to me. They told me the store would be open at 9 am so I should be able to get it then. So I figured, we can get the game early so that my son and I can get a head start on it. Well, turns out that the store was not to open until 11 am... We weren't going to sit around doing nothing so we drove back home. On the way there, my wife calls me, telling me that there has been an accident and that we need to go to the hospital. I need to hurry home. Once I get there, I see the severity of the accident. Her lip was busted open. Our daughter had a huge hole in her face. My wife did an awesome job on applying pressure and stop it from bleeding. Considering that our daughter had a hole in her face, there was very little blood, if at all, from her wound. When I asked our daughter to show me the cut, I could literally see inside her lip without anything obstructing the view. Pretty graphic stuff. Well, from what my wife was able to tell me, our daughter was playing with Lucy, our dog, and Lucy was not much in the mood to play. She did tell us that she growled at her, but she continued to play with Lucy. At that point, she picked Lucy up. Here is where the details get sketchy... We do not know if Lucy tried to wiggle herself free and snapped at our daughter to let her go. Our daughter just says that she was holding Lucy and then she bit her.

Now, before you start thinking that Lucy is a vicious dog and a menace to society, keep in mind that Lucy is a baby (a few months old) and is a chihuahua terrier. In other words, she is a small dog that doesn't know any better. We play with her all the time and I've warned the kids on many occasions that when a dog growls, you need to back off and leave them alone. Our daughter knew that she was mainly at fault. When the doctor or family members asked her what happened, she told the truth and said that after the dog growled at her, she tried to force the dog to play with her.

Anyways, after I get home, my wife fills me in on what happened and off we went to the hospital (after a quick online search of where we can take her). Our hospital stay wasn't too long, considering how long other people that I know have stayed. We checked in and approx. 30 mins later, we're checked into the "ER fast track" portion of the hospital. My mother in law showed up at that time and took our youngest daughter and son to her place so that they wouldn't have to be at the hospital. We're soon called in and shortly after, my mother, grandma, and aunt show up. At this point, I'm still pacing outside room where my daughter and wife (our daughter had her choice of which parent she wanted to go in with her) where being attended. I'd peek in every now and then, hoping I wouldn't get in trouble, so see how she was doing. Shortly there after, there were screams of pain. At first I didn't think it was my daughter. Well, maybe I was telling myself it wasn't her but when I saw the doc leave the door open, I went inside the room and see my young one in tears and a stitched up lip. We consoled her and after we get the clearance and instructions from the doc, we take off to have breakfast (at approx. 2 PM) with our family members.

Our daughter really can't open her mouth all that wide so that makes it pretty difficult to eat. She was in better spirits after she took a nap on the way home. Our mother in law suggested that we leave the kids with her so that our daughter can rest up and after a short discussion, we agreed. I also had to cancel our plans with my compa (our daughter's nino) so that she can rest. Well, rest she didn't do much of. She was pretty excited about the Metallica game. I figured that maybe she was just a little shy about the stitches.

She did, however, wanted to play GH: Metallica. She strapped in the guitar and started rocking away. I watched her play For Whom the Bell Tolls and the Unforgiven (the first two songs) and then she decided that she wants to get through Rock Band first before tackling GH: Metallica. She acknowledged that Rock Band is easier so she needs to get better if she plans on getting through GH: Metallica. She switched back and forth between the two games and then said she didn't want to play anymore. I asked her if she was bored and she admitted she was. I guess she's just not used to being alone. Even our cat missed the kids. Jack kept scratching at our son's door and continually jumped on the window sill looking for him. It was a little weird to not have the kids around. So I told her that if she's bored, I'd play GH: Metallica with her and she lit up and said, yeah.

So after about 40 mins of so playing together, we had our dinner and she was off to bed. We checked up on her from time to time to make sure that she did not have a fever. Thank god, she never developed one and the pain has subdued some. We gave her the option of staying home from school, since the doc gave her strict orders of no PE, but she decided to attend. When I dropped off the kids, she ran into some friends and instead of saying, "Hi" or "Good morning", it was "I got stitches!" lol She's definitely a trooper.


So our wife and I are at work, a little concerned about the fact that she's in school right after the stitching. You know kids in school... the run, the fall, they get hurt... we're hoping that she can manage to not bump her lip for a whole week. Thankfully, spring break is next week so she won't have to go to school then. She has a follow up visit tomorrow and the stitches will not be removed for another 2 weeks. We'll let you know how things turn out. Later!

Monday, March 9, 2009

Metallica: James Hetfield Hospitalized

Hey there. Metallica front man, James Hetfield, was hospitalized in Sweden this Sunday. Turns out that their show in Stockholm, Sweden had to be canceled minutes before the band was to perform. James had some kinda stomach flu/virus that keep him out of commission. Even metal gods are vulnerable to the almighty "flu bug". There are also reports that he was dehydrated, which pretty much means he was blowing chunks back stage. Good news is that he's already in the States or on his way back, feeling better. The Stockholm show will be rescheduled, so our Swedish friends will get a chance to see them if they didn't catch them already. Feel better James. On top of your tour, you got your Metallica game to promote!!! Later!

Thursday, June 19, 2008

My Bro is/was in the Hospital

Hey there. I was falling asleep on the couch, with my wife, watching some boring ass movie with Jackie (from That 70's Show) in it. As I was just about to doze off, the phone rings. I almost didn't answer it cause I was little dazed. It was my aunt calling from her cell phone. She must've had bad reception because I couldn't really hear what she said. I was only able to make out key words like, "brother", "ambulance", "uncle", "hospital". I told her I'd call my uncle to see what's up and when I did my uncle told me my bro passed out. I figured, people pass out and they don't always go to the hospital. I asked him to describe to me what happened. He said that my bro looked "out of it" and that all of a sudden, his eyes rolled back and he slid off his chair, his body stiffened and he was slightly twitching. To me, that's a seizure, not passing out...

So we gather the kids and drop em off at my mother in laws and off we go to the hospital. All my aunts and my uncle were there waiting for news. I tell the lady at the desk that my bro was brought in here in an ambulance and I want to see him. She said I had to wait since he wasn't in a room (guess there were many emergencies that night) and was out on a gurney out in the hall way, only 1 person can be with him at a time. My mother was with him so I texted her to get out so I can see my bro.

I went in, and he looks tired as hell. The paramedics are sitting by him, keeping an eye out to make sure all is well. After a min or two, I joke around that the Lakers damn near done my brother in since they lost to the Celtics the night before. I got a few laughs from the paramedics and my bro was like, "Fuckin' losers. I feel asleep after Ray Allen hit like his 6th 3 pointer in the game." So there we are joking around, cause that's how we roll, and after awhile I left so other family members can see him.

On my second visit, they had him strapped to that machine that checks your vital signs. Heart rate, blood pressure, and I don't know what that third number was, but it ranged from 0-20. I noticed that for him to be lying there without much activity, his heart rate was pretty up there. It ranged anywhere from 90-100 and if I remember correctly, it should be in the 50s-70s at rest. I also noticed that his blood pressure was high. The last reading I saw was 147/90. I didn't mention any of this to him since I didn't want him to freak out. Instead, there we are, accompanied by my wife this time, fuckin' around and cracking jokes. We even got in trouble. Doc/nurse came over and told us that we can crack all the jokes we want, just exclude any four letter words. Damn you Will Farrell and Dave Chapelle for being so funny. lol Soon after we left.

He seemed to be doing slightly better, but because we had work the next morning, we left somewhere around 1:30 ish. Couldn't sleep when we got home so I must've gone to bed closer to 2:30. I told my mother to call me with any news, that includes him being released and what not. It's now what... 8 something in the morning and nothing. My aunts and I have been trying to reach my mother and we've gotten nothing...

Still waiting on news. Until then, Later