Monday, March 30, 2009

The Metallica Gods and a Split Lip

Hey there. Yesterday marked the release of the Guitar Hero: Metallica game. Our Sunday was pretty much planned out. My compa was to come over and we were to handle the game as a band to see just how bad ass it was. Well, things don't always go as planned.

First off, the guys at Game Stop lied to me. They told me the store would be open at 9 am so I should be able to get it then. So I figured, we can get the game early so that my son and I can get a head start on it. Well, turns out that the store was not to open until 11 am... We weren't going to sit around doing nothing so we drove back home. On the way there, my wife calls me, telling me that there has been an accident and that we need to go to the hospital. I need to hurry home. Once I get there, I see the severity of the accident. Her lip was busted open. Our daughter had a huge hole in her face. My wife did an awesome job on applying pressure and stop it from bleeding. Considering that our daughter had a hole in her face, there was very little blood, if at all, from her wound. When I asked our daughter to show me the cut, I could literally see inside her lip without anything obstructing the view. Pretty graphic stuff. Well, from what my wife was able to tell me, our daughter was playing with Lucy, our dog, and Lucy was not much in the mood to play. She did tell us that she growled at her, but she continued to play with Lucy. At that point, she picked Lucy up. Here is where the details get sketchy... We do not know if Lucy tried to wiggle herself free and snapped at our daughter to let her go. Our daughter just says that she was holding Lucy and then she bit her.

Now, before you start thinking that Lucy is a vicious dog and a menace to society, keep in mind that Lucy is a baby (a few months old) and is a chihuahua terrier. In other words, she is a small dog that doesn't know any better. We play with her all the time and I've warned the kids on many occasions that when a dog growls, you need to back off and leave them alone. Our daughter knew that she was mainly at fault. When the doctor or family members asked her what happened, she told the truth and said that after the dog growled at her, she tried to force the dog to play with her.

Anyways, after I get home, my wife fills me in on what happened and off we went to the hospital (after a quick online search of where we can take her). Our hospital stay wasn't too long, considering how long other people that I know have stayed. We checked in and approx. 30 mins later, we're checked into the "ER fast track" portion of the hospital. My mother in law showed up at that time and took our youngest daughter and son to her place so that they wouldn't have to be at the hospital. We're soon called in and shortly after, my mother, grandma, and aunt show up. At this point, I'm still pacing outside room where my daughter and wife (our daughter had her choice of which parent she wanted to go in with her) where being attended. I'd peek in every now and then, hoping I wouldn't get in trouble, so see how she was doing. Shortly there after, there were screams of pain. At first I didn't think it was my daughter. Well, maybe I was telling myself it wasn't her but when I saw the doc leave the door open, I went inside the room and see my young one in tears and a stitched up lip. We consoled her and after we get the clearance and instructions from the doc, we take off to have breakfast (at approx. 2 PM) with our family members.

Our daughter really can't open her mouth all that wide so that makes it pretty difficult to eat. She was in better spirits after she took a nap on the way home. Our mother in law suggested that we leave the kids with her so that our daughter can rest up and after a short discussion, we agreed. I also had to cancel our plans with my compa (our daughter's nino) so that she can rest. Well, rest she didn't do much of. She was pretty excited about the Metallica game. I figured that maybe she was just a little shy about the stitches.

She did, however, wanted to play GH: Metallica. She strapped in the guitar and started rocking away. I watched her play For Whom the Bell Tolls and the Unforgiven (the first two songs) and then she decided that she wants to get through Rock Band first before tackling GH: Metallica. She acknowledged that Rock Band is easier so she needs to get better if she plans on getting through GH: Metallica. She switched back and forth between the two games and then said she didn't want to play anymore. I asked her if she was bored and she admitted she was. I guess she's just not used to being alone. Even our cat missed the kids. Jack kept scratching at our son's door and continually jumped on the window sill looking for him. It was a little weird to not have the kids around. So I told her that if she's bored, I'd play GH: Metallica with her and she lit up and said, yeah.

So after about 40 mins of so playing together, we had our dinner and she was off to bed. We checked up on her from time to time to make sure that she did not have a fever. Thank god, she never developed one and the pain has subdued some. We gave her the option of staying home from school, since the doc gave her strict orders of no PE, but she decided to attend. When I dropped off the kids, she ran into some friends and instead of saying, "Hi" or "Good morning", it was "I got stitches!" lol She's definitely a trooper.


So our wife and I are at work, a little concerned about the fact that she's in school right after the stitching. You know kids in school... the run, the fall, they get hurt... we're hoping that she can manage to not bump her lip for a whole week. Thankfully, spring break is next week so she won't have to go to school then. She has a follow up visit tomorrow and the stitches will not be removed for another 2 weeks. We'll let you know how things turn out. Later!


  1. Hi, was dropping by via EC, two things in this article makes me want to comment. Firstly, I hope your daughter gets well soon, that's a big scar she can tell stories with when she's older. Secondly, Is GH:Metallica a lot harder than GHWT? Well I only have GH3 so how is it compared to GH3? I do love Metallica though. I enjoyed the demo on Live.

  2. poor little soul. hope she feels better soon

  3. ouch, i'm glad she's in good spirits about it. I'm also glad your not blaming the dog :D thats happened to me when i was a kid as well lol but not as bad.

    And i know about gamestop... They have told me the same. open at 9am but they didn't till 10pm

  4. Hey there. Thanks for commenting, friends.


    It looks like the wound will heal nicely. Hopefully, the scar won't stand out as much. As for GH: Metallica, it is definitely harder than any previous GH games. In terms of difficulty, Metallica is at the top followed by III and then WT. If you don't have the chops for Metallica, your arm is going to fall off. lol


    Thanks for the well wishes. As you can see from the pic above, she was all smiles shortly after the incident. lol


    Yeah, I was afraid that the hospital would make it a big deal that it was a dog bite that created the laceration. Good thing they just warned us to keep her in check. As for Gamestop, I'm beginning to lose faith in them. I've asked if they had products and while I get a yes over the phone, I get a no once I'm there. The only reason I got the Metallica game there is because it came with a free kick pedal. Hope your situation gets better!

  5. Hmm, I'm a big Metallica fan, but if its that hard (I can just get by on Medium), maybe I'll have to pass. Thanks.

  6. I hope your daughter is feeling better.

    My nephew had a run in with a golf club about a year ago. He and a friend down the street got into the friend's father's golf clubs. Chandler was standing too close when the friend swung, and whack, he got hit right next to his eye. It was more of a puncture than a wide cut, so the ER ended up giving him liquid stitches instead of the old school kind your daughter got.

    You would think that he would have wanted to stay home the next day, but he didn't. He wanted to go to school, just like your daughter, because now he had a cool story to tell about how the got the stitches. It was like he was suddenly the coolest kid in his class.

    Kids that age seem to think video games and cool stories heal all. Personally, if that had happened to me now, I'd probably hide inside for a week.


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