Monday, March 9, 2009

Metallica: James Hetfield Hospitalized

Hey there. Metallica front man, James Hetfield, was hospitalized in Sweden this Sunday. Turns out that their show in Stockholm, Sweden had to be canceled minutes before the band was to perform. James had some kinda stomach flu/virus that keep him out of commission. Even metal gods are vulnerable to the almighty "flu bug". There are also reports that he was dehydrated, which pretty much means he was blowing chunks back stage. Good news is that he's already in the States or on his way back, feeling better. The Stockholm show will be rescheduled, so our Swedish friends will get a chance to see them if they didn't catch them already. Feel better James. On top of your tour, you got your Metallica game to promote!!! Later!


  1. Well, that was a pretty hard time for the Swedish people I guess.
    Hopefully the Stockholm show will be on a handy time though(When Rescheduled)!

  2. Great Band. Hope he gets better soon.

  3. It is a very big thing to cancel a show that big.
    Also from Finland (neighbour of Sweden) many had tickets to that show.
    Hopefully everyone get to see the resceduled gig!!

    D.M. still kick ass!!


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