Friday, March 20, 2009

Time to Check Out the Dolphins

Hey there friends. It's the first day of Spring and the Winter cold is about to subdue. Cloudy skies will be less frequent and the sun will begin to warm us up more and more as Summer approaches. Now is the perfect time to start planning, and saving, for a trip to SeaWorld. San Diego is about a 2 hour drive from Los Angeles and, personally, I've never been there. The last family trip down to San Diego ended up being a trip to the San Diego Zoo. Not a bad family trip, but boy, was it hot and we constantly mentioned that Sea World would have been a lot cooler, considering that there would be water everywhere. I promised the family a trip to Sea World the next time around and why not now rather then later?

Maybe it's just me, but there also seems to be this wave of dolphin mania sweeping the States. There have been reports of pink dolphins swimming in the wild, which definitely turned heads, and there seems to be more and more intellectual "findings", if not just to mention, dolphins in the news. Even ABC's World News did a piece on dolphins and their natural phenomenon, dolphin bubbles .

Just look at those amazing rings? They're beautiful. They way they form just seems to defy the natural laws but look at how effortlessly they're created by the dolphin's blow holes. But not only are they able to create them, they can manipulate them as well. Look at how they make them change direction or seem to pass them back and forth with each other as if the dolphin bubbles are balls. Are dolphins are simply one of the worlds most talented and graceful creatures.

I know that Sea World Orlando has the dolphin cove where you can witness this in person. I'm not sure if the San Diego Sea World does, so I need to call them up to see if I can witness this in person. I'm sure that the kids will get a trip out of this, since they huge animal lovers and when we go to Sea World, this would definitely be a sight to see.

Check out the Dolphin Bubbles site for all things dolphins. Facts, pictures, video, they have it all. You can can also interact with other dolphin enthusiasts by leaving bubbles (comments) on their posts.


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