Tuesday, March 10, 2009

The Dragon's Knight

Hey there. I have a dragon statuette that I obtained a while back. It's sitting there on my desk, protecting my desk from any evil doers that wish to do harm. I love me some dragons. I think they're bad ass. I have one tattooed on my arm. A great symbol for strength, power, protectiveness, and best of all, fearsome. It's basically my guardian, in ink form. So here's a little something for you, my dragon king.

With dark skies and twilight stars
A presence soon becomes
Bursts of flames illuminates
A sky dancer to the drums
With breath of fire we soon desire
It's wisdom and courage
A wingless god commands our nod
To preserve and encourage
I fear not death the cowards way
I want my soul to be clean
A difficult path have I walked
I need my self worth have mean
Oh dragon lord help me now
For I need some clarity
Times are stark and I'm in the dark
Please guide me to prosperity

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