Monday, March 16, 2009

Sunday, Lazy Sunday

Hey there. The weekend has come and gone... and it always feels like it's never enough to just sit back, relax, and recover from the work week. Especially when you got things you need to do at home. Woke up this Saturday pretty early to get some car work done. Those 3,000 miles have come and gone and the car needed the oil change. While under the hood, I decided to check in on the transmission. Everything looked good, but while at Autozone, I decided to buy this tranny additive that supposedly quiets down the idling. That's always been an issue with the car. It a little on the rough side while idle. Once that was done, we kinda just hung out at home. My wife and I ended up watching the film, The Tooth Fairy, on Netflix. What a funny film. lol

It's supposed to be a scary movie. I'm into those and I usually make my wife sit with me while watching them. While we stumble upon some great ones, Shutter and Amityville, to name a few, we also stumble across some bombs, Gothika and Slither... Well, I know for sure that The Tooth Fairy is not a great one, but I'm a little hesitant to place it on the bad list. The movie has it's moments that made us laugh and a movie that makes us smile and laugh can't be all that bad. Some of the highlights in the film, that we've been saying all weekend, include the "the tooth fairy" asking for a tooth by holding out her hand saying, "tooooooooooth" in a low grunty voice and the lead character saying, "Hey you b*tch" when he douses the tooth fairy in gasoline. lol Not too mention the bad slow motion scenes that were so placed in inappropriate times. We also laughed at the characters' thought process. Such as, "Oh crap, my girl just got murdered! Let me have sex with this other girl right now!" LMAO Oh man, what an experience. If you're looking for a good laugh, check this movie out.

I also managed to handle a few achievements in Rock Band. I got through Expert mode on guitar, which felt pretty damn good. And I also got though Hard mode on drums. That felt even better. I'm not a drummer, I'm a guitar guy so to be able to get through that was pretty bad ass. I'm going to attempt to get through it on Expert but I struggled to get through it on Hard so I'm not so sure if I'll be able to do it. It's great exercise and it's helping my eye-hand coordination. I enjoy doing it since it's challenging. Moving your hands and feet while keeping time is pretty difficult and a new experience for me so I'm glad that I'm expanding my musical horizons through a game.

Sunday was to be our "lazy" day. We were just going to lounge around and do nothing. Well, it started out that way. We got up at around 8 ish and we lounged around in bed until about 10:30. We couldn't sleep much since our little one has these sandals that squeak as you walk in them. Since she was running around in them, our nap was quickly killed by the loud, constant squeaks. Thanks grandma. lol We ended up giving the house a good scrub down. half way through the afternoon, we finally sat down to catch some I Love Lucy and do some online shopping for some maternity clothes. My wife, not really wanting to buy new clothes that she will only wear for a short period of time, went on Ebay and scored a lot of 16 items for about $35. All practically new clothes. Good stuff. We also received a text from my brother in law, that morning, saying that he was a hospital. Turns out that he hit his head on some exercise equipment and had a gash on the side of his head. After spending the whole day at the hospital, he ended up getting a few staples to close the gap. He showed us the staples this morning. Ugly stuff, that is.

Well, that sums up our weekend. How was yours? Later!


  1. lol i want to see the movie now sounds funny
    i just voted for your blog too i was trying to vote more than once but it didn go through lol
    sorry compadre

  2. i know exactly what you mean i have saw this film too! it is funny how you see something different to how it should be lol


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