Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Why You Eat the Baby?!?

Hey there. We're around our 11th week of our pregnancy and my wife has started to show. We told the kids a few weeks back that we will be welcoming a little one later in the year. The kids are genuinely excited, but our little one more so than the others. She not only wants the baby, she wants the baby now. lol This past week or so, she's been giving us her money (a whole lot of coins) to go and "buy the baby". lol She would hand us the coins right before we took off for work and she would tell us to go buy the baby and not come back without it. lol

Well, I guess it finally got to her that we didn't come back with a baby. We would tell her that the baby costs more money so we have to go to work some more to make more money. She wasn't having it. My wife decided to go a different route and tell her that the baby is in her tummy. Our little one, a little perplexed, looked at my wife's stomach for a minute. Then she looked up in disbelief and yelled at my wife,


My goodness, that was hilarious. Everyone in the room nearly died of laughter. Ahhhh... To have a child's perspective again. lol

I snapped this picture yesterday afternoon at my mother in law's while she was asleep. Damn, I'm just realizing... she's getting pretty big. Later!


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  2. Wow she does look big. Long legs. That is too cute children are so funny.

  3. lol, man i bet that was real funny. I most likely would still be crying from laughter.

  4. Out of the mouth of babes...Too funny.

  5. Haha, a child's innocence can be funny at times.

  6. Kids do say the strangest things.

    Watch, now. You'll get calls from the parents of the kids she plays with (and the school, if she goes), complaining that she's telling everyone that your wife has been eating your baby.

    Good luck with that one!


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