Thursday, March 19, 2009

A Baby Shredder?!?

Hey there. I work in an office. There's all kinds of standard office machines here: copy machine, fax machine, "pdf" machine, etc. We also have a shredder, which I don't really use but it's nice to know that we have it. Well, yesterday, I took a good hard look at our shredder. Looks pretty high tech and it has this glowing blue light on it... and it's shiny. lol Men are usually attracted to shiny things and this was no different.

So while looking at the machine, I see the warning symbol and I assumed that the symbols below are the things to avoid putting in the shredder. Let's see, there's the standard stuff there, like hair. Gotta make sure your hair isn't caught in the machine. There's the hand. You don't want to have you hand sliced off. There's the tie. Don't want it to get caught and then you get choked to death. There's also a spray symbol. I'm assuming that the liquid would screw with the electronic components. Then there's the baby. Wait... WHAT?!?!! A BABY? Are you serious?

Zoom in on the symbols, if you can't see it very well. I'm having a hard time believing that the manufacturer of this machine was compelled to advise the consumer to NOT place a baby in the shredder. Did this happen somewhere that I was not aware of? The slot is not big enough for a baby so why even think of putting a symbol for something that is not physically possible? C'mon now. Are we that stupid that we need to be reminded that a baby does not go in the shredder? Then again, if a woman is calling 911 because a McDonalds ran out of chicken nuggets, I guess we do. Later!


  1. lol, man i needed a good laugh. I always thought most of those warnings were posted because it happened somewhere... but that... wow. i'm still laughing

  2. It probably just means keep the shredder out of the reach of children, including a baby's fingers. It does, however, make you think what were they thinking. A picture of a hand would have worked just as well.

  3. Bro I just noticed how much of a dumbass you are! Lol
    The baby picture is there so that babies can see that they shouldn't be playing with it
    See at their young age they can't read but they understand photo language (this is proven I heard Dr. Phil say it so it has to be true)
    And your suppose to be the smart one I think imma have to make some space so your dumbass can sit next too me on the intellegence bench!


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