Friday, March 12, 2010

Our Son is Getting His Hearing Tested

Hey there.  Today, our young one is off to get his hearing tested.  It's usually done at the hospital within the first 2 days of the baby being born.  When the technician came in to test our baby, it turns out that one of his ears produced a result of "inconclusive".  Now... that may be nothing, since she stated that it could be that there is still some fluid in his ear so the machine couldn't get a proper read.  Nevertheless, because of that inconclusive result, we've had to go through all sorts of calls, authorizations, and what not just to get our boy scheduled for a hearing test. 

We're hoping that everything will be fine and it was just some build up in his ear.  But the fact that this hearing test is hours long is a little scary.  Our baby will also have to be sedated and he can't eat hours before the test, which must be hell cause, well... he's my son.  lol  My wife has been texting me how he's struggling to stay awake and he's fussy cause he's hungry.  The test is scheduled for 1 PM, which is approx. 3 hours away from the time of this post. 

I'm trying to occupy my mind with work.  It's helping... but not entirely.  Guess I should go back to reviewing these files... Later.


  1. Even if this test turns out to be fine, which I certainly hope it does, please get his ears tested again around the time he is due to start school. DO NOT TRUST THE TEST THAT MAY BE DONE BY THE SCHOOL! For it was not until our oldest daughter was about to be kept from passing on to the second grade that my first wife and I found out that she couldn't hear very well at all, and I have heard of many other similar stories. After throwing a genuine hissy-fit in front of the principal, Vicki was allowed to graduate with her classmates. Yeah, that doesn't sound very good about me being a good father. For I felt like I should have noticed something way before then, but we did get her to a doctor, who placed tiny tubes to drain off excess fluid, which was causing the problem. Since I have had a problem with good balance my entire life, I may have the same problem. For one of the symptoms of having something plugged up in there is having poor balance, but my hearing has always tested out to be just fine.

  2. Hey there Hawk,

    So far balance looks good and he seems to respond to sound fairly well so it's confusing to us as why we need to go through all this trouble. Especially when the response to sound is there.

  3. Hi Metallman,
    I hope your son will be ok. That would be tough not being able to eat when you are hungry. My 5 year old daughter had a earache from being sick. It is no fun at all to see your child hurting. Many Blessings for your family. Take good care! :-)

    PS: Thanks for the update on your son. Glad he is responding fairly well. :-)

  4. hello, hope he will be ok soon, since he is still a baby, all organ are still not develop, god bless you and ur family