Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Women and Their Love for Bags

Hey there.  Is it me or do women in general own too many bags?  When I first met my wife, I was astounded by the collection of hand bags that she owned.  Small bags, big bags, colorful bags, monotone bags, expensive bags and not so expensive bags.  She seemed to have one in every color and one for each occasion.  The top half of her closet was dedicated to bags alone. 

Now, I never really understood why she needed so many.  Me, being a man, I simply may not have the brain power to fully grasp the concept.  I always viewed bags a the female equivalent of a wallet.  In my mind, since women tend to wear fitted clothing, pockets are kinda meaningless in pants and a bag is necessary to carry stuff.  I don't change my wallet unless it's falling apart...  The bag, however, will alternate with several other bags and they eventually stay in pretty good condition.

"Why are you telling me this, Metallman?  I don't care about whether or not your wife has 2 bags or a million bags."

Well, my friends, you're about to care.  A few days ago, my wife got the urge to clean out the closet.  Must be the Spring Cleaning bug, I don't know, but she pulled out several handbags that she wants to get rid of.  The bags are of the BCBG variety and are in great shape.  Now, let me tell you, my wife takes really good care of her stuff.  Some of the bags still have the tag in them and others, she never really used.  After a brief discussion with the wife, I decided that instead of donating the bags the local Salvation Army, I've decided that I'm going to give them away to my readers, one at a time.

I'm still debating on how I'm going to do it.  Will it be a contest type thing where an entry is earned for every comment, post, or tweet?  Or should it be a comment only sweepstakes where the random.org gods determine the winner?  I'm still thinking about how to go about it and I welcome suggestions.  Keep on the look out the first one up for grabs some time next week.  Until then, later!


  1. wow this will be a great giveaway if ur wife will be ok about this :) I'm waiting.....

  2. You're right. It's pretty pathological. I go on bluefly.com every time I get an email and look at all the bags I can't afford. My husband likens it to his online car "shopping" but he has no idea how often I do it.

    Kudos to your wife for cleaning out her closet. I don't actually own that many (lie). Shoes are another story. I have new ones in boxes I haven't seen since I bought them.

    I have a theory about this. Unlike clothing, bags and shoes will always fit. So we'll never be humiliated like we are if we try to fit into our favorite pair of jeans. Bags and shoes are our friends forever.

  3. Hey there,

    Silvergirl, once I work out the details of how I'm going to run this giveaway, it's definitely going to happen!

    Kathcom, I've never seen it that way. The fact that women love bags and shoes is because they'll always fit is an interesting theory. She also has a mountain of shoes and just like you, some are still in the box! =o) But at least now, I have slightly better understanding of as to why. Thanks!

  4. I don't own many bags but I just did spring cleaning and found, I kid you not, 15 pairs of shoes, that I kinda remember buying hahah.

    I'd be interested in this giveaway though.


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