Monday, November 16, 2009

My Little Cousin is Winning the Battle with Meningitis

Hey there. As I've mentioned before, my cousin has been battling meningitis. I am grateful to post that my little cousin is being released from the hospital today! Oh man, is that some great news of what!? I thank all of you that left comments with well wishes and I thank those that left their story in the comments. We were bracing ourselves for a long fought battle with disease but it turns out that my cousin made a wonderful turn for the best and things are looking up. The last time I went to go see her, she could not speak but was allowed to go out in the courtyard of the hospital to hang out with family. The breathing and feeding tubes did some damage to her throat so she was recovering from that. Since hospitals no longer allow children inside, they made special arrangements for her to be allowed outside to hang out with her siblings and family.

My aunt just sent me an Email inviting all of us to her place for a welcome home party. Looks like the family will not be spending Thanksgiving in the hospital this year and Thanksgiving will have a special place in our hearts this year. Thanks!

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