Monday, November 16, 2009

LeapFish and Make-a-Wish Foundation Team Up to Make Dreams Come True

Hey there friends. I'm glad that something like this came up. Recently, my family has been through a tough ordeal with my cousin's sickness so seeing a worthy cause like this definitely warms my heart. Jacob, a young one of 4 years old, has Atresia. By definition, Artresia is the "absence of a normal opening or failure of a structure to be tubular." This can affect anything in tubular nature such as the esophagus, the aorta, pulmonary valves, to name a few. Needless to say, the disease is life threatening and claims hundreds of young one's lives a year. LeapFish and Make-a-Wish Foundation have teamed up to alleviate some Jacob's pain and is granting his wish to go to Disneyland. But to do that, they need our help.
Help out by participating in Leapfish's tweet-a-cause. Leapfish is donating $.05 for every tweet that is done through the link. Simply click the link and then click on the "click to tweet" button. It's that easy. At the time of this posting, there have been 833 tweets and that includes my own.

It's that easy to help out a ill boy achieve a goal. Please check out the tweet-a-cause and send out your tweets. If you care to donate a little more, they site makes it easy to donate a little more than the $.05 that your tweet will generate. Let's work together to help Jacob realize his dream. Thanks, friends.


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