Wednesday, November 25, 2009

My Wife's Mission and a Pair of Easy Tone Shoes

Hey there.  As many of you know, we've recently welcomed a little one to our family.  We're thrilled and happy that he's blessed our lives.  Now, my wife is dealing with the aftermath of pregnancy.  My wife gained approx. 50 lbs during her pregnancy.  She takes good care of herself and she watches what she eats, but I strongly believe that during pregnancy, her body holds on to extra weight despite her efforts to keep it minimal.  Last week, we went to visit Dr. Bohn and she finally gave my wife the thumbs up to exercise.  My wife wasted no time and she's been walking/running close to 5 miles every other day.  Last night, I bought her a pair of the new Reebok Easy Tone shoes.  She's mentioned them to me before and considering that she's a semi health nut, she would love a pair.  I was planning on getting them for our anniversary (Nov. 30th for those of you who forgot!) but I gave them to her early so that she can use them during her workouts.

Now, these shoes are little odd to me, since they claim to work our your buns, thighs, and calves simply by walking in them.  Make no mistake about it, you need balance to walk in these shoes.  I tried them on, for the sake of curiosity, and I felt as if I was tilting to one side while walking.  My wife has had them on all day and she feels that it is definitely doing something to her lower half of her body.  She's hoping that they'll help to reshape her body to what it was before we had our little one in the oven. 

I need to start getting in shape too.  I've put on a few pounds with our pregnancy and I think I'm getting a little flabby around the waist.  The best way to support my wife would be to join her in her activities.  Well, at least I'd like to think so.  If any of you guys have heard or have any experiences with these shoes, let me know what you think.  It's still our first day using them and my wife feels something but you know how things are...  is it because she wants to feel something or is she feeling something because they're actually working.  I'd like to think that they're working.  When we met up for lunch, she said that her butt hurt like hell.  lol  Let me know friends.  Later!


  1. I've heard of the shoes like that but don't have any. I would love to hear whether or not they work like they say they do.

  2. Sketchers makes a pair of these too. I am on the endless mission to lose weight - sadly I have no excuse other than overeating and fast food. I do an hour of cardio every other day yet never see results. I'm sure I'm still consuming too many calories. Funny thing is that I mentioned these sneakers to my husband the other day. They are so ugly to me, yet I wondered if they worked. Thanks for the insightful blog (PS I found your blog by BlogUpp! ad on my blog, I thought that was kinda cool)...