Sunday, November 29, 2009

Motivational Sunday - Priorities

Hey there.  Once upon a time, I was a hard core gamer.  I'd skip school (middle school and high school) to stay home and play games all day long.  I remember this one particular time when Megaman X first came out for the SNES.  I bought it, stayed home from school that day, and passed the game...  All in one sitting.  lol  It's pretty obvious that I didn't have my priorities straight then.  That's why I decided to use the below poster for "priorities", complete with a SNES!  lol  Later!  


  1. See, the dude distracting her is smart. I'm sure he has something up his sleeve to distract her. He has his priorities straight. lol

  2. That poster is brilliant on at least three levels (and, yes, pun intended)...

  3. I remember playing Final Fantasy 7 for what seemed forever when it first came out! But as you get older your priorities do indeed change, or do they LOL

  4. Hey there.


    Love the pun. lol


    I was the same way with Final Fantasy. I swear I didn't sleep for days wanting to find out how our friends from Midgar do against Sephiroth. lol But I must admit... Have the priorities changed??? lol

  5. Well, I guess setting my priorities straight just isn't a priority for me right now :).

    If I were to set my priority straight (which, as I said, I'm not, but if I were), then the top of the priority list would be just that, to set my priorities straight.

    The priorities change all the time anyway, every moment of your life. For example right now your top priority is to read this comment. If it wasn't, then you'd be doing something else, right? And my top priority right now is to write it.

    When you have lunch, your top priority is to have lunch, otherwise you'd be doing something else. When you ride the bus to work, that's your first priority. You get my point. Everything you do is your first priority.

    So then, you will set your priorities straight when setting your priorities straight will be on top of your (invisible but always there, by default) priority list.

    My priority now is to post this comment.

  6. I don't know. I find it hard to comment with a distracting picture like that. Good thing the comment box is way below, otherwise I can not do this comment right now.


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